Looking for That Perfect Bag
for Homeschool Field Trips?

This one is perfect, you guys! Plus, learn what to pack for a simple day of homeschooling on the go!

I’m so excited to cover one of my all time favorites! Eek! This Thirty-One bag is wonderful, so listen up!

It’s not quite a regular backpack, but it’s not quite your momma’s fanny pack either. It truly is a happy medium!

If you are the type of homeschool mom that loves cross body purses, you will love this one! It has a wonderful sling like design that makes it feel like you are wearing a cross body bag. However, it still has a semi-classic look of a regular backpack.

Combine all that with the convenience of an old fashion fanny pack (you know, the everything is at arms reach without me actually holding a bag thing).

Yeah, that’s the Thirty-One Sling Back Bag!

It’s crazy wonderful, and personally I just love everything about it!

This bag is incredibly light and can hold just enough for an outing.

I actually use mine for all of our homeschool field trips – such as science classes at our local zoo and museum visits.

My sling-back bag holds everything I need for the day at arms reach, without putting any strain on my shoulders or back, which is a HUGE deal for this homeschool mom (I suffer from chronic shoulder issues).

Plus, with the easy wipe clean design, it can literally go anywhere – my boys totally take theirs hiking all the time. Literally anyone (over the age of 8 or so) can carry this bag with ease!

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The Perfect Backpack for Teens
and Older Children…

I loved my bag so much, that I bought each of my older boys their very own bags for our homeschool field trips and outings.

I went with a simple color, skipped the embroidery, and let them each pick out a fun luggage tag for personalization purposes.

They were beyond thrilled!

Not going to lie, this has been one of the smartest decisions I’ve made as a homeschool mom.

My boys now keep track of all their own pamphlets and souvenirs they pick up on our homeschool field trips. Keeping my hands FREE.

Love This Idea, but Not Sure What to Pack?

If your kids aren’t sure what to pack in their homeschool field trip bags, take a peek at what my boys keep in theirs!

Homeschool Field Trips
What To Pack in Kid’s Backpacks…

  • Books

This! My kids love reading with a passion and we literally don’t go anywhere with out a book or two in hand! Encouraging your kid to keep a book in their homeschool field trips back pack can be incredibly helpful for longer car rides or periods of waiting that might occur on the trip.

  • Notebooks/Writing Utensils

If your kids aren’t big readers and you choose to skip packing a book, definitely encourage them to bring a notebook along instead! This not only encourages note taking or memory journaling along the way, but it can also be a wonderful creative outlet during down times!

  • Snacks

For real though. Are you even a mom if you don’t pack snacks? Ha!

Homeschoolers are kind of known for their snacking habits and my kids are definitely homeschool kids (meaning they snack all the time). Put your older kids in charge of packing themselves a few snacks for their upcoming outing, taking a little stress off of you!

  • Water Bottle

Much like snacks, this is pretty much self explanatory. Water is always a must in our home and on all of our outings! Get your kids a fun cup and put them in charge of packing it in their bag each time you leave the house.

My boys typically carry… a book, a simple snack or two, and a water bottle in the side pocket of their bags – every time we leave the house. It has become second nature to them. 

Having your homeschool children carry their own bags when you leave the house not only teaches them to be responsible for their personal belongings, but it also takes some pressure mom!

I know when I have my boys in charge of their own things, it allows me to focus on my 5 year old and her needs.

While traditional backpacks are great and definitely encouraged for some of our larger outings (such as homeschooling at the library). I prefer this simple bag most any day of the week.

Backpacks work great for carrying heavy loads or for overnight trips, but the sling back is perfect for a simple homeschool field trip or class!

What to Pack In Yours
Plus, a Break Down of Mine…

What to Pack In Your Homeschool Field Trip Bag!

Simple ideas to keep your day running smoothly!

  • Water Bottle
  • Snacks
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • First Aid Kit
  • Tissues
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Gallon Baggies
  • Wallet
  • Baby Wipes
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Spare Clothes for Littles
  • Hair Ties
  • Lip Balm
  • Sunglasses

A Break Down
Of My Bag…

Still looking for tips on what to pack in your own bag? Check out this detailed break down of my personal sling back bag!


I typically use one of the outside mesh pockets for my traveling water bottle (while carrying a contigo full of hot coffee in my hand, no joke)

The other outside mesh pocket houses a sample sized hand sanitizer, bug spray, and sunscreen.

The larger zip up pocket usually contains the handful of cards I need on hand (drivers license, debit or credit card, medical cards, as well as whatever membership type card I might need for that particular day — typically for us is our zoo membership).

I have a very tiny wallet that holds a handful of cards that first perfectly in that pocket. Super convenient.

In the smaller zip up pocket I keep a couple handy wipes (from drive through restaurants), a lip balm, and a couple hair ties.


What I carry inside can differ depending on where we might be heading for the day.

However, there are definitely some major must haves no matter the current situation.

I always carry a travel sized package of baby wipes for quick mess clean up and wiping off hands or faces.

A small first aid kit and a handful of feminine hygiene products (tucked neatly inside a Thirty-One Mini Zipper Pouch for discretion) for mishaps and unexpected company (ha ha).

Lastly, there’s the travel pack of tissues for nose blowing, an empty gallon baggy or two for wet or messy happenings, and spare pants for the 5 year old just in case.

Depending on what event or class we might be attending that day and what the weather might be doing, I sometimes toss in a handful of other items as well.

Oh, and snacks.

I always have a small snack or two for my youngest and sometimes a snack bar for myself.

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The Perfect Bag

This bag is simple and sleek, but it’s hand free approach also makes it extremely convenient!

I love the fact that I can wear it across my back and still reach anything I need without taking it off my shoulder. I simply rotate the bag from my back to across my abdomen where it sits like an extra large fanny pack.

With a quick unzip of the zipper I have access to whatever I need in that moment.

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