The Importance of a
Summer Reading Program for Kids

Like any good summer reading program, our summer reading challenge for kids has one purpose – to get and keep kids reading all summer long!

Child Reading Books as Part of a Summer Reading Program

Getting kids off the electronic devices and into a good book can be a difficult task for some parents. Thankfully, my three kids are all avid readers most of the time.

However, they can still get sucked into the adventure of a good video game from time to time. Then before I even know it, hours have passed and my kids haven’t spent a single minute reading all day.

If you feel like your kids get stuck in that very same rut, a simple reading challenge might be just what they need!

Have a child that hates reading?

Check out Simple 10 Minute Workouts & Printable Bucket Lists to help keep them engaged and active over the upcoming summer months!

What’s Included in the
Summer Reading Program Bundle

  • Age Recommended Book Lists for Kids

These lists are designed to be used along side the other items in this free printable reading program!

The must read lists are compiled with wonderful reads that are age specific. If your children aren’t huge readers or get bored easily, these book lists will come in super handy over the summer! Most of the titles on this list have either been read in our home or they come rest straight from The Good and The Beautiful book list – which I always, always recommend.

Most books can be checked out at your local library.

However, if you are interested in purchasing any of the Usborne Titles listed on the book list – don’t hesitate to contact me directly for a summer book deal!

Summer Reading Program for Kids - Age Recommended Reading Lists for Kids
  • Printable Book Marks for Kids

With this bundle, you will also get 4 simple and easy to personalize – printable book marks! These book marks are customizable, as they can be colored or doodled on. I highly suggest either printing on thick card stock or printing on regular paper, then laminating after coloring.

If you love the idea of laminating, but don’t know where to shop check out the one we use in our homeschool – Fellowes Laminator. After doing laminating projects for many years,  I have tried a handful of styles and brands. This is hands down, my favorite!

Summer Reading Program for Kids - Simple Printable Bookmark
  • Printable Reading GOALS & REWARDS Sheets for Kids

You will also get the easy to use reading goals sheets, where your children can set their own reading goals for the summer! Once goals have been reached, you will get the chance to pull out the reward cards.

These cards can easily be hole punched and attached to a special treat, $5 bill, or even a new book to read! Whatever reward you choose, just make sure it’s a motivating one for your child.

The goal here is to keep them reading all summer long. Your kids can fill up one sheet or ten sheets! Simply set goals, encourage reading, and reward along the way –  most importantly though, make reading fun again!

BONUS Do this Before Electronics Printable Sheet

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. That’s why I chose to create and add this bonus printable to our summer reading program!

If your child loves video games or movies, this could be an easy way to encourage them to enjoy a handful of other things before engaging in any type of electronics.

The Do This First list is a small sheet that can easily be laminated, hung on the fridge, or reprinted as a daily checklist. It’s just meant to be a simple reminder for kids to enjoy life, get creative, and make their brains work before they choose to zone out.

It’s the perfect add on to the summer reading package, but also works great as a standalone!

Free Do This Before Electronics Printable for Kids

Want even more great reading printables?

Check back soon for our free SUMMER READING BINGO sheets (coming in JUNE). Want to be first to know when this post is live? Make sure you check the real time post notifications box when downloading your free summer reading program below!

Free Summer Reading Program Printable Bundle - a Reading Challenge for Kids

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