DIY Art Caddy
for Homeschooling…

As a type A, organization loving, homeschool mom, Thirty-One is my favorite go to for any homeschool organization project! This simple DIY homeschool art caddy was no exception.

You are seriously going to love this art caddy, you guys!

The Thirty-One Littles Carry All Caddy makes the absolute best art caddy for homeschooling! I have 3 kiddos, so naturally I bought 3 caddies. Each caddy is embroidered with a child’s first initial.

My boys both got blue polka dots, while my daughter got pink (shown below).

We have a small art area in our homeschool room, where we store the art caddies when they aren’t in use.

However, when any one of my children get to a point in their day where they need their markers or glue, they simply head over to the homeschool art area and pick up their art bin that has all their organized homeschool supplies in one easy place.

We have found that the outside pocket works perfect for a pair of scissors and a single glue stick.

How to Organize Your Homeschool Art Supplies in Your New Art Caddy

You could easily toss markers and crayons in your art caddy with no real method, but that would be utter chaos.

With just a few extra steps, you can create the organized art caddy of your dreams!

After a little searching for just the right thing, I stumbled upon these super cheap cups from my local Target. They were exactly the right fit for creating a functional and organized art caddy!

Using this method, even my five year old can keep her homeschool art bin organized on her very own. I consider this a huge win, cause my daughter is very independent and loves to do things on her own.

Organized Art Bins = A More Organized Homeschool

If getting organized is something you truly desire for your homeschool, but staying there can sometimes be difficult for you. Creating an art bin out of the Thirty-One Littles Carry All Caddy is definitely a great starter project!

It’s also a super simple way to encourage your kids to keep their supplies tidy on a daily basis!

I absolutely love having an organized homeschool room (and house for that matter) and teaching children how to organize their own homeschool supplies is a great first step.

I included my kids in the entire process of making their art bins, what they wanted to put in them, the colors/embroidery we chose – all of it!

It was a fun little homeschool project for us, and their art caddies are organized to this day.

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Looking for Other Great Uses for Your
Thirty-One Littles Carry All Caddy?

Homeschool art caddies aside, these fun little guys are seriously amazing and the possible organization ideas and uses are endless!

While the caddy itself is small in size, the list of uses is huge!

It’s made out of polyester, has an open top, structured shape that can easily be collapsed near flat when not in use, and has a small mesh outside pocket. This handy little caddy is complete with a tough and durable handle.

My 3 Favorite Uses

My number 1 choice will always be our fun homeschool art caddy (as mentioned above).

However, there are 2 other common ways we use this caddy in our home!

Check them out…

  • Gift bags

These little caddies make for a great gift holder for teachers, birthdays, and Christmas! I prefer using them to regular gift bags simply because the receiver get 2 gifts in 1!

Not only do they get a nice gift that’s presented beautifully, but they also get an adorable little caddy that can be personalized and used time and time again!

I’ve never had anyone complain about receiving a gift in these, you guys. I mean seriously… who wouldn’t like that?

  • Small Toy Storage

I love using these little caddies to hold toys with smaller parts, so my younger children can easily carry and play with their play sets anywhere! My 5 year old daughter loves to tote toys around!

These also work great alongside kitchen or grocery store toys, allowing your children to pretend to shop with their own little bag. Seriously adorable!

Other Fun Organization Ideas:

  • Using as Easter basket
  • Creating a custom remote control holder
  • Cell phone jail for family dinner or activities
  • Square tissue box holder or Get well soon kit
  • Kitchen utensil holder
  • Keep the car organized bin for sunglasses, phone, keys, etc
  • Daily snack keeper for free range grazing kiddos
  • Easy accessible k-cup storage
  • Hair product organizer for the bathroom or under the sink
  • Use as a night stand organizer to hold keys, wallet, spare change, etc
  • A spa gift kit or mani/pedi station for at home
  • Create your own diaper & wipes station for your changing table or to take on the go

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