Chores and Homeschooling

If you’re a homeschool mom, you know how difficult it can be to keep up with the housework while teaching lessons. Incorporating chores into your daily homeschool routine is a definite must if you desire more order and less chaos. Homeschooling can wreck some serious havoc on a house, am I right?Cleaning up each day is important to maintain an organized homeschool space

I thrive on complete organization and order. Realistically though, that’s not always an option. I have 3 kids and with them comes endless adventure, but also a little bit of messy chaos. Fitting chores into our daily routine and practicing the never ending task of picking up after ourselves, gives me a tiny sense of that organization and order I crave.

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The 90 Minute Homeschool Chore Routine

Melissa and Doug

The 30 – 45 – 15 Rule

  • 30 Minutes Before Lessons

    This time is set aside for quick morning chores. We typically ease into our day with Morning Basket, Bible time, and a little food. Once we wrap up those simple activities, mom is usually finished sipping on her coffee and we are all ready to tackle the day. Now I know 30 minutes sounds like a long time for chores first thing in the morning, but realistically, it rarely takes that long. The tasks are super simple. Beds made, rooms picked up, dirty laundry sorted into hampers – done!

    We simply block out 30 minutes for the unexpected extras that tend to arise from time to time.

  • 45 Minutes After Lessons

    I like to think of this time as our after school clean up or family chores time. However, my kids typically  call it “45 minutes of helping mom with whatever she tells us to do, so we can actually do something we want“, ha! Again, it rarely actually takes the full 45 minutes we have set aside. I just prefer to schedule more time than we need.

    I do this simply because there are always going to be random days when things just take a little more time! You know the days, the ones where nothing seems to go in a timely fashion?

    The tasks we do in this time frame are a little more in depth than our morning chores. Cleaning up the school area, helping siblings finish up their chores, and other mundane tasks that pop up for mom, but have been put off throughout the day.

    *Note: We do have a reward system for this particular chore time. If the kids complete the tasks I’ve given them, or worked with me for a full 45 minutes (and all school lessons are complete of course). They get to watch an episode of our current favorite series. Right now we are in the middle of Little House on the Prairie, so much fun!

  • 15 Minutes Before Bed

    This is the most important part of our 30-45-15 chore routine. If tasks have been kept up with throughout the day, there honestly wont be much left for the evening hours. However, we all do one last walk through of our areas to make sure the house is clean and tidy for the following day of school or the upcoming weekend. There is seriously nothing better than waking up to a clean house you guys!

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The Most Important Thing Every Homeschool Mom Needs to Know!
Chores are Always a Family Affair

Believe it or not, but keeping the house in a functioning and clean state is not Mom’s job! In our home, the kids are responsible for getting the kitchen cleaned up after every single meal. I know it sounds a little out of the norm because the kitchen is always thought of as Mom’s place. Am I right? Seriously couldn’t be more wrong. We all live here, breathe here, sleep here, and eat here. Every single person in the house helps make the mess, it’s never, ever only Mom’s job to clean it up.

This is so important you guys…

Make the Kids Help out with Daily Chores like Dishes

Children need to learn that life is messy and we all need to work together to clean it up! If I constantly sent my kids to play after every single meal, while I stayed behind to clean the entire kitchen from top to bottom… What would they come to expect as teenagers or young adults? What kind of spouse would they become when they are grown? The sheer thought terrifies me.

Set expectations, delegate chores, and don’t be afraid to offer consequences when things aren’t done. Responsibility is one of the most important things we can teach our children! The younger the better. Seriously, don’t wait till they are teenagers to try and teach them to wash their first dish. Let them start helping mom with simple tasks at a young and tender age. Then simply up their responsibilities as they grow.

Watch out though, you might just end up raising a functioning, hard working, responsible person! Crazy thought in this mixed up world.

Always in Cleaning Mode

This is my best kept secret to keeping a consistently clean house. Teach your children to pick up after themselves!

Haha! I know, easier said than done. I’m on board and can totally relate. Teaching kids to pick up after themselves is literally one of the hardest tasks I have to tackle as a homeschool mom… and guess what? I’m still in the midst of that battle on a daily basis. From lessons to meals, I’m constantly reminding my own kiddos to put things away or tidy their space.

Kids should clean up after themselves and put their Curriculum in its placeA kitchen can become a disaster in a pinch and stay that way for days if you let it. Cleaning up after every single meal keeps the mess at bay. Tidying individual working spaces in between lessons is also a huge must. If we leave things out from previous lessons the house would become unrecognizable by lunch, at best!

Staying in cleaning mode throughout the day definitely helps cut down on clutter and chaos. My kids also do a simple walk through of the their chore lists before they are allowed any after school free time. Their tasks include simple things like emptying trash cans and picking up our school area.

Remember though, kids learn by example. If you’re picking up after yourself, eventually they will be too!

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