I feel like most people have this completely inaccurate visual of what a homeschool mom looks like. We are either out in public wearing dresses we obviously sewed ourselves (cause of course all homeschool moms sew their own clothes, right?) or we are sitting at home in our pajamas. There’s usually no happy medium. I tend to get a lot of surprised reactions when I announce that we homeschool, because apparently my jeans and cardigan don’t fit the preconceived “mold”.

Real Pants

Wowza. Touchy subject, I know. Personally, I don’t feel like I am ready to tackle my day unless I have my “real pants” on. As silly as it may sound, It’s true! Jeans are my pant preference, and I wear them almost every day. Call me crazy, but I feel like wearing actual daytime clothes is essential to a productive day around my house.

While your pant preference may be slightly different than mine, it’s still important to take that time for yourself every day. Getting out of our pajamas and slipping into something more presentable, shows our kids that we take pride in our appearance, and we don’t view homeschooling as an excuse to lounge around in pajamas from day to day.

Dressing for the right reasons

With that said, I definitely do not believe appearances are everything! It’s incredibly important that we teach our children discernment when touching on the issues of appearance. There is a huge difference between taking a few moments for yourself every morning to get ready, and dressing to impress.

I’m typically a pretty simple gal, jeans, a cute top, and a cardigan are my go to staples. Throw on a little eyeliner and mascara, and I’m feeling absolutely fabulous! However, I really do love to curl my hair. I don’t do it every day, but I usually curl it a couple times a week. I do it for myself (maybe a little for my husband) but that’s it. I have a natural wave to my hair as is, so curling just gives me a cleaner, crisper look that I love. This isn’t essential for me though and I can skip it whenever I choose!

My point is, find your balance. Don’t dress to match any mold, or idea of what others think your appearance should look like. Don’t dress to impress, dress 100% for yourself. Dress in a manner that makes you feel like you! Most importantly though, dress how you want your kids to dress. I personally don’t wear tank tops without a cardigan. It’s just a modest preference for me, and my 5 year old daughter pretty much follows suit. For the most part, kids do what they see. If Mom always stays in her pajamas, and never brushes her hair, the kids will do the same.

Pajama Day

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do like pajamas. More specifically, I LOVE the jogger type sweat pants. So do all of my kids, which is exactly why we have the occasional (and much needed) “lazy pajama day”. I’m definitely not a pajama hater. I just see the true value in teaching children to get up, get dressed, be responsible, and have a productive day. My 13 year old doesn’t always see the value in it, but he also doesn’t see value in most anything that happens before noon. I’m pretty sure this kid lives for pajama days!

The teenage years can definitely be a little tricky when it comes to this one. With some reminding, he reluctantly gets dressed and presses on with his day. I keep telling myself he will thank me later… hasn’t happened yet, I will let you know how that pans out, haha!

You’ve got this

Keep doing you! Jeans, leggings, personally sewn dresses. Whatever! Just remember, you don’t have to fit into some mold the rest of the world made up.

Taking a little time every morning to make yourself presentable is a good thing. Mom guilt doesn’t even apply here, because you will be more productive and involved with your children if you feel like yourself. My kids watch a little PBS while I shower and get ready in the morning. No guilt. I’m usually pretty quick, 30-35 minutes, tops. Plus, the TV goes off as soon as I’m done, and lessons begin. It’s beautiful and it works for us. Find what works for you!

Until Next Time

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