Home Sweet Home on Wheels

Create your home sweet home on wheels by assessing your needs, creating a simple plan, and thinking minimalisticly!

Tiny Home Living

Tiny living is on the rise, you guys!

While our RV journey started off differently than most, we have come to love (and sometimes hate) many things about this unique lifestyle.

The traveling and the minimalist approach to the simple life are both huge bonuses in my book.

However, the expenses and the absence of personal space can sometimes get to me.

That said, if tiny home or RV living is your new reality, this one is totally for you!

Transitioning to Full-Time RV Life

Believe it or not, purchasing an RV or tiny home love straight from the factory, even if it’s one you absolutely love, won’t make it automatically feel like home.

That’s why if full-timing is your ultimate goal, putting a little bit of yourself into your home is essential.

Making an RV Feel Like Home

Whether you have already purchased your new RV or you are just in the research phase, these simple tips for turning your new home on wheels into more than just a dwelling place can help you transform the standard RV into a home.

How to Turn an RV Into a Home on Wheels

Some traditional tiny homes or park model destination trailers can have a slight homey feel from the get-go.

However, RVs simply do not.

RVs tend to have a standard look and do not look like mini homes until you take the time to personalize them.

HOME on Wheels

While I don’t like the look of a cluttered space, I do love living in a space that feels homey which means adding touches of myself through decorations.

All that said, turning our RV into a tiny home on wheels took time, just like it did when we moved into a new apartment or when we bought our first home.

If you’ve already purchased the RV of your dreams, these are the three things you need to know when turning your RV into a home on wheels.

  • Assess Your Needs & Wants

While it may sound silly, separating your needs from your wants when it comes to your tiny home is a must.

First, determine what needs to be done immediately and what can be worked on at a later date.

Then, focus on tackling a few wants in between.

Immediate WantsNeeds for RV

For example, our first need was to figure out how to create a laundry space in our new tiny home, so it quickly made the top of my needs list.

Then, once that need was tackled I quickly focused on my first want which was removing the stale factory valances above the windows in our main

So, needless to say, I was able to immediately take care of a functional need as well as add a personal touch that made our RV feel slightly more like a home on wheels.

I added curtains where the valances were and quickly moved on to the next needs and wants on my list.

With that said, picking a few cheaper and easy want projects for early on is a fun way to make it feel like home more quickly.

  • Create a Realistic Plan

Once you’ve figured out your immediate wants and needs, it’s time to plan for your upcoming (and larger) updates.

Creating goals and a realistic plan for purchasing decor and updating will be super beneficial especially if you live on a budget as many RVers do.

Just remember to be patient with yourself because the best transformations don’t happen overnight, you guys!

Not everyone has an Instagram life or an unlimited budget (including me).

While our RV may look like the condensed version of a home now, it took us over a year to get there and that’s about as real as it gets.

  • Go Shopping

This is the best part, you guys! Once you’ve made out your lists and created your plan of updates, it’s officially time to hit the stores or do your online browsing!

Time to Shop

As an introvert, I’m more of an online shopper and so far it has worked out pretty darn great.

All that said, remember to think minimalistic and purchase seasonal items that won’t take up too much space and go after items that can be useful as well as decorative.

Just make sure you measure, stay within your budget, and then measure again.

Home on Wheels Shopping List

If you are ready to start making your RV feel more like home while focusing on simplistic updates, this is what I consider my ultimate RV shopping list, you guys!

Pick a few of these ideas to start with. Then, come back when you’re ready for more!

Full-Time RV Living Shopping List

I have added every single one of these things to our home on wheels!

Our Home on Wheels

I have so much fun working on updating and decorating our RV, you guys!

While we don’t have the most Instagram-worthy home, it’s ours and I absolutely love it.

Our Not So Instagram Worthy RV Kitchen

This is our not-so-Instagram-worthy RV kitchen. It’s clean and functions well, but it’s never quite perfectly staged for the IG. I seriously just set my teacup down and snapped this one, you guys because THIS is how our kitchen typically looks. A pot on the stove, a half-full coffee press on the island, my cute kitchen island basket of goodies, a kitchen towel and dish drying mat on the wall, and stuff all over the fridge. It looks lived in and I’ve come to realize that that’s ok!

While it seems as though many new RV families have an unlimited budget and can spend upwards of 40k updating their new RV, that simply wasn’t our reality, you guys.

So, if you’re in the market for simple, low-budget RV updates, these are just a few of the ways we turned our RV into a personalized home with little money.

First, we took out the couch in our main slide, adding curtains and desks making it our office area for working from home.

Second, we took out the TV in the main space, added wallpaper, and wall organization, creating a coffee bar.

Then, we converted the garage area (we have a toy hauler) into a family living space that doubles as a laundry room and bedroom for our teens.

Finally, we added custom decor items throughout giving it the ultimate homey feel.

Less House More Home

This little sign is one of my absolute favorite decor items in our tiny home on wheels! It serves as a simple reminder that even though we have less space to call our own, we truly do have more home.

I hope these simple tips are encouraging on your new RV journey!

Don’t worry about having the perfect Instagram-worthy RV life and simply put your focus on the little things, you guys.

Happy travels!