Create your own Clipboard

Last summer I started making a list of things I needed to purchase for homeschooling. I was specifically jotting down things that would keep us organized and make daily tasks more of a breeze. Clipboards ended up on that list. I knew I could easily homeschool on the go with clipboards if I needed to and I just loved the idea of my kids having their very own clipboards. Plus, they were constantly borrowing my husbands and I definitely saw the need.

So I hopped online and started looking around for some (affordable) fun clipboards. The options weren’t fabulous. If I wanted something colorful or cute, there was a pretty price to pay. A price I wasn’t exactly thrilled about. I was in the market to pay less than $10 for 3 colored clipboards if possible, and I just wasn’t finding that as option. I did however, stumble upon some simple composite clipboards on Target’s website and had an incredible idea! Clipboards for $1.99 was definitely in my price range and I already had a handful of paint pens laying around at home for decorating!

The solution became clear in an instant. I quickly purchased the clipboards and when they arrived, we had an art project to do! This was literally one of the easiest projects we have ever done. The kids got creative and made the clipboards their very own. Piece of cake!

Clipboards decorated by kids

how and when to use them

Typically we have plenty of time for the kids to do their school work at their desks or our kitchen table. However, there are occasions when we hang out on the couch, do a little school work in the car, outside, or even at our local zoo. Clipboards seriously rock for these type of occasions.

My oldest uses his clipboard almost daily, my younger 2, a little less. However, they all get used multiple times throughout the week. Anytime we stray away from the typical desk & chair scenario, out comes the wonderful clipboard.

Give them a home

While having clipboards is great and all, having a specific place to store them is essential. My kids are notorious for leaving things around the house, then wondering why they can’t find them later. Can you relate? I don’t deal well with constant clutter, so this became an immediate issue that needed a solution. Enter Thirty-One.

Thirty-One Retired Wall Pouch used for Storing school supplies

The Thirty-One wall pocket became a lifesaver in this situation. Clipboards, rulers, calculators, and math aides have all found a nice cozy home in these pockets. I purchased 3, one for each of my kiddos. The pockets hang downstairs in our main homeschool area near my their individual desks. Simple and easily accessible!

I enjoy connecting with other homeschool moms. Please feel free to share how you use your own clipboards for homeschooling!



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