Why Shopping is Different for Homeschool Moms

I absolutely loved shopping before I had kids, after kids wasn’t too terrible either. However, when I started homeschooling, shopping became this thing to put off and dread completely. Just the thought of dragging my 3 kids to a couple different stores in between lessons, consumed and overwhelmed me. Actually completing that task, yeah, don’t even ask! If your an introvert, easily stressed out, homeschool mom like myself, that has a few awesome, but sometimes crazy kids, you can probably relate. If you’re super social, never stress, and your kids rock at the whole being perfect thing, then this might not be the article for you. Do people like that even exist though?

I mean seriously, life is filled with the unexpected, kids that refuse to wear shoes for whatever reason, and occasional melt downs (moms and kids alike). Trying to fit a shopping trip into an already jam packed school day, is the absolute last thing I want to do. I’ve started enlisting in the help of my husband when it comes time for large grocery shopping trips, that way we can form a plan, tag team the kids, and get in and out in a matter of minutes.

Now, this works great for groceries. However, Shoes, clothes, housewares, and toys are a totally different story. I’m a browser. I like to take my time, walk around, look at all the pretty things, and sloooooowly decide on what I’m getting. My children (and husband) aren’t huge fans of this method and I’m not a huge fan of the whining and complaining that tend to accompany it. Which is exactly why I’ve joined the dark side and become an online shopper! Gasp!

Online shopping VS in store

With that said, I still love a good trip to the store. I just prefer them alone, or with a single child. Target trips in our household end up being a huge treat to my kids! I typically pick one child, for whatever reason (good behavior, they need new shoes, etc) and off we go! Mom gets to look at a couple things, there is a little one on one bonding time going on, and Dad holds it down at home! In store shopping with all of my kids in the middle of a school day is never a breeze. It typically takes a huge chunk of time out of my day, everyone wants something, and I end up forgetting what I even went there to get in the first place. It usually ends in some sort of chaos and mom needing a silent time out. With that said, I tend to avoid this type of trip whenever possible.

Online shopping however, is somewhat heavenly! While I do have a computer, I’m actually more of a mobile shopper. When I need something, I can easily pull it up on my phone, give a quick click, and bam it’s on it’s way to my door. I have a number of go to stores that might just be the perfect fit for most any homeschool mom. Boxed Wholesale, where you can buy in bulk without an annual membership fee! Watch for my complete review on boxed, coming in the next few days. Another favorite of mine is Zulily, name brand products for a fraction of the cost! To learn more about shopping Zulily, keep an eye out for that post early next week. For today though, the focus is Target.


Ok, can we all agree on something here? Target is the absolute best! With that said, I want to share my thoughts on what I believe sets it apart from the rest. Now, lets dive right in!

  • Target is Not Walmart

Seriously though, these stores are NOT one in the same. Target and Walmart are similar in the fact that you can get a plethora of different types of items in a single trip. They both offer things like groceries, housewares, and clothing. That’s where it ends though. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Walmart hater, I’m just not a huge fan. I have been known to buy things from there on occasion. Target however, has modern, high quality home goods, a wide selection of good quality organic/non gmo brands, quality clothing for just a fraction of typical boutique pricing (while maintaining the same classy boutique look), easy to navigate stores (both online and physical), as well as an overall cleaner look than Walmart. Again, not a Walmart hater, just a Target lover!

  • You Get What You Pay For

YES! I am so over dollar stores and their toxic stuff. Honestly, I won’t even step foot in one. Maybe I sound a little crazy here, but please do your research! Dollar stores may sell ‘name brand’ things, but it doesn’t always mean it’s the exact same product that you would get from a Target, or even a Walmart. I have personally bought the same product from a handful of different stores, only to find out that they all differ in one way or another. The level of quality is definitely different. If you pay a dollar or two more at Target, it’s likely that the product is actually slightly better quality than that dollar store you picked it up in.

I’m absolutely in love (or possibly just obsessed) with Target’s housewares and décor, the quality is definitely there! Most of their clothes (IMO) are boutique quality for a tiny fraction of the cost. I can purchase 4-5 tops for the same price as one Lularoe or other big name boutique top. Not hating on boutiques, actually I kinda love them! I just can’t afford them to make up my entire wardrobe.

  • Discounts Galore

For all the Target haters that think Target is too expensive, pay attention! I personally know some people that won’t even step foot in the store, because they have this huge misconception that everything costs double the price, which is completely ridiculous. If your a Target lover like myself, but don’t know about some of the discount programs going on, guess what? You can totally save some major $$$ while shopping there!

Cartwheel is probably the biggest (and best) deal finder Target has. You simply download the Target app on your phone and Cartwheel is right there. You can scan any product you already have sitting in your cart, just to see if there is an additional discount on it! I have literally saved over $1,000 dollars using the Cartwheel app alone! Also on the target app, there are almost always in store coupons for things like $10 off $40 purchase in a certain category, or gift card offers with purchase. They also run some pretty great BOGO deals throughout the year, % off online deals (sometimes in place of cartwheel), and we can’t forget the amazing clearance finds. The discounts are there and honestly, it takes a very minimal amount of effort to find them.

REDcard savings add up at Target

  • REDCard

Speaking of discounts, let’s talk about the Target REDCard for a minute! If you shop at target AT ALL and don’t have a REDCard, you are missing out on some major money savings. Target offers both a credit card and a debit card version of their REDCard, which is pretty much awesome! I actually have both versions. I like to use the debit card for everyday purchases, just to keep my budget inline where it should be. However, having the credit card can be extremely convenient when I need to make a large or unexpected purchase. It simply gives me a little extra time to pay the purchase off, when my current budget might not have allowed for it. Both cards actually provide the exact same discount opportunities though, 5% off your entire purchase (online or in store) as well as free shipping! You can sometimes even get in on extra little perks (specifically around the holiday season) if you are a RedCard holder. For more information on the Target RedCard or to sign up for you own, feel free to click the ad below.

  • Free Shipping

Who doesn’t love the sound of that? I know my wallet absolutely loves it! Target offers free shipping on orders of $35 or more, no matter your payment method. However, shipping is always free with your REDCard! I can’t tell you the amount of times this has come in handy for me. If I’m in need of just one little thing, it can wait for a couple days, but I can’t run out to the store to get it, purchasing online becomes my go to! Plus, most things are included in their awesome 2 day shipping! Sounds a bit similar to Amazon, but without the annual prime membership fee, am I right? I definitely don’t order from Amazon nearly enough for their prime fees to be worth it for me, so Target it is for this introvert, homeschool momma!

I love, love, love shopping at target. Plus, whenever I order something that doesn’t work for me, the ladies at my local customer service are always so incredibly willing to make it right! Once I purchased something with a coupon, that just a few days later had an additional cartwheel on it. They were so incredibly helpful and made sure I got the absolute best deal I could, without losing the coupon benefits I had already. Saved me an additional $6 or $7, I was ecstatic!

While Target is definitely favored in our home, there are many other wonderful online options for the homeschool mom! If you would like to stay up to date on my Target reviews, get updates on the next post in this series, or just get encouragement from time to time, take a moment to sign up for my newsletter!

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