Homeschool Supplies
for the Homeschool Mom…

When I hear the words homeschool supplies – my mind automatically goes to pencils & crayons. However, that is far from what we will be talking about today! I made this list with every new homeschool mom in mind.

These are my must have homeschool supplies for the homeschool mom.

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Top 5 Must Haves
for the Busy Homeschool Mom…


As homeschool moms, we are always spending time and resources on our children or our homeschool. This list is far from the typical homeschool supply list… It’s solely for the busy mom that needs to treat herself and feel like a whole person again!

Check out my 4 must haves!

 #1 A Comfortable Wardrobe


Okay, the homeschool mom pajama myth doesn’t have to be a real one, you guys!! As a homeschool mom, you can be comfortable & put together at the same time!

These are what I consider my homeschool mom wardrobe staples.


  • Loose Tanks

    These are seriously amazing! A few weeks ago, I was on the hunt for some simple tank tops that I could simply throw on under a cardi or a kimono. I came across these beauties and figured for the price I would get one and give it a try. My only regret? Only buying one! I am absolutely in love. Not sure tanks are the right fit for you? This is a similar cut with sleeves that I absolutely love as well!

  • Jeggings

    While the price point on these isn’t quite as budget friendly as the tanks, they are so totally worth it! I practically live in these things, you guys! Jeggings are seriously a homeschool mom’s best friend. Not only do they look put together, but they are almost pajama comfy. Not even kidding! Not into skinny jeans? These are also available in straight cut!

  • Simple Cardigans YES! I’m a huge fan of cocoon cardis and they really are a homeschool mom staple! These are perfect for layering over graphic tees or the awesome tank tops mentioned above. Most my wardrobe pretty much only consists of these three staples. Seriously though, any given day you can typically find me in my jeggings, tank, and simple cocoon cardi! Simple, comfy, and incredibly put together.


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#2 Delicious Treats

Yes! Wearing all the hats and doing all the things is hard, am I right? A simple treat now and then makes for a wonderful reward. Check out my favorite treats to indulge on from time to time.

  • Chocolate Bar & Coconut Squares

    Okay, I’m not a huge candy lover… but I do need a little chocolate in my life! This stuff is so good, you guys!! Not only does it taste great, but it’s also GMO free – which is always something I can get behind!

  • Coffee Chews & White Chocolate beans

    YES! These are my number one go to treats as a coffee loving homeschool mom. I am totally obsessed with both, you guys!! There is just something amazing and magical about the bitter coffee bean mixed with the sweet white chocolate that I can’t get over. Plus, the chews are so stinking good, I simply can’t even put it into words. So delish!

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#3 Specialty Cups (with lids, ha ha ha!)

Seriously though. One of the most important lessons I have learned from being a busy stay at home, work from home, homeschool mom is simple… cups with lids are essential to my sanity. Why you ask?

Because… a) I will never again drink my coffee warm & b) if I sit it somewhere, it will get spilled. End of story.

Check out my top must haves cups for the homeschool mom!

  • Travel Coffee Mug

    I totally love all things coffee, you guys! Unfortunately though, I don’t always have the time to sit down and drink it when it’s hot. It seriously never fails. If I make it, something will happen, someone will need me, reheating my coffee will become my new reality. That’s why this mug is a total must have for this homeschool mom! It will literally keep my coffee warm for hours, plus if someone accidentally  knocks it off the table… NO SPILLS! Win-Win!

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  • Wine Tumbler

    If you like to enjoy a glass of wine in from time to time in the evening hours, but get tired of spills or broken glasses… this one is a total winner! I’ve had everything from wine spilled on library books, not even joking, (which ended up being a $17 mishap, yikes!) to broken shards of wine glass all over my sink. Over it. This cup saves my sanity every single time!


#4 Journaling Supplies

Journaling is my escape, you guys! It’s such a fun and creative way to simply jot down your thoughts, notes about your day, your wishes, scripture verses and so much more. It really can be whatever you want or need it to be! Love, love, love it! Check out my top homeschool mom must have journal products!

Yes!! I am such a pen-aholic and possibly even a pen snob. These two are my absolute favorites to have on hand when journaling, doodling, or simply filling out my to do list! Fine point pens are great for everything and the brush pens are just fun and elegant. The best part? So many color options!! These are definitely a must have homeschool mom product!

You really don’t need anything fancy to begin your homeschool mom journaling journey! Sometimes I simply use a notebook and these ones are hands down my favorite! From simple note taking to extensive list making… notebooks are a sure winner! What I love most about these particular notebooks? They are made from 60-70% recycled materials! While notebooks are perfect for daily journaling, I also love the more extensive planner type journaling as well! If crafting and creating is your go to stress reliever, this one is for you! Love, love, love my planner!

You guys, I’m totally obsessed with these things! If I’m being completely honest (which I am) I actually have 3 of these living in my home at this very moment! Two are for homeschooling purposes though and don’t even need to be mentioned here! The final one however, is mine and only mine. It houses all my journaling supplies. From notebooks and pens, to stickers and stamps. This thing is seriously amazing.

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#5 Self Care Items

So much this! If you are a homeschool mom, you are likely utilizing most of your time for your kids and your home. I’m betting this also means you put self care on the back burner a lot… am I right? I know I totally do! That’s why self care items are essential to the every day, stay at home, homeschool mom! Check out my top choices!!

This is one of my most used items as a homeschool mom, you guys! This thing is seriously the best. After a long day of working, teaching lessons, and attempting to get dinner on the table I’m sometimes left hurting physically. I do a lot of physical work around the house and so much typing… This neck wrap saves the day every single time! Struggling with aches and pains at the end of the night? This will be your new BFF!

Ha! I know this sounds completely silly, but it’s totally not! Nothing screams homeschool mom self care like a soft and cozy blanket that belongs only to you!! I am totally all for simple homeschool mornings on the couch with coffee and a blanket… and this will always be my blanket of choice! It seriously is so good, you guys!

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