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Organization. I pretty much believe that this is the key to my sanity. I thrive when I can work in a clean, organized space. My kids do too. While they don’t always notice the benefits of a tidy space on a daily basis, they definitely experience frustration when something isn’t in it’s proper place. Shoes for example… Anyone else? If you’re always on the look out for new organizing ideas and tips, rest assured that you’re not alone!

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Keeping my house tidy feels like a full time job most days. Between laundry, dishes, and pestering my children to pick up after themselves, it just doesn’t seem to end. I wish I could tell you that there was a fix all for this, but unfortunately that’s not reality. There are however, some things that make this daunting task easier to manage.

Baskets, Bags, and Bins

An organized life makes me happy, and Thirty-One products get me closer to that with every product I buy. This isn’t just some silly bag company. Thirty-One actually makes lots of products for your home as well. From wall pockets, to bins, they seriously have it all. I thoroughly enjoy sharing some of the many ways we use Thirty One products in our home, car, and for travel. Take a peek at my Thirty One website for amazing monthly deals and specials! Feel free to Contact Me if you have any questions about a product!

So many of these wonderful products, as well as products from other amazing retailers have helped me get my home in order. Without organization and high quality bins to sort and stack, my sanity would be out the window. If you’re overwhelmed with clutter and need a new system, I highly encourage you to sign up for my organization newsletter! I send out monthly updates on great products, as well as offer amazing tips and tricks on how to get your home in a functioning state.

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Make a List

I can’t stress this enough. I could seriously make a list for anything, and everything. Chore charts, hand written lists, to do lists on your phone or tablet. Whatever your style, just sit down, and make a list! Personally, I do a mixture. We have a wall mounted chore chart in our home that we utilize daily, but I also like to write, or email myself little reminders from time to time. It’s easier to stay on top of things when there is a visual aid reminding you of everything you need to accomplish for the day. I’m a list lover, so this came naturally to me. If you’re an anti-list person, it may take many attempts before you find the method that works for you, but don’t give up! Seriously – Lists motivate. Lists work.

If you’re in desperate need of a new to do list that works, I highly encourage you to check out my super simple catch up day printable to do list. This post also touches on how to make the most of your catch up day, super useful if you are feeling overwhelmed and unproductive!

Put the Kids to Work

Ok. I know some people find this notion completely crazy, and to each their own. I however, think it’s important for kids to work. If we constantly do everything for our children while they are young, they will expect the world to do everything for them when they are adults! Putting our children to work is essentially building them up to be responsible grown-ups, which is a good thing!

Homeschooling can wreck some serious havoc on a house, but we shouldn’t let it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with intertwining chores & school together in one package. Easier said than done though, I know. All kids are different, and some will adapt to this concept much easier than others.

Take my kids for example. I have a 13 year old who lacks the motivation for anything that doesn’t consist of music or legos. He needs constant reminders to do his school work, and his chores. Then I have a 10 year old that works harder than most grown men. No joke. This kid does extra school work, and rarely gets behind on chores. Last comes my lively 5 year old. She’s a wonderful mixture of accidental spills & trying to help, which in reality only creates more of a mess. With these three, my hands are full for sure, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Be Consistent

I would love to say that homeschooling makes it easier for all kids to stay on top of their chores, but that isn’t always the case. Some kids, like my oldest, will need constant reminders. Others will pick it up quick and easy. Either way, it’s a learning process for the entire family, but it’s essential! Kids need to learn how to function as adults, giving them responsibilities around the house is the best place to start.

Life isn’t perfect. We will have busy days, and sick days. The laundry will get backed up, things will get spilled, and the unexpected will happen. However, if we work as a team, and all do our part, it doesn’t have to be completely overwhelming. Organization and a clean working environment are key to a functioning homeschool. It’s work, but it’s totally worth it.

Get your kids involved, and don’t give up!

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