10 Simple Homeschool Activities
to Add to Your Homeschool Routine…

Homeschooling multiple grades and ages doesn’t have to be overwhelming or mundane! Keep your homeschool days both productive and fun by adding simple kids activities and other fun variations to your daily homeschool schedule. Check out some of our favorite must try homeschool activities below!

 #1 Chores

YES – 100% this! Chores are a must have for any successful homeschool routine.

Adding chores to your daily homeschool lineup is not only essential for keeping a clean house, but it is also a really great way to incorporate productivity and responsibly into your child’s daily routine.

While it’s probably not the most enjoyable homeschool activity on this list, it’s definitely what I consider to be the most important.

Not sure how to fit chores into your homeschool routine?

Check out our 90 Minute Chore Routine for Homeschoolers to get the scoop on how we productively fit kid chores in every single day. 

#2 Exercise

This is a must for every homeschool kid!

Ironically, some kids need exercise to release excess energy, while others need it to promote energy! Either way, simple kid workouts are a must for your homeschool schedule!

Not sure how to fit workouts into your daily routine?

Check out Homeschool PE Ideas for some out side of the home fun or Homeschool Workouts for simple at home workouts and games for kids! 

#3 Reading

Sounds like a total no brainer, but scheduling a little bit of fun reading in place of heavier reading (such as curriculum specific or grade required reading) from time to time, can help create a deep love for books and still-ness.

Not even joking, you guys.

My kids love when I toss a simple reading activity or DEAR day into our homeschool activities line up!

Looking for ways to encourage more personal reading for kids?

Check out Reading Activities for Kids and Homeschool DEAR Day for all the info! 

#4 Cooking

This a great one, you guys! Cooking with kids doesn’t have to be elaborate or hard.

Keep things super light and simple at first by teaching your kids easy recipes they can cook on their own with little to no effort. Think scrambled eggs and cheese quesadillas.

Then when they are ready, take it up a notch and add in recipes with complex steps and measurements!

Not sure why you should add cooking to your homeschool? 

Check out 3 Reasons to Cook with Kids for all the details!

#5 TV

Okay, before you totally dismiss this one… hear me out.

First, please know that I’m not a screen time advocate at all. In fact, I highly encourage my kids to spend as much time off screen as possible!

With that said, adding a little screen time to your homeschool day from time to time can be so much fun! Plus if you do it right, it can be super educational!

You can add guilt free screen time to your homeschool day by picking a time period specific or educational series to watch together at the same time each day (or week).

Our number one go to for screen time homeschool activities is Little House on the Prairie.

Love the idea of adding the Little House TV series to your homeschool, but not sure if it will be a good fit?

Check out Little House on the Prairie Homeschool Resources (coming soon) to view our detailed episode guide and rating system!

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#6 Games

This is one of our absolute favorite homeschool activities of all time!

We are huge game fans in this house. Uno will always be our number one go to for family game time, but we also enjoy adding in complex board games or simple video games from time to time as well!

Make learning fun by planning a simple game day using educational games and resources such as Scrabble, Osmo, or Online Learning Websites.

Looking for other fun game options for your homeschool?

Check out Board Games for Kids to view some of our favorite strategy & just for fun games! 

#7 Quiet Time


Quiet time is an essential for the homeschool mom with littles. If you are homeschooling preschool or kindergarten aged children, planning a homeschool quiet time during the afternoon will be a welcomed break.

Not sure how to get started? 

Check out Homeschool Quiet Time for all the tips on planning a successful quiet time for your homeschool.

#8 Classes

If getting out of the house is a must in your homeschool, simple out of the home classes could be a great go to opportunity! One of our favorite homeschool activities is the bi-weekly science classes my kids take at our local zoo.

With a little research and dedication, you can find similar classes for your homeschool. Simply check out your local zoos, museums, libraries, art studios, and nature centers for more information on homeschool classes being offered in your area!

Not sure a simple class is the right fit?

If you are an extrovert and enjoy being involved, try signing your children up for a homeschool co-op! While this isn’t exactly my first pick (huge introvert here), it’s a great option for the homeschool mom that loves getting out of the house with her kids.

 #9 Volunteer work

I can’t stress this one enough!

Taking your kids to volunteer at pet shelters, nursing homes, or putting them on neighborhood clean up duty makes for a wonderful addition to any homeschool routine. Not only does it encourage your kids to get out of the house and get involved, but it can also teach them all those wonderful traits we all want our children to experience and express – such as empathy, compassion, and patience!

Another wonderful plus?

Homeschool activities such as outside of the home volunteer work looks great on college applications! 

#10 Outside Play

I know this one sounds like another no brainer, but I just had to include it on the list!

While outdoor play is essential for all kids, independent outdoor play is essential for the growing homeschool kid.

Allowing your older children to practice a little independence outside of the home is not only great for them, but it can also free mom up for some much needed alone time or productivity!

Not ready to let your older kids go out on their own just yet?

Check out Homeschooling with Walkie Talkies to learn how to encourage playing outside with the use of two way radios.

Looking for outdoor activities for little ones?

Check out Side Walk Chalk Ideas for Kids for some simple outdoor fun!

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