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Sonlight History Curriculum

We recently started using Sonlight’s world history curriculum in our homeschool, and it has been such a fun set of books to dive into!

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Since we are year-round homeschoolers that travel part-time and take multiple extended breaks, our school year typically runs Oct-Oct.

This means some of our curriculum gets used over the course of 2 different school years.

This curriculum was no exception.

We started this amazing world history curriculum mid-year during my daughter’s 4th-grade year, took a break over the summer months, and we will finish it up during her 5th-grade year. 

I am so thankful for a flexible homeschool curriculum that fits our road schooling lifestyle!

Hands-On History Activities

While this world history curriculum is thorough and complete as a stand-alone, there is an optional add-on kit that takes teaching history lessons to a whole new level!

Completed History Craft - Field Journal and Necklace

The fun activities included in this kit can act as a trigger to help children remember specific historical events by having a cool craft to share with family members or display.

With that said, it is 100% optional.

Hands-On History Kit Breakdown

While our family absolutely loves learning through literature we also enjoy getting our hands dirty through experiences and creative activities from time to time as well!

Hands-On History Kit

This hands-on history kit has been such a fun addition to our traditional history lessons and the incredible collection of crafts and activities are seriously the cutest, you guys!

Plus, each activity is packaged in individual bags making organization and planning easy as pie.

Check out my full breakdown below!

Instruction Booklet

The instruction booklet includes simple tips for making each of your history projects a success.

From encouraging homeschool parents to look over project instructions prior to class time to simple suggestions for spreading out more complex projects over the course of a few days.

Hands On History Book

While the book itself isn’t fancy or elaborate, it is exactly what is needed to complete this unit!

It’s simple and to the point, with no added fluff, which is exactly what I look for in a curriculum.

  • Supplies Lists

I absolutely love a well-laid-out plan and thrive with the use of simplistic lists like this one!

The layout for the supplies list pages is incredibly easy to follow and is broken down by each individual project.

Each project has a list of materials that will be provided in your kit as well as a list of extra materials you need to provide. 

For example, one project calls for the parent to provide scissors, permanent markers, tape, and a ruler.

While another project calls for the parent to provide scratch paper, a baking sheet, foil, and the use of an oven.

All supplies provided by the parent are simplistic things that most people have in their kitchen or home office.

Supply Lists for Hands-On History Lessons

With that said, all major craft supplies (you know, the ones that get costly if you have to buy full-sized versions) such as specific paint colors, craft glue, colored clay, fabric pieces, and colored beads are all included in this awesome kit!

Making this the perfect option for crafty homeschoolers that don’t have a lot of extra space or budget for excess craft supplies, like our RV living family!

  • Project Instructions

I can’t even describe how much I love the layout of the project pages.

These pages are simplistic and include everything you need to know when completing your history project!

Simple History Projects for Homeschoolers

Easy-to-use craft templates are included in the back of the instruction booklet!

First, each project includes a mini-history lesson that explains the significance of the project.

Second, these pages include individualized supplies needed lists and simple advance preparation instructions (if needed) for the project at hand.

Lastly, there are straightforward step-by-step instructions included for the children, tips for the chaperoning adult, and simplistic graphics to help provide a visual aid for a better understanding.

Each project is also rated with a difficulty level and parental involvement level.

This book doesn’t require a high knowledge of historical facts and can easily be used by almost any homeschool parent!


I absolutely love that all the supplies for each craft or activity are sorted and stored in their own individual bag.

As a structure-loving, organization-obsessed homeschool mom that struggles with time management, this is seriously a huge win in my book!

This makes organization & prep take little to no time at all and I’m definitely a fan.

Individually Packaged Craft Project Supplies

Other simple supplies you can expect with this add-on are labeled in the supplies list as ‘packaged separately‘ and are simply loose in the box.

These are the things you will use over and over again for multiple activities — such as paintbrushes, craft glue, and glue dots.

While I’m thankful all of these supplies are included, there is one in particular that I was extremely excited about!

The glue dots.

If you like the idea of crafting with your kiddos, but hate the idea of mess, like me, you will fall in love with crafting with glue dots.

Seriously though.

Glue dots simply make projects easier by providing less mess and zero dry time.

Plus, the instruction booklet includes simplistic instructions on how to use glue dots for first-timers.

Such a handy tool!

What’s Not Included

Instructions on when to use this with the world history curriculum.

However, that is simply because it isn’t needed.

Instructions for using this box alongside your world history curriculum can be found inside the detailed weekly breakdown of the history curriculum itself!

With that said, I actually count this as a huge positive because it cuts down on any confusion that might arise if you choose to use this project kit as a stand-alone.

Using the Hands-On History Kit

Speaking of using this kit as a stand-alone, there are actually 3 awesome ways you can use the hands-on world history kit in your homeschool!

First, you can use it as an add-on to your world history curriculum.

Simply follow the instructions and prompts in your weekly schedule pages.

I absolutely love the idea of using this with the in-depth history lessons simply because it reinforces what kiddos are currently learning!

Finding Artifacts History Activity

This was hands-down my daughter’s favorite activity (so far) — from sifting sand through her homemade screen and collecting the artifacts left behind to recording her findings in a journal and creating a beautiful piece of jewelry with her artifacts!

Second, you can use it completely by itself. 

This was actually a big surprise to me, but since each craft includes a mini-history lesson it can easily be used solo!

I originally planned to use this kit alongside our world history curriculum but having the option to use it as a stand-alone totally intrigued me.

If you love simplicity when it comes to homeschooling, as I do, you could easily use this unit as a fun summer extra to fill in the gaps between grades. 

Lastly, you can do the hybrid thing and use it both ways!

This is exactly what we are doing.

As I briefly mentioned earlier, we are taking a small break from formal history lessons over the summer months.

However, we have been using some of these hands-on projects instead!

I hand-selected a few of these fun projects for simple summer learning while saving the rest to use with our curriculum come fall.

Having the ability to use this unit in multiple different ways might just be my favorite thing about this entire kit! 

Why We Loved this History Add On

While I basically loved everything about this fun set of projects, these are my top favorite things, you guys!

Hands-On History Lessons & Crafts Kit

  • It Includes (almost) Everything

Seriously though!

The only things not provided in this kit are incredibly easy to obtain — such as markers and scissors.

  • Everything is Organized

Yes, yes, yes! I will always and forever be a fan of things in tidy packages.

The fact that the materials for each project are already sorted into their own bags is a huge plus for this mama. 

There is no guesswork, no additional organizational items or bins needed, and I can easily tuck them away into our homeschool cubbies without a second thought.

  • Children Can Express Their Creativity

This was actually a huge one for me!

Historical Archeology Kid's Activity

My 10-year-old loves to get creative and I simply don’t take the time I should to prepare extra activities for her to do.

Starting this kit gave her something fun to look forward to without an exorbitant amount of prep time on my part.

Definitely a win!

  • Helps to Reinforce History Lessons

This is hands-down the best reason to purchase this kit!

While I absolutely love that my daughter enjoyed the crafting and creating aspect, the fact that history comes to life through hands-on fun was even more exciting to me.

Children thrive with hands-on experiences that relate to what they are currently learning about.

These fun activities will help kiddos retain important information about historical facts & figures for years to come!

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