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Planning a Catch up Day…

Catch up Day for Chores & MoreThe sink is overflowing with dishes, you need groceries, no one in your house has clean socks, you’re behind on lessons, and dinner hasn’t been made. You’re stressed, blessed, and extremely overwhelmed. As a working homeschool mom, it’s safe to say I’ve been there a time or two — catch up day to the rescue!

Unfortunately, days like this seem to sneak up on me. Then, they want to take up a permanent residence and stay forever. Definitely not my cup of tea! I simply don’t do chaotic and messy very well. I need order, organization, and a plan to even function.

Take a Step Back, Evaluate, Plan

If you’re feeling completely overwhelmed and swallowed by life, taking a step back is a must. Take a breather, look around, reevaluate your situation, make a plan, and work towards an end goal!

Sounds great on paper right? What about in real life?

In order for change to happen, you have to set goals and make it happen. Period.

The first step to getting there? Planning, planning, planning!

You can’t just hope or think about change, you have to create the change!

Planning a Catch up Day
My 5 Step Method…

Catch up Day to do list This is where it’s at mommas! If you are completely drowning in everyday tasks that seem to have no end, you absolutely need a catch up day. Or if you’re anything like me, you might even need a catch up week! Trust me, the catch up week has actually been a reality in my house — a few times even.

  • Stop

Stop what you are doing! Don’t fold anymore laundry, don’t thaw the chicken for dinner, or teach that next math lesson.

Literally, just stop.

Stop doing all the things.

If your kids are older, send them off for some quiet reading or outdoor play. If you have littles, you might need to get creative here with a movie, nap, or an abundance of snacks. Just get them settled with something, so that you can take a moment to stop doing all the things!

Sounds strange, but stay with me!

  • Look

Look around. Take a deep breathe, grab a notebook, then do a quick walk through of your home.

What are you behind on? Who needs your attention? What errands have you pushed off?

Start jotting it all down in your notebook. Not necessarily in any order of importance, just write whatever you think of – the second that it crosses your mind.

Beware momma, the list is bound to get long!

  • Think

Think about your list. Look it over and evaluate.

Do you have 25 things written down? Or is it more like 100?

Evaluate your standings. Weed out the unnecessary tasks that have snuck their way onto your list. Then, figure out how long you might need to accomplish what’s left over. Also, take some time to decide if you are going to need help completing it!

Remember, there is nothing wrong with asking for help!

  • Plan

Plan your attack.

Reorder your list in order of importance, pick the day (or week) you are going to tackle the tasks, and create a finalized to do list!

I highly suggest blocking out all of your time for an entire day, or set of days. Be specific on what you are are doing and when you are doing it. Write it all down, starting with the most important or overwhelming tasks first, ending with the simple.

Catch Up Day Free Printable

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  • Do

Do it! Attack that list with fierce vengeance and get it done!

It may seem unreachable at first, but you’ve totally got this! If you have littles, definitely enlist the help of grandparents, older children, or maybe even ask your spouse to take a day off from work to spend with them while you work on catching up!

If your children are older, put them to work along side you! Give them smaller tasks that you know they can complete on their own, all while making your to do list smaller.

Make this catch up day work for the sake of your sanity, if nothing else!

Generally, I take catch up days completely off from homeschooling. There will always be time to fit in extra lessons on weekends, holiday breaks, whenever. Homeschoolers are always learning anyway, so a little time off from core lessons definitely doesn’t hurt!

Plus, helping mom tackle a to do list totally counts as home-economics! Bam!

Keep a watchful eye on your list, manage your time properly, and work your butt off! You will be exhausted, but it’s totally worth it in the end.

I actually just recently had a catch up day myself, and I’m still reaping the benefits. My house is cleaner, my laundry is at a manageable level, lessons are being completed, and somehow dinner has made it on the table every single day this week!

Huge win for this homeschool mom!

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