RV Office

Creating a dedicated RV office space on a budget was a must when we started full-time RV living.

Working While RVing

Working remotely while traveling in an RV greatly increased in popularity when COVID-19 hit in 2020.

That said, living the RV life wasn’t originally in our plan.

My husband worked from home 3-4 days a week long before the work-from-home movement began.

However, when the world shut down and remote working became a reality for everyone else, his job quickly transitioned from a little bit of both to working solely from home.

Full-Time Remote Working RV Office Space

Because of this transition, we were finally able to chase our lifelong dream of moving cross-country to Montana.

While this was one of the most exciting moments in our lives, things quickly changed for our family when the housing market was turned upside down during our search for a new home.

So, long story short, RV life landed in our laps during the summer of 2021, and working from our RV has been our reality ever since.

Finding Our RV

When we first started searching for an RV for our family it was discouraging, you guys!

Most RVs aren’t created for full-time living and those that did fit the lifestyle well still didn’t offer the exact setup we needed for our unique family.

Unfortunately, most RVs only have 1 dedicated large bed space for 1-2 adults (typically in the main bedroom) while everything else is miniature-sized in the form of sleeper sofas or smaller than average bunks.

Since we have older children, most traditional RVs simply didn’t meet our needs.

Finally, after some serious searching, we settled on the Grand Design Momentum 398m.

Our RV - Momentum 398m Fifth Wheel

There were 2 main reasons we chose this RV.

First, we had 2 adult-sized teenage boys who needed to be able to sleep comfortably at night and the oversized (18ft long) garage gave us 2 additional queen-sized beds.

Second, the garage was an empty box that we could utilize as a multi-purpose area.

Both of these qualities made it the perfect option for our traveling family.

Creating an RV Office Space

While the extra large garage was our main reason for purchasing this particular model, it also meant we had some tweaking to do in other areas of the RV.

For example, because of the large garage, the living space and kitchen were condensed to the smaller (mid-section).

This area included a beautiful kitchen with a decent-sized pantry, a large couch in the slide-out, and an oversized (for the space) TV.

While this setup might work great for many families, it simply wasn’t our perfect fit.

Converting the garage of our Momentum toy hauler into a common gathering area, bedroom for the teens, laundry room, and homeschool room left the mid-section open to becoming a kitchen and office space only.

Complete Slide RV Office Conversion

First, we took down the oversized TV and turned that area into an awesome morning coffee bar.

Then, we began work on our RV office conversion by removing the couch in the main slide.

All that said, creating an RV office space that could be both decorative and functional was a challenge, you guys!

Cheap RV Office Conversion

While many full-time RVers who are present on social media or YouTube have the resources to spend thousands of dollars on RV renovations and conversions, we simply do not.

We actually spent as little as possible on this (and all of our other RV updates).

That said there are 2 easy ways to create a cheap and easy RV office space.

  • Use What You Have

This is so important, you guys!

Using what you have on hand will save you big time when it comes to creating a functional RV office space.

Since we originally planned to purchase a house after our cross-country move, we still had many of our home items in storage when we bought our fifth-wheel RV.

My Personal RV Office Space

Because of this, we were able to set up (almost) my entire office area with items we already had from our home office. The only thing I needed to purchase for this space was a new chair since mine was on its last leg and went in the garbage before our big move.

That said, my husband was in need of a whole new setup because his oversized desk did not make the cross-country move with us and the folding table he was using in our rental wasn’t going to cut it in this tiny space.

  • Sell What You Can

To offset the cost of a new desk, chair, and storage items for my husband’s workspace, we decided to sell some things we didn’t need, like the RV couch.

While it was technically a perfect fit for the space, it simply wasn’t something worth hanging on to for the possible future resell of our RV.

It was too big for the converted garage area and paying to hold it in storage for years wasn’t an option.

RV Couch in Main Slide

Our RV office area before converting.

Honestly, I wish I had kept track of what we spent on this RV office conversion but I simply didn’t even think about it, you guys!

If I had to guess though, because of what we made off the RV couch, I don’t think we spent more than we saved.

A Functional RV Office Space

While it’s not the most Instagram-perfect or aesthetically pleasing, this RV office space works for us!

Yes, we actually have stuff, and yes, our RV looks lived in (because hello, it is!).

That said, my husband did suggest we move our spare water bottle and offered to move some things off his desk prior to me taking this photo but I chose to keep things real simply because this is how our office space accurately looks most of the time.

This is the rarely-seen reality of remote working in an RV, you guys! 

Complete Slide RV Office Conversion

Our mobile RV office setup!

Also, I do feel that many full-timers try to make RV living look glamorous and fake when in reality we are living a whole lot of life in itty bitty living spaces!

While I do personally strive to keep our RV clean and tidy, it will always look lived in, you guys!

All that said, our RV office area is a functional place where my husband can work his remote job and I can work on writing and creating content for my blogs and freelance work.

Walkie Talkie Radio Charger

Since our home is so tiny, every area tends to have dual purposes.

For example, my desk houses my tea bags (in the cute little house) and tea cups that don’t fit in my coffee bar area. While my husband’s desk houses our walkie-talkies, some tool items, and his knife sharpener.

While again, it’s not necessarily Instagram-worthy, it’s functional and meets the specific needs of our unique family.

Personalizing Your RV Office

While my husband’s desk is more function over form, personalizing my RV office space with the use of decorations was a must.

That said, I tried to create a simplistic combination of decorative and functional.

RV Office Space Decor

The first thing we did to personalize this space was ditch the window valances and add a simplistic curtain rod with off-white curtains over the largest windows in the slide (this really lit up the area!)

Then, we added magnetic shelves & pen holders to the side of our Primo water dispenser (which I understand most people likely don’t travel with, but we used this in our sticks-and-bricks and continue to use it in our RV!).

Eventually, we added cheap carpet to this slide as well — which was a must when wintering in Montana!

Magnetic Mini Shelving

Finally, I added lots of personal touches through decor items, plants, photos, and magnets.

This little space has become a wonderful (and practical) place to work and get creative.

So, in the end, hitting the road in your RV and working remotely doesn’t have to be overwhelming or costly!

Skip the expensive RV renovations, use what you have on hand, let go of the unrealistic expectations of perfection, and personalize the space to your liking.

Happy travels, you guys!