A Few Laundry Room Must Haves

The Struggle is Real…

Laundry. My least favorite word in the entire English language. It piles up and literally never ends! Every time I think I’ve found the bottom of my hamper, I actually haven’t. Within hours, sometimes only minutes, the hamper is mysteriously filled up again. The struggle is real.

When we first moved into our current home almost 9 years ago, the laundry room was seriously lacking. Honestly though, I was just happy to have one of my very own. This was our first home and my first laundry room.

As time passed and we added another small human to the lineup, the laundry piles grew even larger. Seriously though, who knew that was even possible?? Our laundry room had become a constant mess and there was a plethora of wasted space going on. Something had to give.

This is our Laundry room before renovation. Good space but not the most functional

Making a Change

Two years ago, my husband and father in law came up with this brilliant plan to switch up the layout in our basement. We had recently added a small storage closet, but still needed to add on a bathroom. The great plan was to turn my current laundry room into the bathroom, then turn an empty unused space into a brand new laundry room. I was a little unsure how this would even function at first, but I eventually came around.

After months of endless mess and construction, things were finally starting to take shape. The bathroom was coming together, the empty storage room was actually starting to resemble a laundry room, and my sanity was slowly returning. I could feel the finish line getting closer.

A System That Finally Works


I can’t even contain my excitement on this one, you guys! I finally have a functioning laundry room that I can easily keep organized. The bathroom is great and all, but the laundry room is where it’s at! The empty room that was once a place for random junk, finally turned into a functional space!

While we still have some finishing touches to complete, the key components are complete and functioning like a dream!

We had to make a real mess of the floor to put the plumbing in for the toilet and shower

Want to know more about our full proof laundry system? Check back soon for my upcoming post on laundry and how it’s a family affair!

The Key Components

  • Wash Sink

Adding a wash sink to our laundry room plan was a necessity! Before the makeover, if I had something that needed to soak, it ended up in the kitchen sink. Frustrated and annoyed with my current soaking and scrubbing situation, I immediately told my husband this was 100% happening! A wash sink is definite a must have for any laundry room makeover, I use mine all the time.

  • Counter Top

Total no brainier, you guys! A counter top really does make a great addition to any laundry room. I don’t feel like this needs a ton of description. However, counter tops can be extremely useful! Not only do I store things on it our counter, but I can also use this space for folding or scrubbing out stains if need be.

  • Cabinets

I absolutely love having cabinets in my new laundry room! I can store all my extra laundry detergent out of sight. This keeps the clutter at bay, giving my laundry room a cleaner, more put together appearance. Wall cabinets are fabulous at giving you a little extra storage space wherever you need it, without taking away floor or surface space.

  • Baskets

While laundry baskets are definitely an essential when it comes to doing laundry, I’m actually talking about a different kind of basket. Think storage. Small decorative baskets are perfect for storing socks that are missing mates, extra hangers, and other miscellaneous items that have found their way into the laundry room. I have a few of these that sit on my counter for these exact purposes! Not only do they look super nice, but they also provide you with a more organized space. Organization = Functionality!

  • Hamper System

Oh my word! I can’t even begin to describe how great it is to have a hamper system that holds all of our dirty laundry, already sorted into separate loads. Imagine not having to sort your laundry into separate piles every single time you do your washing. Sounds fabulous right?

We personally own 2 of these hampers, both having 3 sections each. I also use a Utility Bin for my dedicates, which technically brings my laundry room hamper total up to 7. Sounds a little excessive, but using a system like this cuts my laundry prepping time way down! It’s fabulous, you guys!

  • Mason Jars

Cute, budget friendly, and super effective! I am kind of a mason jar fanatic & use them for just about everything! I absolutely love the idea of having mason jars in every single room of the house, which I pretty much do… ha ha!

In this particular case though, mason jars really are perfect for holding miscellaneous laundry items. I currently have two large ones hanging out on my counter top, 1 holds clothespins and the other is filled with baking soda. Simple.

Mason jars are the perfect mixture of function and decorative.

  • Chalkboard Wall

Wait, what? I am so in love with this idea, you guys! When we finally got the laundry room put together and I had to decide on a paint color, I seriously struggled. Did I want to go bold or stay neutral? I had absolutely no idea. One day I just randomly thought to myself, what if I used chalkboard paint? My husband thought I was a little goofy, but now he sees the genius behind it.

As a busy homeschool mom of 3, I enjoy doing little things to make daily tasks seem a little less mundane. One of those things is journal tracking! It’s just a fun realization to see how much laundry I actually do in a month, because honestly, it tends to be a lot!

Want To Know More About How I Use My Journal to Track House Hold Chores?

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This wall is just an awesome tool for keeping all my notes in one easy place. I simply start a load of laundry, then write a tally mark on the wall. No more losing track of the paper I wrote it on, or trying to remember what I did days after the fact.

Even my older kids (husband too) like to help me keep track, it’s become a game of sorts. Plus, it gives my 6 year old daughter something to do when I’m working on a little stain removing. She simply doodles or practices spelling words on the wall. Genius!

This wall gives me a visual reminder, always! Plus, it can be used to write down directions for someone else that may be helping me do laundry for the day. I can write a message for my kiddos that says “swap the laundry, medium heat, hang blue plaid shirt” if need be! So awesome and incredibly useful!

  • Collapsible Hanging Rack

Um, this pretty much changes the laundry game. If your laundry room is on the small side, this is a must have. Our laundry room isn’t extremely huge and I hang dry a lot of clothes. So, when I came across this awesome drying rack, I had to have it! It was perfect for the space and hangs a ton of stuff!

Keeping the drying rack up off the floor, also leaves the room feeling bigger, cleaner, and more organized! Such a useful must have tool!

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