Hike All the Trails

Hike and track all the trails you love with our free printable hiking log sheets!

Let’s Hike Together

Hiking as a family can be such a blessing, you guys!

While hiking with kids in tow can have its challenges in the beginning, it has become a favored activity for us.

Our life was forever altered after we made our cross-country move to Montana over 3 years ago.

We hiked and explored every chance we got for those first 6 months.

Then, life hit us with another huge change — full-time RV living.

While we no longer hike as much as we’d like, it’s still something I always look forward to.

Tracking Your Family Hikes

All that said, remembering to track and log all my favorite hiking adventures is something I’m kind of terrible at, you guys!

The biggest lie I tell myself (and trust me, I do it often) is that I will remember this for future reference.

Keeping a Hiking Log

So, whether you are an avid hiker who wants to track their stats or the occasional hiker who simply wants to recall all the best places, logging hikes can be essential if you truly want to remember and revisit your favorite hiking spots.

Not going to lie, I made this one to hold myself accountable because I’m tired of forgetting about the trails I love most!

2 Printable Hiking Logs

I do this a lot, you guys!

I start creating 1 printable and end up creating 2 (or more).

That said, there is always a good reason.

While both of these free hiking logs are perfect for anyone, 1 of these logs was created specifically with nature journaling kiddos in mind.

Hiking Log + Nature Journal Sheets

Combine this hiking log with some of these free nature-themed printables (shown above) over on the Life + Homeschool blog!

I designed all of these worksheets to be used together, creating a DIY nature journal of sorts.

Using Your Hiking Log

While creating a nature journal can be a great way to use your hiking log, it can easily be used as a stand-alone as well!

Consider printing a few copies, keeping one in your hiking pack and one in your car or at home.

Keeping a log in your hiking pack or car simply allows you to write things down while they are fresh or still currently happening.

That said, keeping a second copy centrally located in your home command center or office is ideal if you want to keep your hiking log tidy and legible.

I definitely suggest this method as the hiking log you keep in your pack or car will likely end up in rough shape.

Free Hiking Log Printables

While I created this freebie for the wild & free blog, all of our free printables currently hang out in the free printables library over on our homeschool blog!

Get the details on how to download your free hiking log printables below.

Free Printable Hiking Logs

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More Hiking Fun

Hiking with kids can be a blast when you lean on simple hiking activities and nature activities.

For example, my youngest loves nature collecting anytime we are out nature adventuring or hiking!

If you have little ones I encourage you to get outside and tackle the trail with them next time.

Happy hiking, you guys!