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“All Better” is an adorable board book geared towards kiddos 3-5 years old. As you read the book, you come across 5 different animals that have a booboo. It’s the readers job to use the coordinating bandage to fix them up! The famous line at the end of each situation is “clean it, kiss it, put a bandage on it!”. Such a cute way to encourage children to have compassion on those that are suffering, while also keeping their minds engaged and growing!

Usborne does such a delightful job at introducing exciting new ways to enjoy a story with your littles, and this book is no different. “All Better” comes with 5 durable, reusable bandages that you can stick on each time you read! So much fun is to be had with this wonderful title!

Why We Love It

My daughter was probably around 3 years old when we purchased this book. We read it every single day, without fail. For months, no joke!Sometimes we even read it multiple times a day. Fast forward a couple years, she’s 5 now and guess what? We still read this book from time to time. It’s not a daily reader, but at 5 years old she still enjoys it just the same. Plus, get this… the bandages are still sticky! Cool right? Whenever the bandages start to loose their sticky-ness, you simply run some cold water over them and bam! Good as new!!

If you have littles that absolutely  love a good story time, but sometimes need a little something to keep their hands busy. This could definitely  be the book for them! “All Better” is an Usborne Books & More top seller for a reason. The book is awesome!

Interested in seeing a little more? I encourage you to check out this short video of my 5 year old daughter talking about “All Better”, one of her favorite Usborne books!

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