Why Yes,
I am a Homeschool Mom…

I feel like so many people have an inaccurate view of what a homeschool mom actually looks like.

We are typically placed in two different categories. 

Homeschool moms are either a) out in public on very rare occasion – always wearing floor length dresses (we obviously sewed ourselves, right?) or b) we are sitting at home all the time – in our pajamas.

There’s rarely a happy medium.

I tend to get a lot of surprised reactions when I announce that I homeschool – because apparently my curled hair, jeans, and cardigan don’t fit the preconceived homeschool mom mold. 

Who knew we all looked alike, anyway?

Homeschool Mom
Real Pants…

Homeschool Mom Appearance - Homeschool Pajama Days are OK
Wowza! Touchy subject, I know.

Personally, I don’t feel like I am ready to tackle my day unless I have real pants on. As silly as it may sound, it’s the complete truth.

I basically live in jeans, you guys!

Call me crazy, but I feel like slipping into a simple pair of jeans is essential to having a productive day around my house. If I stayed in pajamas all the time, I simply wouldn’t do all the things I needed to do.

While your pant preference may be slightly different than mine, it’s still important for every homeschool mom to take pride in their appearance (in some manner) by getting dressed most days. Not only does will this help our children see the importance of things like hygiene, but it’s also a super simple way to teach our children that homeschooling isn’t an excuse for laziness.

I’m going to get real honest here, you guys. My kids do sometimes view homeschooling as the perfect excuse for laziness and that can be a hard habit to break!

Homeschool Mom Appearance
Isn’t Everything…

With all that said, I definitely do not believe appearances are everything!

It’s incredibly important that we teach our children discernment when touching on the issues of appearance. There is a huge difference between taking a few moments for yourself every morning to get ready, and dressing to impress.

I’m typically a pretty easy going gal. Jeans, a simple top, and a cardigan are my go to staples for every day wear. When I want to take it up a notch I throw on a little concealer and mascara – super simple, yet fabulous!

However, there is one other thing I love to do on occasion. I absolutely love to curl my hair! My hair has a natural wave to it anyway, so curling just gives me that cleaner, crisp look. This isn’t anything I consider an essential though, and it definitely doesn’t happen on a daily basis!

My Point is This:
Find YOUR Balance….

Don’t dress to match a mold or idea of what others think your appearance should look like.

Don’t dress to impress.

Dress 100% for yourself.

Dress in a manner that makes you feel like you!

Most importantly though, dress how you want your kids to dress.

If I always stayed in my pajamas and never brushed my hair – I have a feeling my daughter would do the exact same.

I personally don’t wear tank tops without a cardigan. It’s just a modest preference for me and my 5 year old daughter pretty much follows suit.

Our children pick up on everything we do!

Homeschool Mom
Pajama Days…

Homeschool Mom Appearance - Homeschool Pajama Days are OK
Now don’t get me wrong, I do love me some comfy pajamas.

To be more specific – I dig all things sweat pants and leggings!

So do all of my kids! Which is exactly why we have the occasional and much needed – pajama day.

I’m definitely not a pajama hater and I know people that function just fine wearing pajamas all day (uh, my husband for one – haha).

However, I do still see the value in teaching my children to get up and get dressed. Which not only encourages responsibility, but but also gives them the motivation to tackle a productive day.

With that said, my 13 year old definitely doesn’t always see the value in it. However, he also doesn’t see value in most anything that happens before noon. I’m pretty sure this kid lives for lazy pajama days!

Homeschool Mom Guilt

If you take one thing from this, please let it be this – I am in no way judging the homeschool mom in floor length dress, the one in pajamas, the one in leggings, or the one in jeans!

I’ve been in those shoes – I’ve been the homeschool mom that was judged. 

While I do see the value in getting dressed on a daily basis, I would never hate on the mom that doesn’t – and you know what?? I’ve been the dressed up mom and the pajama mom.

Life is hard. Homeschooling is hard – and fitting some type of mold is way too much work.

Just remember – taking a little time every morning to make yourself presentable is a good thing.

If you aren’t taking time to get dressed each morning because you feel guilty, hear this – mom guilt doesn’t even apply here!!

If getting dressed helps you be more productive, more involved with your children, or you simply feel more like yourself (like me). Then it is totally essential!

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