Why Our Homeschool Morning Basket
is an Essential for This Homeschool Mom…

I am not a morning person. Period. Never have been, and I don’t see that changing anytime in the near future. The entire concept of this homeschool morning basket is to create simplistic mornings for the morning impaired mom, like me!

This basket houses our morning activities in a quick, easily accessible manner. Before we started utilizing a morning basket, our mornings could get pretty hectic. Now, they are mostly simple and we are able to slowly ease into our day with little stress!

Morning Basket activities can give Mom a chance to enjoy her morning coffee

I have 3 children, my oldest is a night owl just like me. Child #2 and #3 however… Yeah, they actually enjoy morning time! Not sure where they get it from, but this can be an extremely difficult mix for me to get a handle on sometimes! It takes me a good chunk of time to fully wake up, consume a little coffee, and get my body to a somewhat functioning state.

That is exactly why we need a homeschool morning basket in our home. When 2 children are already wide awake and eager to get started, but Mom isn’t quite there yet… yeah, definitely need those morning basket activities to keep me sane!

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What’s In Our
Homeschool Morning Basket…

First let me start off by saying, we don’t keep any curriculum in this basket at all! Many other wonderful things call this basket home though.

My Morning Basket

  • Flashcards 

    This is such a great option for a morning basket, because there is no such thing as too much learning. Flashcards are perfect for freshening up old math facts or learning new skills.

    We actually keep 2 types of flashcards in our basket. Curriculum-based flashcards that go along with our language arts program, as well as math flashcards that can be studied anytime.

    Need morning basket flashcards for your toddler or preschooler? Check out my favorite flashcards for littles! Wipe Clean First WordsWipe Clean AlphabetWipe Clean NumbersSchool Zone Pre-K 4 Pack

    Looking for tips on how to organize your homeschool curriculum flashcards? Check out Zipper Pouch Flash Card Storage for some simple ideas! We also love to use Mini Zipper Pouches for regular flashcard storage!

  • Workbooks

    Yes! These are great for morning time. Keeping workbooks in our morning basket is essential for my youngest 2. Not only do they keep my preschooler busy, but my 11-year-old has something to occupy his time as well.

    I typically pick simple, yet engaging workbooks for our basket. I love the idea of my kids learning always, so I try to pick options that make them think and work a little.

    Want to know more about the workbooks we use in our morning basket? Check out Workbooks for Preschool and Simple Summer Worksheet Packs & Workbook Resources to view all of our top titles!

  • Doodle Books

    Doodle books are a definite must for our homeschool morning basket. They can be great for building up a child’s motor skills and working on those creative artistic abilities! Coloring books can also be a great addition to a morning basket. We don’t personally keep any in ours, but I also have a daughter that can’t be trusted alone with crayons. Haha, not even joking.

    Looking for the perfect doodle book for your homeschool morning basket?

    These options are super fun, you guys! Big Book of Doodling, Drawing, and ColoringDrawing, Doodling, and Coloring

  • Light Reading/Studying Material 

We actually don’t keep chapter books or read-a-loud books in our morning basket for one simple reason. My children are avid readers! They seriously wouldn’t put the book down to work on formal lessons if we started our day with chapter books!

  • Older Children can get their brains ready for learning with their morning basket activities

    I typically put little brochures or informational-type books in our morning basket instead.

    Our local nature center gives out free nature magazines that tend to find their place in our morning basket from time to time as well. There are just so many fun options when it comes to this one, you guys! I’m constantly switching out different interactive learning books my kids can skim through. It simply helps keep their minds growing in a fun and exciting way!

    Check out our current favorites! 100 Things About History100 Things about Science

    • Activity Books 

      Simple sticker books, puzzle books, crosswords, and maze books have all made their way into our morning basket this year! I like to mix up our selection from time to time, because it keeps things a little more interesting for the kids.

      These don’t have to be super fancy, just engaging and fun!

      I have so many fun recommendations for activity books, you guys!

      My son loves his Amazing Activity Book & Paper Dragons, while my daughter prefers her Reusable Sticker PadWedding Sticker Book.

    • A Personal Reader

      While I mentioned above that I don’t keep chapter books in our morning basket, I do keep 1 individual reader for each child in our morning basket. For one child it might be more activity-based, and for another, it might be something they simply read for a few minutes every morning!

      Right now my oldest is working through a simple apologetic devotional reader, while my middle child is intensely enjoying a dinosaur study book. Then, there is my youngest that is reading an ABC devotional about animals. She’s not quite an independent reader just yet, so we do this part together. They all thoroughly enjoy this part of our morning basket!

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Other Great Morning Basket Additions
Core Subject Helps…

  • Math Books We currently have the Times Tables Activity Book in our homeschool morning basket, however, Usborne has a wide variety of these books and I have a feeling even more will be making it into our basket soon!
  • Language Books
    Anything to help your child get in some extra language arts practice is a win in my book! Right now we have Illustrated Grammer & Punctuation in our morning basket, which has been so wonderful for brushing up on old skills!

Looking for More Homeschool Morning Basket Resources?

Consider building your morning basket with some of our favorites!

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Creating Your Own
Homeschool Morning Basket…

Your perfect morning basket might not look exactly like mine does, and that’s totally okay! It’s all about finding what works best for your family.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money putting this together either! I found my basket on clearance at our local target a couple years ago and actually filled it with things we already had at home. Buying new can be fun, but it’s not always practical!

Get your kids involved and have a little fun with it!

Morning baskets can be such a great tool for the I’d rather be sleeping homeschool mom, like me!

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