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Crafts for kids & more!

Summer is fast approaching, 17 days to be exact (but who’s counting?).

With summer, comes long drawn out days and the all too common “I’m bored” broken record. If you are in need of some fun ideas to beat the summer heat & keep kid boredom at bay over the next few months, I highly encourage you to check out The Boredom Buster & Summer Reading Challenge.

Both these free printable bundles will keep your kids busy and reading all summer long!

If bucket lists, reading challenges and other outdoor summer activities aren’t your child’s thing, crafting for the win!

Top 10 Summer Craft Supplies for Kids

  • Colored Pencils – Best for Big Kids

Ok, these pencils are seriously awesome! As a year round homeschool mom, I truly believe having good quality art supplies matter! The Prismacolor Premier colored pencils are definitely where it’s at when it comes to creative coloring. Even I enjoy using these pencils from time to time! They color easy, smooth, and incredibly beautiful!

Love, love, love these pencils! A must have for summer crafting, or even year round!

Crafts for kids - Prismacolor colored pencil are an essential tool for your homeschool art supplies

  • Card Stock – Great for All Ages

Cardstock is one of the most used craft supplies in our home, so I kind of feel like this is a total no brainer! From painting projects to book marks, card stock works perfect for a plethora of crafts! It’s definitely a great thing to have around all year, but totally essential for summer crafting!

Looking for creative ways to use your card stock this summer? I highly encourage you to take a peek at 21 DIY summer crafts for kids to get a little card stock crafting inspiration!

  • Doodle Pens – Best for Big Kids

BIC Color Collection Fine Tip Color Intensity markers for homeschooling and craftsWhile these do certainly rock for older kids, the BIC Color Collection Pens are also a huge favorite of this homeschool mom! I actually use these pens in my personal journal time, as well as for crafting with the kids.

Also, these pens work amazing on card stock… haha, go figure! They don’t bleed through journal paper and can last a super long time. Again, super perfect for summer crafting!

  • Paint Sticks – Best for Little Kids

Kwik Stix are seriously the best crafty thing ever invented! Oh my goodness, I can’t even put in to words how amazing these things are! If you aren’t already using them in your home, go buy them right now! For real though.

Do you love the idea of letting your little kids paint, but hate the idea of extra clean up? If so, these are for you – they will totally save your sanity, my friend!

Kwik Stix are an amazing paint alternative - Great for preschool and younger children for quick dry art projectsMy 5 year old (who’s incredibly messy by nature) uses our Kwik Stix all the time and the cleanup is extremely easy! Plus, her art work turns out super rich and colorful. The idea behind these little guys is simple: think paint in the form of a glue stick, that literally dries in a minute (maybe 2 if it’s applied thick). Super amazing stuff!

Plus, they are absolutely perfect for keeping the littles engaged during the summer months!

  • Washable Paints  – Best for Little Kids

Speaking of paint, I can’t leave out the oh so messy and incredibly fun Crayola washable paints! There’s seriously nothing more fun for an itty bitty, than good old fashion finger painting! If you’re super worried about mess, just take it outside to eliminate some of the cleanup.

This stuff washes up pretty easy anyway, plus summer is the perfect time for taking a little bit of your crafting outdoors! Outside painting is my daughter’s favorite!

  • Craft Sticks – Great for All Ages

Hand Made Modern craft sticks make the perfect addition to any summer crafting project! I personally love this crazy multicolored pack for crafting. However, both are a steal of a deal and work amazing for sparking some summer creativity!

When my older boys get their hands on some craft sticks, they tend to make some amazing things. I can hardly buy these things fast enough, they are always disappearing for some creative kid project! In fact, I totally need to purchase a few new sets for our own home because we ran out (again) 2 days ago!

  • Laminator  – for Mom!

Well, I just couldn’t let the kids have all the fun this summer! Every mom (especially a homeschool one) needs a good laminator. Definitely a must have for any craft loving, keepsake holding, or homeschooling mom.

  • Mason Jars – Best for Big Kids

Mason jar crafts are such a blast! From creating a fun aquarium, to watching seeds grow into a beautiful plant, mason jars are sure to impress! With that said, mason jars also make the perfect storing addition for craft projects. Want to use a mason jar to make your own aquarium? Check out Summer Crafts for Kids for that and more!

I am a slight mason jar addict, so I literally store most everything in these beauties! Sand, glitter, sequins and googly eyes all store wonderfully in mason jars! Love, love, love me some good ole fashion mason jars!

How to store craft supplies - Mason Jars are great for storing small supplies like sand, glitter and beads

  • Pipe Cleaners – Best for Little Kids

Yes! Pipe cleaners are one of my absolute favorite go to craft supplies! Not only are they cheap, but little kids absolutely love them! From lacing beads, to creating stick figures, pipe cleaners can be used for so many amazing crafts! The options are almost endless on this one you guys.

Pipe cleaners are a must have summer craft supply for sure. Pick some up and just let your kids go wild with them, you might just be surprised what little kids can come up with!

  • Hot Glue Gun – For Mom!

This is another good one for all the moms out there! With summer crafting, also comes a little help and effort from mom from time to tie. Enter the hot glue gun! This is definitely a super useful tool to have around if you plan on getting creative with your kids at all this summer! While I don’t use mine every week, it’s certainly used quite often throughout our homeschool year and the summer months.

Love having a hot glue gun around!

Time To Craft

I hope this list will be a helpful aide as you get your craft on with the kiddos this summer! If you need some inspiration for getting started, I highly suggest you check out 21 DIY summer crafts for kids. Any number of these crafts can be done throughout any of the summer months using these products! Check out the projects, purchase the supplies that you might have a need for, and get creative with those kiddos!! Happy crafting mommas!

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