With Preschoolers…

My Morning Basket

I want to touch on how I keep my preschool aged daughter busy and learning with workbooks, while I actively teach my older boys their Bible lesson in the morning.

My daughter hangs out on the floor, while the boys and I sit up on the couch. She is actively working in her workbook and using preschool worksheets, which gives me the time I need to focus on Bible with the boys.

We have a basket that sits beside our couch filled with things such as flash cards, workbooks, worksheets, activity books and other random learning items. We call this our Morning Basket, because it’s packed with the activities that are used to fill our morning time.

Workbooks & Worksheets
For Preschool…

Right now we are absolutely loving all things school zone for our morning basket, but we have also used a plethora of other  preschool worksheets and workbooks! My daughter just recently finished the Preschool Stickers workbook. She loved it so much that I just had to buy more just like it!

I tend to keep a handful of our favorite workbooks in our morning basket at any given time. Not only does this give your preschooler options, but it also helps them utilize their independence and develop those choice making skills! My daughter absolutely loves this! She simply picks the workbook that she wants to work in for the day, I give her instructions on the page and she gets to work! Sometimes she will do a page in each workbook, other days she will just do 3-4 pages in a single workbook.

Flexibility is key.

Preschool Workbook Options
for your Homeschool…

Looking for budget friendly preschool workbook choices? Check out our top favorites from our top brands! Looking for workbooks for older kids? CLICK HERE

See a workbook with an *? Those are the workbooks we have worked through this year, so they are our TOP recommendations. All other workbooks mentioned are sister workbooks to ones we have used or are simply on our wish list.

School Zone

Big Preschool

*Preschool Stickers

*Number Stickers

*Alphabet Stickers

Get Ready Stickers

Big Preschool Activity

Big Alphabet

*Scissors Skills Practice

ABC Dot to Dots

123 Dot to Dots

Evan Moor

Colors and Shapes

*Beginning Sequences

*Think and Do

At Home Tutor Math PreK

At Home Tutor Reading PreK

Thinking Kids

Pre K Skills

Front of the Class PreK


School Day Skills PreK

Colors and Shapes

PreKindergarten Essentials

Everything for Early Learning PK

Mastering Basic Skills PreKindergarten

Tracing Numbers

Tracing Letters

Smart Alec

*Reading Readiness PK

*Math Readiness PK

Math Word Problems PK

Scholastic Workbooks

Write-N-Seek Alphabet

Why & When
to use Workbooks…

Love, love, love these workbooks and I definitely recommend them. They aren’t a stand alone curriculum, but can work great as a supplemental. My young daughter stays engaged just long enough for me to complete the task at hand. These work out perfectly for keeping little ones busy in between lessons, or even while Mom is busy making lunch! We always use them in the morning, but they do get pulled out other times through out our day as well.

Workbooks for Preschoolers

The 3 workbooks that we currently have hanging out in our morning basket…

Having workbooks on hand is always a great option! These particular ones work wonders for my daughter, I wouldn’t be sharing this if they didn’t. However, I encourage you to do some research and find the workbooks that will work perfect for your little one!

There are so many wonderful options out there, you can even make your own by using simpe worksheets if you wanted! Either way, they make a lovely addition to running a smooth homeschool with multiple children, varying in age.

Until Next Time

Simple workbooks for teaching or homeschooling preschool! Find the best ideas and tips for keeping your preschooler engaged and learning while having fun working through these amazing workbooks! Not only are these workbooks great for teaching your child how to recognize numbers, colors and letters, they are also amazing at teaching pen control! Simple budget friendly workbooks for homeschooling preschool or kindergarten! #homeschool #kindergarten #preschool