Preparing to Homeschool Preschool?

While to some it may sound simple, preparing to homeschool preschool can quickly become an overwhelming task if you let it!

I had tried many different approaches over the past 2 years before I finally stumbled upon what truly engaged my daughter best! Finally we have this thing down (now that kindergarten is on the horizon. Ha ha, go figure!)

I am so excited to share my homeschool preschool must haves!

Learn How to Homeschool Preschool
with the Help of Curriculum Aides…

When I started homeschooling preschool, I was in over my head! Learning to let go of structure and allow for simple was one of the biggest things I had to tackle!

A Homeschool Mom’s Top TEN
Curriculum Aides for Preschool…

#10 Search & Find Books

*My Homeschool Preschool Top Choice*
Usborne “Very First Book of Things to Spot” series

These books are so much fun, you guys!!

Each page is filled with simple questions, asking your child to find different things scattered throughout.

These books cover also cover tons of important preschool topics such as colors, patterns, amounts, object and animal identification, size, types of clothing, shapes and length!

Such a fun tool for engaging your preschooler and making them think.

Usborne Things to Spot Book for your Preschooler

While Usborne is definitely my go to for this type of thing, I’m sure there are other good options out there as well! I haven’t personally done a ton of research on it, because honestly, the Very First Book of Things to Spot worked out great for us!

My daughter recently turned 5 though, so it’s almost time for these specific books to retire from our collection. We will be moving up to the 1001 Things to Spot series very soon! So exciting!

I encourage you to try adding this type of enrichment to your homeschool day.

#9 Story Time Books

*My Homeschool Preschool Top Choice*
Berenstain Bear Reader Books

It might sound a little silly, and you might be thinking Berenstain Bears as preschool curriculum? Really?

Think about it though.

These books teach great values and important lessons!

Every preschooler needs a good story time anyway and Berenstain Bears has so many great options! Our Berenstain Bears collection is always growing.

Some of the stories really get my preschooler thinking about life lessons and behavior. They truly make a lovely addition to our homeschool day! The value in these books is huge.

With that said, there are so many other great options for story time as well.

Personally, we don’t always do Berenstain Bears, but we do them quite often!

Local libraries have an abundant supply of great books that would work amazing for this purpose!

*Just a tip – it’s always best if you look over books before presenting them to your little ones! Be careful and cautious.

Looking for other fun book titles to use during story time with your preschooler?
Check out 3 of our Usborne Favorites!!

I truly hope story time is something you will try implementing into your homeschool routine, if you haven’t already!

There is just something completely magical about reading good quality books with your children!

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#8 Hands on Activities

*My Homeschool Preschool Top Choice*
Melissa & Doug Wooden Stringing Beads

These letter beads are seriously amazing you guys!

While they were originally intended for jewelry making, they actually work amazing as a preschool teaching aide!

Not only are these beads great for building motor skills and that oh so important hand eye coordination, they can also help your little one learn to spell or even read!

My daughter is 5 and still uses these beads on a regular basis. We started off by learning to spell names of family members (hers first of course!) and now we have moved on to simple words.

*Just a tip – hang on to this product for future use! This amazing bead set now resides in our Kindergarten Spelling Box and I have a feeling we will be using it for many years to come!

Melissa & Doug Alphabet Lacing Beads used for Preschool

Not sure the tiny beads will be a good fit for your child?

No worries!

Melissa & Doug has a handful of other selections that are also wonderful for preschool.

These lacing beads can be used to encourage pattern making and make a great tool for teaching color recognition.

Alphabet train beads are another favorite in this house!

Not only do they help your child master their spelling skills, but they also make a great aide in teaching the importance of following directions!

Beads are a definite must have for the homeschooled preschooler!

Melissa & Doug Alphabet Lacing Train
Melissa and Doug

#7 Fun Activity Books

*My Homeschool Preschool Top Choice*
Usborne Activity Books


These are so fun and versatile!

Our absolute favorite for preschool was the rainy day book (seen pictured below), but unfortunately it has recently been retired from the Usborne lineup!

Other fun Usborne titles to check out for teaching preschool at home

These types of books are great to tuck in your homeschool morning basket or for using while working with older children on core lessons!

I can’t even count the amount of times that an Usborne activity book has come in handy during our homeschool day.

Usborne Rainy Day Activity Book

Most of these titles promote both fine motor skills and independent learning, which is essential for the homeschooled preschooler.

Using activity books throughout your homeschool day is such a great way to encourage learning without the constant fuss of lessons.

Preschoolers aren’t made to sit still for hours on end.

Activity books are fun and engaging, however there is absolutely no pressure if they want to get up in the middle of a page and finish it at a later time.

#6 Dry Erase Books

*My Homeschool Preschool Top Choice*
Usborne “Wipe-Clean” books

Similar to the books above, but REUSABLE…. whaaat?!

If you aren’t already familiar with these amazing wipe-clean titles, I highly suggest you check them out (like right now!).

These titles are amazing for homeschooling preschool.

Unlike most traditional workbooks, these can be used time and time again! They are reusable workbooks – meaning non consumable –meaning a bigger bang for your buck!

This also makes them the perfect option for any homeschool mom with multiple young children.

Think about it.

If you purchase these titles for your oldest to use during his/her preschool years, you can totally reuse them when a younger sibling is preschool ready and so on!

Huge favorite in our home.

Pen Control Workbook

Picking the perfect wipe-clean book for your child can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure where to start, which is why I highly recommend starting with the pen control book.

This book is fun, engaging, and helps you as a mom see where your kids are with their pen control.

My daughter spent many days working in this particular work book through her first preschool year. Now we have moved up to first words and dot-to-dots.

The options are almost endless, you guys!

#5 Educational Books

*My Homeschool Preschool Top Choice*
Usborne “Lift-the-Flap” series

Hopefully you aren’t tired of hearing about great preschool books just yet!

We are a family of book lovers here, so books are just second nature to us!

My next favorite? The Usborne lift-the-flap books! These titles were a huge help to our typical homeschool day.

Even at a very young age, my daughter could spend an exceptional amount time consumed in these titles! O

Our top 3 picks for the first year of preschool

All three of these titles are fun and make incredible learning tools for young homeschool kiddos.

Usborne Lift a Flap Numbers book used for homeschooling your Preschooler

Not sure when to use these books for your preschooler? Try incorporating them into your preschooler’s daily Quiet Time!

Even though my daughter isn’t a strong reader, she thoroughly enjoys these type of books on her very own – making them the perfect addition to her quiet time!

#4 Educational Puzzles

*My Homeschool Preschool Top Choice*
Crocodile Creek puzzles

Similar to our love of books, my family also has a huge love for puzzles.

Our favorite puzzles hands down, are Crocodile Creek puzzles!

When it comes to family time, we tend to enjoy larger puzzles such as this awesome map puzzle. However for Pre-K time, simple puzzles will do!

Our favorite preschool puzzle picks!

Crocodile Creek Floor Puzzle Jungle Tower

These amazing puzzles are not only super engaging, but they also make learning fun!

#3 Educational Toys

*My Homeschool Preschool Top Choice*
Learning Resources Super Sorting Pie

I absolutely love all things Learning Resources!

However, my number one pick has to be the super sorting pie.

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed this product during her preschool years, and I have a huge feeling it will still be used quite regularly through her kindergarten year.

Not only is this a super cute toy, but it also doubles as a wonderful learning tool! Your preschooler can work on colors, counting, fine motor skills, matching, and more.

Absolutely love this pie!

Learning Resources Super Sorting Pie

While the super sorting pie is our favorite, we have a number of other wonderful Learning Resources products we utilize in our preschool routine as well.

One I consider to be a must have?

These super cute alphabet acorns!

The excitement my daughter had when it was time to open a new acorn was through the roof!

I planned for her to open an acorn on our first day of school day, each week. Then we proceeded to work on writing that letter and naming things that started with it all week long.

This worked out great!

#2 Workbooks

Learning Resources Alphabet Acorns

*My Homeschool Preschool Top Choice*
School Zone Workbooks

Our go to workbooks are always School Zone workbooks.

Something that sets School Zone apart is the simplistic way it engages my child.

My daughter uses these during our morning routine and she typically goes through 4-6 pages in a setting.

She literally can’t wait to open up her workbook and get started every day.

School Zone makes an array of titles, but if your looking for something long lasting and budget friendly, you might check out the 320 page big preschool workbook.

Want to know more about the preschool workbooks we love and have used in our home or simply need more work options? Check out Workbooks for Pre-K to get all the details!

School Zone Dot to Dot Workbook

Workbooks are great to have on hand when homeschooling children of any age, but essential for the busy preschooler that needs something to work on while mom is tending to older children… or dinner.

Young 3-4 year old children aren’t made to sit still for long periods of time, however utilizing workbooks is the perfect way to introduce small increments of table time to your preschooler.

The thing I love most about open and close curriculum or workbooks?

There is absolutely NO pressure involved! You can easily set goals by time or amount of pages for your preschooler and when they get overwhelmed, simply close and return to it later!

Have a preschooler that just doesn’t do table time well?

No problem!

Workbooks are made for flexibility! My daughter actually prefers her workbook time to be done on the floor each morning, so I totally roll with it.

#1 A Good Foundation Building Language Curriculum.

The Good & the Beautiful Level K Primer and Reader

*My Homeschool Preschool Top Choice*
The Good & The Beautiful LA curriculum

Oh my word. I wish I had our current curriculum the day I started homeschooling my daughter.

It would have made this whole homeschool preschool thing SO much easier!!

I actually started out doing my own thing…

Finding things online, using Teachers Pay Teachers, printing, cutting, prepping.

It was HARD.

I did really good at first, but as time went on I got extremely exhausted and let things slide. It just wasn’t the right fit for us.

Earlier this school year we all needed some change, so I decided to overhaul our entire homeschool life.

I pulled the rug out from under us and started over with all new curriculum.

Best choice ever!

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this curriculum has been for us.

First of all, pay attention to the name, “The Good & The Beautiful”.

I mean seriously, it is exactly what it says it is!

This curriculum is filled with good, easily understood material, as well as beautiful artwork and simple activities.

My prep time has pretty much vanished, because this is an open and go type curriculum.

Plus, my daughter LOVES it. She looks forward to language time every morning and quite frankly, so do I!

The Good & The Beautiful for the win!

The Good & the Beautiful Primer Reader

Now, don’t get me wrong, websites like Teachers Pay Teachers is wonderful (I still use it for lots of things) and planning everything yourself is great too! They just didn’t work as a full curriculum option for us.

That’s why I want to stress that it’s super important for you to find what works best for your preschooler, and your family!

I do however (an will always), highly recommend The Good & The Beautiful to everyone I meet! Because if I’m honest, this curriculum changed our lives!

This homeschool curriculum is fairly priced and incredibly easy to use! We started with the level K Primer shortly before my daughter turned 5, took it slow, and finished in around 4 months.

Want to read the full review on this curriculum? You can find that HERE.

Rather you fall in love with this curriculum, decide to go with a different one, or choose to homeschool without one all together – it doesn’t matter. Good foundation building curriculum or tools is all you need for a successful run at this homeschooling a preschooler thing.

Don’t be Afraid to Try Something New…

If you start something new and absolutely hate it, you don’t have to stick with it!

Easier said than done sometimes, I know.

As homeschool moms, it’s extremely hard to throw away money, especially if you have several children or are living on a single income.

However, most of the time that chance is totally worth the risk! We are talking about our children’s education and future, always keep that in mind! These things we purchase for homeschooling purposes are an investment!

Plus, if you look hard enough, you can probably find a local BST group to sell your partially used curriculum. Do some research, ask other homeschool moms what they love, and in the end do what works best for you and your family!!

Homeschooling Your Preschooler

Last minute tips…

Enjoy the preschool years, for they are gone way too soon!

Focus more on fun, hands on learning than on perfection.

Give yourself a break when needed. We aren’t meant to be super moms after all… we are HOMESCHOOL MOMS!

Looking Ahead?

Check out these tips for homeschooling Kindergarten!

Until Next Time