An Essential Self Care Moment

Mom’s Coffee break

This is a priority. Without a coffee break, we don’t have the chance to take that deep breath and simply be. For me it’s actual coffee, maybe some journaling, scripture reading, and possibly a little writing here and there. For others it might be tea, coloring, or just a well deserved nap. Whatever your “coffee break” looks like, it’s so incredibly important that it gives you a chance to hit the refresh button, so you can properly tackle the rest of your day. Curious how to create a self care routine for yourself? Keep reading to find out what my coffee breaks consist of and learn how to create your very own!

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Scripture reading

Quiet Time Scripture Reading for Busy MomsFirst, I just want to say that I am not an early riser! So I don’t have those peaceful quiet moments in the morning, before the kids wake up, to do my scripture reading. However, for those of you that are morning people, hooray for you! I hope you’re using that quiet time to your advantage. I tend to rise around the same time as my kids, and we just take things slow. My boys and I start our day with scripture on the couch.  There is also warm coffee and some sort of quick breakfast item involved in this time, usually muffins. The boys switch gears to morning chores and I read scripture with my daughter during this time. Once they are all finished getting fed spiritually, it’s my turn. My kids get a small 15 minute break while I sip on my remaining Power Coffee, and study. Quiet activities are encouraged, back yard play is even better, weather permitting. This isn’t fail proof, as life can be unpredictable at times, but it tends to work out more often than not.


Use Journaling to destress and relaxThis has to be my favorite coffee break of all. I’m the type of person that thrives on organization, schedules, and lists. However, life as a homeschool mom tends to bring the opposite. Sometimes my days are filled with unexpected messes or schedule changes, which screams terrifying chaos to my organized life. I try to fit in journaling whenever I can. I would love to say I have a set time for it daily, but that isn’t always the case. One day I might utilize my daughters afternoon quiet time to journal, other times I do it in the quiet of night when my children are sleeping. Then there are the extra stressful days, you know the ones. Nothing has gone right, everything is off track, one mess after the other. In those days I have a choice. Skip it. Or let the kids watch a little TV so that I can have a moment to myself. It’s not ideal, but it’s my occasional reality. Life can be messy. Journaling is one of my favorite escapes from that.

Creating Your Own Coffee Break

Your coffee break might look totally different than mine. However, coffee breaks are vital to the homeschool Mom. So take a few moments today and really think. What do you want your coffee breaks to consist of? What things do you enjoy most? As moms, we are constantly being pulled in one direction or the other. Filling needs, handing out snacks, and always, always being called on. In order for us to take the best possible care of our children and help meet their needs, we must take care of ourselves as well.

I hope you get the chance to sit back and enjoy a little coffee break today!

Until Next Time