Creating the Best Homeschool Schedule
Starts With a Plan…

I’m a person that thrives on schedule and organization. So before I do anything else, I plan!

Planning is the most essential step to creating a successful and functioning homeschool schedule. If you just threw some time slots and words on a piece of paper, would it really help you stay on task or get focused? Probably not.

Planning is key!

Not sure where to start? Grab a notebook and keep it handy throughout a typical homeschool day. Jot down some notes on what works and what doesn’t.

Make a rough homeschool schedule with your courses and how much time you think you will need for eachAre your children more focused at a specific time of day? Perfect! Plan on using that time for core lessons! Do they seem to get antsy after certain subjects? Make sure you use that time for a break or hands on play. Once you’ve taken note of the things that need to change your homeschool, you’re finally ready to start planning!

Just keep in mind, creating a schedule doesn’t mean things will be always line up perfectly every single day! Homeschooling will always come with its share of unexpected surprises!

However, actively taking notes during your school day will help you create a great plan that will work for most circumstances.

I highly suggest taking notes for 2-3 days in a row to cover your bases and really asses your homeschool needs.

To start the planning process, compare and contrast your notes from the previous few days. How was day 1 different from day 2? Did most everything line up the same? Or was there a day that just seemed more hectic for your family? Spend some quality (and quiet) time brainstorming. Then, simply organize your notes on a brand new sheet, creating a draft of your ideal schedule.

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The Secret to a Homeschool Schedule That Works
Sticking to the Plan…

Now what?? Take that sample schedule you made and try it out! Don’t worry about hitting everything exactly on the nose. Homeschooling is hard, and if I’m completely honest with you… we don’t always stay 100% on schedule.

Treat your draft more as a guideline than something that is set in stone. Simply try it out to see how it works for you. Do this for a week, taking notes and adjusting your schedule where need be. At the end of your first week you should have an updated draft, or possibly even an entire new schedule!

Keep pressing forward, tweaking your schedule and trying it out for a week at a time, until you find the perfect mix for your homeschool!

This method took me about three weeks of trying and adjusting, to finally figure out what our homeschool schedule needed to be like. We still have off days and don’t fully stick to our schedule 100%. However, with our new schedule guideline we are able to set goals, strive for success, and actually reach them most of the time!

End result? I’m less stressed, because even when we lag behind, I know what’s next on the agenda. Plus, we almost always finish early!

Mom’s Master Schedule

Once your schedule is pretty much finalized, its time to make the completed master schedule.

Sample Weekly Homeschool Schedule Master

My master homeschool schedule

My husband designed ours. I came up with the content and he put it together for me. I am completely computer illiterate, so this was definitely the best option for our family, ha ha! Stuff like this takes him no time at all, which leaves me completely in awe of his abilities.

Using excel he made a double sided, triple kid view, master schedule just for me. I was in love instantly, no joke you guys! It’s not fancy by any means, but it’s completely functional and that is all I needed!

I seriously live for stuff like this.

This schedule is laminated and now lives in my master binder, another must have for the homeschool Mom!

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Our Homeschool Schedule

Interested in sneaking a peek at my master schedule? Check it out here —> Homeschool Master Schedule

Want to download and create your own? Click here —> Homeschool Schedule Printable

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