Simple Homeschool Snack Station

As a homeschool mom of 3, I am all too familiar with the snacking habits of a homeschool kid! My kids would literally munch all day long if I would let them – thus the genius behind creating a homeschool snack station.

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Homeschooling 5th Grade & 6th Grade Workbooks

Workbooks are a staple in our homeschool! We lean on them quite a bit during the summer time, but also enjoy using them during downtime throughout the year as well! This mega list of 5th and 6th grade workbooks are perfect for simple summer learning or as homeschool supplements!

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How to Work from Home and Homeschool

If you find yourself wondering if you can truly homeschool while working full time, you aren’t alone! Mom around the world have been thrown into the work from home and homeschool world, and I personally know how overwhelming that feels at first! I have been doing the working-homeschool mom gig for almost 3 years now and it is just plain hard sometimes!

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Homeschool Third Grade Workbooks

I love using simple workbooks for kids & fun kid worksheets in our homeschool! Not only are these tools useful for simple summer learning, but they also come in super handy all year long! You can easily homeschool third grade with only a third grade homeschool curriculum.

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