Simple Nature Fun

Encourage the love of nature through simple nature fun by leaning on nature activities for kids like crafting and exploring!

Teaching Kids to Love Nature

As a full-time RV family, getting outdoors and exploring the world around us is a given.

However, just because we spend time outside often, doesn’t mean our kiddos automatically loved and appreciated nature.

The love of nature was something we taught to our kiddos from early on even prior to RV life, and it’s something we continue to instill in them every single day.

Teaching Kids to Love Nature Through Activities

From hiking with kids to nature adventuring, teaching your children to love and appreciate nature is just as essential as any school lesson.

Find out how you can teach your own kiddos to love the world around them, appreciate all nature, and fall in love with the great outdoors by utilizing some of these awesome nature activities for kids!

Check them out below!

Everyday Nature Activities for Kids

While general outdoor playing, hopping in a refreshing pool, and playing outdoor sports can be fun, getting in tune with nature is a whole different scenario.

If you were looking for a fun list of outdoor activities such as paddle boarding and bike riding, I’m sorry to disappoint.

The ideas on this list are all about nature and nothing else.

Collecting Nature Treasures

This one is my 10-year-old’s absolute favorite nature activity of all time!

She has been collecting nature treasures since she could barely walk and it’s always a fun one to lean on when we get outdoors.

Collecting Nature Items is a Fun Nature Activity for Kids

Whether you are just exploring nature and collecting treasures along the way or you plan a fun outing specifically for this reason, nature treasure collecting is an easy nature activity for kids!

First, use all your nature treasures with this fun nature color wheel activity via Mimosas & Motherhood.

Then, check out these final nature activities perfect for any collector!

So many fun ideas, you guys!

Rock Collecting

While rock collecting could easily be combined with generic nature treasure collecting, I chose to make it its own thing simply because it’s that special, you guys!

My kids are huge rock collectors.

Since we live full-time in our RV and travel half the year, my kids are collecting rocks everywhere we go!

Rock Collecting Activities

With that said, I encourage them to be selective in their rock collecting so that each and every rock can have a special memory associated with it.

We also collect rocks on our journeys to share with friends and family back home!

Rocks seriously make a wonderful gift, you guys!

While they are simple and free, most people can’t get over the fact that you thought of them while on your travels — making them a gift to cherish!

If you have little rock collectors in your home, consider utilizing one of these fun rock activities with your spare rocks!

Don’t forget to check out our full line-up of nature crafts for kids which include some awesome rock painting crafts!

Leaf Imprinting

Leaf imprinting is such a classic nature activity for kids!

Check out these fun ideas for leaf imprinting at home.

So much fun, you guys!!

Creature Catching

All three of my kiddos have always loved creature-catching!

While my older boys went after frogs & snakes, my youngest prefers bug catching and snail hunting.

Encouraging Children to Explore Nature

If you have littles that love all things bugs, try these fun I spy bug coloring sheets via Nature-Inspired Learning and give this FREE printable bug-catching worksheet from yours truly (our Life + Homeschool blog) a try!

If creature collecting and learning is your idea of fun, consider creating this simple snail habitat via Imaginative Homeschool.

Creature catching is such a fun nature activity, you guys!

Bird Watching

Bird watching is such a simple, yet relaxing nature activity for all ages!

If bird-watching is your jam and you want to encourage your kiddos to watch along, try making a fun bird feeder to display in your front or backyard for bird-watching purposes.

Check out these fun DIY bird feeder activities for kids!

If you have a bird-loving kiddo that enjoys simple printable fun, consider having them try one of these fun bird-themed printable activities instead!

So many fun ideas to choose from, you guys!!

Hiking & Exploring

Hiking and exploring is definitely one of our favorite outdoor family activities!

While most of our hiking adventures happen in the PNW, we do love exploring when we travel to new areas as well.

Practice Hiking Safety when Hiking with Children

Start your nature journey off by creating this simple nature journey stick via In the Playroom that you can take on future nature expeditions!

Then, try one of these fun nature activities while exploring and hiking with your kids!

So many simple ideas, you guys!

Tree Climbing

This is quite possibly the most simplistic idea of them all!

If you have busy little ones that enjoy climbing all the things, tree climbing will be right up their alley.

Tree Climbing is the Perfect Nature Activity for Kids

My middle kiddo (who is now 16) was always my monkey child and tree climbing was his thing.

Many moons ago when we still lived in our sticks-and-bricks home, this kid took some spare wood and nails from the garage and built himself a seat on one of the branches in our front yard tree.

He would sit up there and read for hours on end.

With that said, if you have a tree-loving kiddo that loves not only climbing but also learning, these fun tree-themed activities will be the perfect add-on to their tree-climbing days!

Happy climbing, you guys!

Weather Tracking

Weather tracking can be so much fun, you guys!

This easy everyday activity is fun and educational.

From cloud watching to predicting and tracking the weather.

Weather Watching Outdoor Activity

Spend some time outdoors predicting upcoming weather, labeling clouds, and tracking precipitation!

Try this fun rain gauge activity via STEAM Powered Family for easy rain tracking.

Such a fun family activity!

In-Depth Nature Activities for Kids

While simplistic everyday nature activities are great, sometimes a little in-depth educational nature fun is even better!

Check out these awesome in-depth nature activities for kids.

Animal observing & tracking

Raising butterflies

Check out this butterfly unit study we just completed in our homeschool and watch our butterfly release over on our Instagram page!

STEAM & sensory activities

Nature Themed STEAM Activities for Kids

Photo CREDS: STEAM Powered Family, nature senses activity

Looking for some fun nature-themed STEAM ideas? Consider one of these fun options!

Creek/pond water testing

Scavenger hunts

Try one of these fun nature hunt ideas!


Gardening Activities for Kids

Photo CREDS: The Forked Spoon, toilet paper seedling pots

Teach the kiddos how to garden with one of these fun nature activities!

Don’t forget to check out our entire line-up of Earth Day Activities for kids which includes some fun gardening projects!

Plant identification

Mushroom identification


Nature journaling

Check out these awesome nature journal resources for kids!


Visit nature centers

So many fun nature activities perfect for the entire family!

Nature Activities List

You can find the full list of all our recommended nature activities for kids, mentioned in this post, below!


List of Nature Activities for Kids

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Printable Nature Activities for Kids

If your kids love nature and you want to incorporate outside fun into your indoor homeschool lessons, check out these simple resources!

So many great options, you guys!

Crafty Nature Activities for Kids

If printables and sit-down learning aren’t a perfect fit for your nature-loving kiddo consider one of these artsy nature activities instead!

Such creative activities, you guys!

Other Nature Activity Fun

Last, but certainly not least, I’ve got a few more nature-themed ideas to share with you!

Check out these final nature resources for families.

So many great ideas for encouraging a love of nature all year long!

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