Homeschool Kids
4 Simple Must Haves…

As homeschool moms, when we think about must haves for our homeschool kids… we tend to think of things like curriculum, pencils, and supplies. This simply isn’t that kind of list. After 5 years of homeschooling, I came up with this list of other essential items every homeschool kid needs! Check it out…

#1 A Versatile Wardrobe

No, pajamas aren’t considered versatile…. sorry guys! 

This one is actually super important. I know I function much better when I get up and get dressed for the day and guess what? The same goes for my homeschool kids! Having a versatile wardrobe and simple pieces that can function both as comfortable homeschool attire but also look well put together.. huge win! Check out my top picks below!

My Top 5 Picks for Girls

YES! These are my 6 year old daughter’s absolute favorite wardrobe staple. She actually hates regular jeans, but would wear these every single day if I would let her! They are apparently “the most comfortable ever”. Plus, they look totally put together, making them perfect for days outside of the house! Super cute, you guys!

These are just so easy. I stock up on simple t-shirts any time there is a sale because they literally go with everything. You can easliy pair these with simple leggings or even regular leggings! Simple homeschool wardrobe must have!

Bike shorts are a total game changer! Toss these babies under a dress for simple modesty purposes or purchase the demin looking ones to use as regular shorts! Endless possibilities! Another simple way we use these shorts? Gymnastics!

These are leggings are super budget friendly, making them perfect for fall layering or to wear around the house for your typical homeschool day! I typically size down one and they fit my daughter like a charm. Love, love, love these!

Have a girly girl, but need simple budget friendly outfit ideas that will function for learning and play? These are the best, you guys! My daughter has a number of these in her closet at any given time. Toss some bike shorts underneath and they are super outside-play friendly!

My Top 5 Pick for Boys

Both my boys would agree that this is a number one staple for their wardrobe! I’ve purchased many different types of jeans for my homeschool kids and this is the brand they always go back to. Plus, jeans just look put together for most any occasion!

Similar to the girls, these simple t-shirts are super budget friendly and go with literally anything… making them the perfect addition to any homeschool wardrobe!

My middle son practically lives in these April-August. He naturally runs warm and loves to be outside on his bike, so these are wonderful for the outdoor summer months. They are also super comfy for lounging around for indoor learning days as well. Must have for sure!

Yes!! If pajamas are more your son’s style… these will become his new best friend! While they may be in the same comfort zone as pajamas, they look a little more put together without the extra effort. When we have rainy days of reading and learning, joggers are the number 1 go to for my guys!

These easily take a homeschool kid’s wardrobe up a notch with little to no effort! Simple Henley t-shirts look slightly more put together than a regular t-shirt, but they also don’t scream formal like an uncomfortable polo or button up shirt and tie would! Simple & perfect!

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#2 Snacks Galore

Seriously though… Homeschool kids want to eat all the things, all the time! Keeping snacks on hand and easily accessible throughout your homeschool day is key to success, you guys!!

Aside from raw fruits and veggies, these are our top favorite packaged snacks to have on hand for any given homeschool day!

Top 3 Homeschool Kid Friendly
and Healthy Snacks…

While I try to stick to as many natural foods as I can in our homeschool, sometimes a snack bar is just an easy option for a quick snack or even a meal. This is our go to option. Yes it has a little more sugar than I like to squeeze into a typical snack time, but it’s also filled with tons of vitamins and minerals making for an OK breakfast on the go every now and then.

YES! Sometimes fresh or raw just isn’t an option, you guys! My kids are totally obsessed with dried fruits and I always, always pick them over traditional fruit snacks. Another easy option? Simple applesauce pouches!

My kids totally love this stuff, you guys! Jerky is a simple way to get a little extra protein into your homeschool kids’ diet, plus it’s super easy to pack or literally eat anywhere!

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Need an easier way to buy your snacks for the week? Try using your local Target drive up service!

#3 Special Cups

100% a homeshool kid must have!!

Honestly, we don’t even have regular cups in our home anymore (aside from the 3 that stick around for when company is over). Not even joking, you guys! Each kid has exactly 2 cups and that’s it. You can find our favorite cup options below… and yes, lids are totally necessary!

Giving your homeschool kid a cup that is their very own is so essential, you guys! Not only is it exciting for them, but it’s also a constant visual reminder to stay hydrated throughout their homeschool day!

These flasks are perfect for homeschooling on the go! While we love our glass options for at home, they don’t always travel well (unfortunately we had to this the hard way… glass cup on a concrete floor does not end with promising results…)

#4 Free Time Items

Yes! Homeschool kids need free time every single day, you guys! Keeping simple extras on hand are not only perfect for bored kids, but it can also save a homeschool mom’s sanity! There is no easier way to practice a little mom self care, then by setting your kids up with fun extras! Check out our top picks!!

Haven’t added Osmo to your homeschool line up yet? You are totally missing out!! This is one of our absolute favorite homeschool extras, you guys!! Seriously so much fun!

Simple activity books are so easy to add to your homeschool morning basket, looping schedule, or simply stash in a shelf for any free time that arises during your homeschool year. My kids favorites are the sticker & paper plane versions. Simple hands on fun, you guys!

Oh my word, yes! Board games are perfect for homeschool kids!! Sometimes we utilize these during school times and other times we simply play as a family. Perfect addition to any homeschool schedule!

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