Our sandbox

Last year shortly after my son turned 10, he decided to put his birthday cash towards a sandbox for the family (I helped with funds a little). It was such a sweet notion. Yes, he wanted to play in it too, but it was something he wanted to share with his siblings. He never called it his sandbox, it has always been referred to as THE sandbox.

Toes in the Sand

The sandbox was purchased, filled, and now many hours have been spent in there! It was definitely one of the best investments we have made in a long time. All 3 kids love it and visiting friends enjoy it as well.

Age is just a number

For real. I have 3 kids – 13, 11, and 5 and they all LOVE our sandbox. Just yesterday my 13 year old spent a good solid 3 hours creating a city (involving a huge back story of kings, battles, and overcoming diversity, it was quite impressive actually). Who knew? When my (then) 10 year old said he wanted to put his birthday money towards a sandbox, I was skeptical that it would even be used that much.

Big Kids Playing in Sandbox

Boy was I wrong! I’ve learned that age doesn’t really matter when it comes to imagination and play. Kids just love sand. Heck, if I’m being honest, I could probably have some fun in the thing as well! So, if your kids are older and you have this notion that sandboxes are only for littles, you might just be… wrong. Sandboxes can be an awesome adventure for kids of all ages. So if you have any lingering thoughts about getting one, I say go for it!

 Building, Scooping, and Creating

Let’s talk enrichment! Getting kids off of the screens, outside, and actively using their imaginations, is a HUGE deal this day and age. Most kids don’t even know how to enjoy the simple things in life anymore. They would rather be pushing buttons and scrolling on devices, than being creative in nature.

Having a sandbox gives children the opportunity to disconnect from electronics and put their imaginations to good use. They can turn sand into a castle, a farm, or anything they desire! Scooping, pouring, touching. It works their senses and encourages hours of active play.

SandCastle with a Moat

A worthwhile investment

While there are many options out here, investing in a wooden, well made structure is definitely worth the investment. I have a feeling that if we purchased a small plastic box, the kids would have gotten bored with it by now. Our sandbox is pretty large and all 3 kids can play in it at the same time, which is essential for our household. This sandbox sees hours of usage every single week, sometimes even in a single day.

Spend it, buy it, make it, use it!

If a large sandbox isn’t an option for you, or you don’t have the budget to purchase a pre-made one. There are definitely some other great options out there. Sand and water tables, a small tub filled with play sand that can be pulled out from time to time, or even building your very own custom sandbox. All of which can be great ways to encourage imaginative play.

With that said, the large sand box in our back yard is definetly the perfect fit for us! I encourage you to spend some time thinking about what might work best for your family.

I love hearing your thoughts and stories! Do you have some great kiddos in your life that enjoy a little sand play as well? Feel free to share!

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