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Mother’s Day Printables and more…

Whether you are a mother yourself or are simply shopping for one. These simple Mother’s Day ideas are are a great start. From Mother’s Day printables to handprint crafts, you can easily show mom you care this year!

As a busy homeschool mom, I know what I want most every year.


I don’t care about lavish gifts or shiny jewelry.

It’s pure simplicity that I crave.

I want to rest up, relax, skip the cleanup of any mess that might arise, and enjoy the presence of my family.

I would imagine that most moms are in this very same boat.

So this year, skip the expensive and get straight down to the meaning!

10 Simple Mother’s Day Ideas

Check out my top 10 Mother’s Day ideas for Mother’s Day 2020!

Note: any number of these Mother’s Day ideas can easily be adapted into a gift for Grandma, Nana, Or Mema!

  • Build Her an Inspirational Journal

If the Mom in your life likes to journal, doodle, or write – this might just be the perfect gift for her!

Purchase a simple journal, a handful of fun pens, and some simple sticker sheets!

Have each child hand write a bible verse on a random page, leaving plenty of open space for Mom to add her own additions.

If your child is too young to write, take over a little by writing the verse yourself. Then, let your little one color and add stickers around the verse.

Have artsy kids? Have them create a title page in the front with a simple title and fun illustrations!

If this is a hit with the mom in your life, simply add to her collection each Mother’s Day by picking up some additional pens or new stickers — maybe even throw in some fancy washi tape!

Supplies needed:

Want to take it up a notch? Toss all mom’s journaling supplies in a zipper pouch for some added organization! Then add in some fun extras such as colored pencils & brush markers!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Journals for the Win
  • Plan a Mom-Venture

As a stay at home – homeschool mom, I don’t plan many outings for myself.

If I am going somewhere — it’s typically for an appointment, something for the kids, or simply to pick up the essentials.

If the Mom in your life is in a similar place, a Mom-Venture might be just what she needs!

Now I’m not necessarily talking about a sky diving adventure (unless Mom is totally into that kind of thing… then by all means, sky dive away!) I’m more leaning towards a relaxing adventure.

This could be something as simple as a picnic in the park, a scenic drive to an area she loves, or just a nature hike through the woods!

My most memorable Mother’s Days have been the simple ones with family trips to the park or a chill day relaxing in the backyard with the grill going.

Supplies needed: yourself & a plan of attack! Seriously though.

  • Make a Homemade Card

Super Cute Mother's Day Card Craft IdeaSimple, yet effective!

Moms absolutely live for this sort of thing.

A simple little handmade card can be kept and cherished for years to come. Plus, they can easily pair with a number of the other gifts on this list!

Card-stock, some stickers and crayons is all you need to show Mom you care.

Don’t have everything you need to make a card or are completely strapped for time?

Pick up a simple card from the store and let your child jazz it up with a couple stickers and a handwritten note. Cards are an incredibly simple way to show someone how you feel about them.

Supplies needed:

  • Create Day Off Cards

Every Mom deserves a day off.

As a mom myself, I totally understand how unrealistic this sounds. Mom can’t exactly take a day off from everything.

So, think simple.

Give Mom a day off from the tasks she dislikes most.

Creating a fun little coupon book for mom to take the day off from things such as  diaper duty, laundry, cooking, or washing the dishes is a great way to show Mom how much you appreciate all her hard work!

Just make sure the tasks that are chosen can easily be tackled by the kids independently or with the help of a willing adult. It can be downright frustrating to a mom if she’s told something will be done for her, only to end up doing it herself later.

Need a little help getting your day off cards created? Our free Mother’s Day printable bundle includes a sheet of 4 pre-made cards that you can print from home! No prep time. Simple and quick!

Supplies needed:

  • Serve Breakfast in Bed

Enough said. Seriously though… Who wouldn’t love this??

If you have older kiddos, get them involved!

Make Mom something delicious and deliver it straight to her bedroom before she even has the chance to do anything for anybody else!

Seriously the best way to start a Sunday!

Want to make her breakfast even more special? Make her a set of I Love You Because cards to read through while she eats. You can get your own free set in the Mother’s Day bundle!

Supplies needed:

  • Mom’s favorite breakfast foods
  • Tray or Platter
  • Free printable Mother’s Day bundle
How to Serve Breakfast in Bed to Mom
  • Create a Personal Canvas

This can be such a cute Mother’s Day craft for kids!

A little tape or stickers, some paint, and you’re golden!

You simply press your stickers firmly or use tape to spell a word on your canvas.

Paint, let dry, then remove the stickers or tape – leaving a beautiful canvas for Mom!

You can easily make this personal by spelling out MOM or by creating special sayings you share with Mom.

My daughter always says I love you more than, which could be a super cute idea for this craft!

My boys also did this craft (a number of years ago) using their names, which was a super fun project as well!

Supplies needed:

  • Hand Pick a Bouquet of Flowers

Give Mom the gift of flowers that never wilt!

I did this with my Sunday school class a few years ago, and they were a huge hit!

Simply trace your child’s hand on colored card-stock, cut it out, and have them write their name on it.

You can attach the hand-prints to anything long that can easily be put into a vase. Such as dowel rods, craft sticks, a plastic butter knife (serrated side taped to the hand).

Then, simply pop the handprints into a cute case or coffee mug filled with gems (or candy, yum!) and you have a beautiful potted flower!

Have multiple kids? Make it a bouquet!

Supplies needed:

Looking for more mug options? Consider using one of these unique Coffee Mugs Just for Mom!

  • Make a Coupon Book

Coupon books are an iconic Mother’s Day gift!

I’ve revived a handful of these during my mommin’ years!

They are just a fun way to show Mom you appreciate her and are willing to help her out throughout the year.

You can easily make your own with the free printable coupon booklet that is included in our Mother’s Day bundle!

Simply have your kiddos fill it out, add some fun embellishments if desired, then staple it together and call it good!

Great ideas for your coupon book: extra hugs or snuggles, help Mom with her daily chores, help out with a younger sibling, make Mom’s bed for a week, or dry the dishes. So many great options for this one!

Supplies needed:

  • Fill Out a Fun Keepsake

Extremely strapped for time?

Fill out the simple All About Mom worksheet that is included in our Mother’s Day bundle!

This (like the rest) is easily adaptable for a Grandma or Mema as well (that’s how we used ours)

Simply print and have your child fill out the worksheet! Laminating this makes for an incredible keepsake!

Supplies needed:

Mother's Day Printables for Free
  • Cook and Clean up

This is huge!

As a homeschool mom, I find myself completely worn down by the end of the day and sometimes cooking is the last thing I want to do!

Knowing that someone else is going to cook for me, plus clean up afterward… well that’s downright heavenly!

Encourage your children to make Mom a meal (with dad’s help) then clean up after! If this isn’t an option, take out or a special dessert would do the trick as well.

Just remember, moms work hard every single day. Show her how much you appreciate that hard work by treating her for a change!

Supplies needed: a comfy spot for Mom to kick up her feet while she watches you cook 😉 

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Free Mother's Day Printables

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