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If you’re anything like me… you are probably always on the search for new homeschool ideas and helps! This help is sooooo good, you guys! I seriously can’t even imagine doing this free range homeschool thing with out walkie talkies in my life!

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Walkie Talkies
for Kids…

Ok, this probably sounds like the strangest thing, but stay with me! Walkie talkies have totally changed our homeschool rhythm! While the original reason we purchased wasn’t even for homeschooling purposes, they actually work fabulous for it!

I can keep in touch with my kids no matter where they are, or what they’re doing.

Walkie Talkie Two Way Radio and Notebook

You guys, I totally crave the ability of having free range children! Unfortunately though, we live in a harsh world… and a subdivision, ha ha!

If you are in a place like me, working and homeschooling, you can’t always be right there next to your children. Enter – walkie talkies for kids. 

One of the Best Homeschool Ideas Ever!

Using walkie talkies (also known as handheld two-way radios) throughout our homeschool day helps me keep track of the kids and what they are working on, even when I’m busy!

Plus, it gives me the ability to call an individual child whenever I need to check up on something. Not only does this cut down on loud hollering and chatter, but it also allows me to continue my work without disrupting anyone’s progress. Win-Win!

This unique homeschool idea has provided us with constant communication, without losing focus or productivity. What more can a working homeschool mom ask for? Seriously though!

Have a kid that wants to work on their math in the front yard, but mom is in the middle of a project and can’t go out? No problem! Simply send them with their walkie talkie, checking in every few minutes! This is a total homeschool mom lifesaver, you guys!!

Ideas for
Big Kids…

This is actually the original reason we purchased the walkie talkies for our home!

My older boys love adventure and getting out of the house. However, it’s extremely hard for me as a mom to just let them go out on their own, especially if I’m busy doing something around the house.

I worry more than I should and feel the constant need to know where they are and how they are doing. I know they are growing up and I definitely want to encourage independence, but this world can be a terrifying place sometimes!

Boys preparing for a bike ride with Walkie Talkie Headset on

Being homeschooled, my kids have absolutely no need for a cell phone. So, walkie talkies work perfectly for their adventures outside the house!

My boys can enjoy a bike ride down the street to our local park in the middle of a school day and I don’t have to worry nearly as much as I once did! I can easily keep in contact and ease my anxious momma mind.

Plus, my kids get to exercise a little independence, which they totally love.

Inviting walkie talkies into our homeschool has encouraged a sense of freedom, and gives my children the chance to be wild & free like they crave to be!

The particular radios we chose came with headsets, making bike riding and checking in with mom a breeze. Looking to add walkie talkies to your homeschool? You can find the ones we use right here —> 2 Way Radio Set

* Note – if you do purchase GMRS radios like we did, you will also need to purchase a FCC license.

Our Top Homeschool Ideas
for using walkie talkies…

  • Walkie TalkiesBike Rides & Park TripsHave older kids that crave a little independence? This is the perfect solution for them! My boys utilize our two way radios for this all the time, you guys!
  • Field TripsYES!! This is a huge sanity saver! Our walkie talkies go on every single homeschool outing or field trip with us. If you go out of the house often with your homeschoolers, these will quickly become your new favorite homeschool tool. Older kids can simply wonder a little further or you can split up into multiple groups and still keep in contact. Easy!
  • Quiet TimeWalkies rock for this! My boys can quietly work on math, while I’m working on a project, and my 5 year old daughter is having her quiet time. It’s incredibly simple for me to check in on the boys without leaving the room or disrupting my daughter. She’s gotten used to the walkie talkie chatter, so she just goes on about her quiet time. Totally amazing, you guy!Want more info on how we do quiet time in our home? You can find that here —> Homeschool Quiet Time


Walkie Talkie Two Way Radios with Action Figures for Call Signs

If you decide to incorporate walkie talkie usage in your homeschool, I encourage you to have fun with it! When ours arrived, we voted on a theme for our handles. Avengers was the obvious winner. Feel free to call me Black Widow.

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