Fun Boredom Busters
a Simple Summer Bucket List…

If you’re looking for an intense summer bucket list that is overflowing with huge (somewhat unreachable) activities, sorry this the one for you. However, if you are in need of simple boredom busters for your kids – this is where it’s at!!

These summer bucket lists are full of  simple boredom busters that can easily be completed throughout a single summer with minimal effort and little to no cash! Now that’s what I call a win-win.

When summer finally arrives, kids are over joyed and excited (as homeschool moms, sometimes we are too!!).

However, that excitement tends to taper off and boredom kicks in – preeety quick. Without the consistency of school schedules, kids tend to get bored and (can I be totally blunt for a moment?!) – completely lazy!

That’s what makes this summer bucket list my go to boredom buster for kids!

These lists are filled with simple tasks your children can complete on their own – as well as some more exciting options that might require a little bit of Mom’s help.

My hope in creating this free bundle is that children and parents alike will use these lists to spend more quality time off screens, together, and simply enjoying the little things in life! Look at these lists as a simple goal for your summer.

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Why Summer Bucket Lists
and Boredom Busters for Kids?

I love my kids to the moon and back, but being homeschooled means they are always, always around me. It can get overwhelming – and if I’m completely honest, it’s just plain exhausting sometimes! I’m a huge introvert and my people meter fills up fast – can you relate?

With that said, I’m usually in the market for some creative ideas to keep their active minds busy and occupied during the summer months. Not only is it fun for them, but it also offers the occasional breather for me as a mom.

The real motivation for this list? I simply needed something new for my own children to work on over the summer!

While we are still working on a few homeschool lessons here and there, my kids still need other goals to keep them from falling into that lazy summer mode that seems to creep up way too easily. My middle son especially thrives on this kind of thing. He loves check lists and having goals to meet.

Super excited to work on these lists with my own kiddos over the summer, I hope you are too!

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Boredom Busters
and Bucket Lists for Every Age!

Since I have 3 kids varying in age, I immediately saw the need for age appropriate bucket lists! I know there are certain things my older boys can do that my 5 year old just simply cannot partake in.

So, I created a bucket list for littles, middles, and bigs!

As the parent, you can decide which list is the best fit for each of your children.

It will be super fun to see who completes their list first in our home this summer. I have a gut feeling I know who it will be – due to his (very) competitive nature. However, I could definitely see it taking a turn in a different direction as well.

Gotta love brothers… Lots of competition going on in our house!

Fun Ways to Use Your Summer Bucket List Printable Pack

You can go super simple and just hand lists out at the beginning of the summer and wait to see how it goes, or you can turn it into a competition – like I plan to!

I haven’t come up with an exact prize just yet (it will be something super simple like picking dinner for a night or a themed movie night at home), but it will be good!

You might just be amazed at how something as simple as picking dinner for the evening can be a huge motivator in a competition between siblings. My kids seriously live for this kind of stuff!

Summer Bucket List for MOM?

Let’s be real for a moment – mommin’ is stressful sometimes!

While creating these lists for my own children, I quickly came to the conclusion that I needed to make one for myself!

As busy  homeschool moms, we are constantly thinking about our kids and their needs. It can be so incredibly easy to forget about our own!

What might a mom bucket list look like anyway?

Over the course of an evening I simply wrote down all the things I would like to do this summer! I’m not into things that take a lot of time, money, or effort. Guess I’m a little summer lazy myself, haha!

With that said, expect this to be a very light and simple list. Keep in mind though, simple can be a good thing!

Who knew a summer bucket list for Mom could actually be a thing?

No more struggling to find a little time for yourself over the summer! While the kids are working on their list, Mom gets to work on hers! So kick back and work towards your own goals, as well as enjoy a little me time.

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Free Summer Bucket Lists Printable - a Fun Summer Boredom Buster for kids
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