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The 1THRIVE Wall Organizer

1THRIVE wall organizers are super versatile & incredibly easy to use.

1THRIVERs simply hang the frame, then add and remove components using the super simple hook system.

Many pieces are magnetic and work with the 1WRITE liquid chalk markers.

Wall Organizer for Life and Homeschool Organization

When I got the opportunity to try out a 1THRIVE wall organizer, I immediately jumped at the chance.

These amazing wall organizers were already on my radar and if I’m being completely honest — they were at the very top of my wishlist!

Why I Needed This Wall Organizer

I’m a huge planner and always function best in an organized space, but since our family is currently living in a temporary housing situation, my organizational methods have been somewhat nonexistent.

This wall organizer has been a total lifesaver! 

Life and Homeschool wall Organizer

Living out of boxes while house hunting has been a harsh reality for me.

I crave structure and the past 4 months haven’t had a single ounce of it!

That all began to change shortly after my wall organizer arrived.

When I opened that box, I immediately felt a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. Each piece I pulled out brought excitement to my soul — I seriously felt like a kid on Christmas morning.

I needed this.

Since that day, I have been able to organize my work space & keep track of homeschool things all in one place – it has motivated me in a way I never could have imagined!

I feel more productive and engaged each day that I sit down at my desk — something I haven’t felt in a really long time!

A Simple Breakdown of My Wall Organizer

For starters, I chose The Susan wall organizer for my space. I love the look, the concept, and it has absolutely everything I need!

Organizing MY Work Space with 1Thrive Wall Organizer

Check out the detailed breakdown of how I use this wall organizer as a life & homeschool organizer.

  • Chalk Board Bar

I’m somewhat minimalistic and chose to keep my header super simple.

Life + Homeschool

These 2 words represent everything to me!

As a busy homeschool mom, I have so many things to keep track of each and every day.

Work, homeschool lessons, family plans, personal goals, meals, doctor appointments — the list is seriously endless. 

That’s why I chose to use this board as a mixture of everything on my plate, instead of focusing on just one avenue.

  • Calendar Board

I’ve always been a huge fan of calendars & planners and this one did not disappoint!

I kept mine pretty simple and straightforward – using this area to keep track of family plans, homeschool lessons, field trips, birthdays, appointments, and holidays!

Having a visual reminder like this not only helps me stay focused and on track, but it also gives this planner girl a sense of calm in the storm — which I totally need!

The best part?! This board is also magnetic!

I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on some cute little magnets for this area!

Setting Up the Wall Organizer - Letting My Little Get Creative with it

I was originally going to write an inspirational quote on this empty white space, but my young daughter was itching to try out Mom’s new chalk markers and asked if she could decorate it for me.

This was so fun, you guys!

She drew a cute little mountain scene to represent one of our favorite places – Glacier National Park.

I think I might just let her decorate my board every single month!

  • File Holder

I hate paper clutter — making this is my absolute favorite feature! 

While it’s great to have written reminders & white boards, having a place to organize physical things takes this wall organizer to a whole new level.

Wall Organizer for Paper Clutter

This area works great for keeping track of my homeschool planner, homeschool schedules, and other current paperwork I might need at arms reach.

Plus, it keeps everything OFF my desk — which I totally love!

Since I already use a folder system as part of our homeschool organization methods, this file folder was a welcomed addition!

Using our weekly lesson folders, I was able to take my organization game up a notch and it has been a total game changer!

Love, love, love this file folder!

  • Cork Boards

Yes! These are so good!

I totally love personalizing my space with pictures & phrases, but I can’t function with excess clutter.

So needless to say, I totally love these little guys!

Corkboards can be such a simple way to personalize your work from home office without taking up primo-work space on your desk!

Wall Organizer Complete with Cork Boards & To Do Lists

My larger corkboard displays photos of my kids & the word BLESSED to act as a simple reminder of why I’m working so hard on a daily basis.

While the smaller cork board holds my life verse – Psalm 46:10a

I use this verse as a visual aid, reminding me to take a few minutes from my hectic day to rest & be still.

Love these simple reminders!

  • To-Do List

I’m pretty sure this component was made for homeschool moms like myself.

I absolutely love a good to-do list and will write one for just about anything — not even joking!

With that said, I chose to use this one as a personal reminder for the one thing I struggle keeping up with the most.


Sometimes I work so hard that I forget to feed myself, both physically and spiritually.

Having this list stare me down each and every morning has been an unexpected stress reliever. It reminds me to take care of myself so that I can take care of those around me just a little bit better.

Plus, it’s another magnetic component! Does it get any better than that??

This one makes my list-loving heart full!

  • Fun Accessories

Accessories are seriously the best!

The cute cups are perfect for pen storage or adding a little decorating flair, and the pens are hands down the best chalk markers I have ever tried in my life!

Not only are they easy to use, but they clean up incredibly well! Most other chalk markers I’ve used leave behind what I like to call a chalk ghost (which is just a fancy way of saying a horrible stain).

These markers are wet-erase and don’t ever leave a trace behind! They are so good!

Fun Cups for Storing Chalk Markers

Each wall organizer comes with 2 markers. However, you can shop 1THRIVE’s amazing accessories collection to get additional markers and other fun accessories for your wall organizer!

I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on some more colors!

3 Other Ways to Use Your
1Thrive Wall Organizer…

While I opted to use my wall organizer as a work/homeschool mix, you could easily use it for just one OR the other – which is what makes 1THRIVE wall organizers so amazing!

Check out these helpful hints for using your 1THRIVE organizer for a more singular purpose instead.

  • Homeschooling Only

If you decide to set your wall organizer up as a homeschool organization station, try getting your kids involved!

Have older kids write out the schedule & fill in all the details for the week, while encouraging younger children to help with themes or decorating.

Trust me on this one!

If you want your homeschool area to stay organized, always get the kids involved in new processes and methods!

Don’t forget to personalize your homeschool board & have fun with it!

important work papers. Such as updated resumes, policies, or tax information

If you struggle with homeschool organization in general, check out some of the other ways I like to organize supplies in our homeschool!

  • Working From Home

With such a large rise in parents that need to work from home, a wall organizer like this one could be life-changing!

I’ve been doing the work from home-while homeschooling gig for some time now and it can be a huge challenge to keep all my ducks in a row! This is why I’m absolutely loving using this board to manage both areas in my life.

With that said, many work-from-home parents don’t have flexibility with their jobs like I do. So if you’re working a high-demanding job and need to make your workspace a little more organized, a 1Thrive wall organizer is the perfect start!

Work From Home Organization

If working from home while homeschooling is a new gig for you, check out my tips for working from home while homeschooling!

  • Family Command Center

If you find yourself torn between sports, school events, and other kid activities this might just be the perfect way to use a wall organizer in your home!

Before I started homeschooling my own kids, we were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of events we had going on each week. Not to mention the large volume of paperwork we had to keep track of. It was hectic, to say the least.

A wall organizer like this would have been a huge sanity saver for me!

Plus, it would look great in any entryway! These boards are super eye-catching and keep the clutter at a minimum — definitely a must for any busy mom!

Family Command Center

I seriously cannot get enough of this wall organizer, you guys!

Being able to mix it up, accessorize, and personalize sets it apart from any other organization product I have tried. It really is that good.

Ready to Get Organized?

Set up your own functional work/homeschool space by purchasing a 1THRIVE wall organizer today. Just don’t forget to use the discount code homeschool10 for 10% off your first wall organizer!!

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