Coffee Lovers

We all have one in our lives. Whether it’s a spouse, a friend, or even yourself… there is one thing that remains the same. Coffee lovers absolutely love all things coffee. As a coffee lover myself, I’m incredibly excited to share some of my top coffee related items with you!

Top 10 Gifts for the Coffee Lover

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Organic Fair Trade Coffee

Let’s start with the basics – coffee! The number one must have for every single coffee lover out there is definitely the coffee. However, we aren’t talking just any coffee. Organic, fair trade certified coffee is this coffee lovers first choice by far! If you aren’t currently drinking or buying fair trade, I highly encourage you to check out why it’s so important to support fair trade! For now though, back to the reason you’re here – the coffee. Whole beans, grounds, and K-cups can all make wonderful gifts for the coffee lover in your life! You can find my top picks right here – Café Britt Costa Rican Dark Roast or Kicking Horse Kick A** Whole Beans and Green Mountain Sumantran Reserve K-Cups for my single serve.

Coffee grinder

True coffee lovers always appreciate a delicious cup of coffee that is brewed or pressed from freshly ground coffee beans. There is just something amazing about the smell of those potent coffee grounds, that make a coffee lovers day! A powerful coffee grinder is definitely an essential for any coffee drinker.

French press

Yes! So, I truly do love coffee in any form. However, pressed coffee is my absolute favorite! There is seriously nothing more amazing than a delicious cup of freshly pressed coffee. Rarely do I have the time for a good pressed coffee, so it’s a huge treat for this coffee loving gal! Buying a good quality press is important too. My favorite? The Bodum Java French Press, this press is the newer version of the one I currently use.  It’s inexpensive, especially considering it includes a frother as well (more on that below) and it makes some heavenly coffee!

Single Serve Coffee Maker

While a hard core coffee lover absolutely lives for a strong cup of brewed coffee, the convenience of a single serve coffee maker is incredible. I thoroughly enjoy using my Keurig machine on a day to day basis. It’s quick, super easy, and I can have a fresh brewed cup of coffee made directly in my mug within seconds. While pressed will always be my first go to choice, this is a great option for that quick coffee fix!


Typically I’m a black coffee drinker, however I still have a huge love for the Bodum Schiuma Milk Frother! If you haven’t already read my Power Coffee post, I highly encourage you to check it out today! This frother is amazing you guys. It works wonders on my morning power coffee, and it would make the perfect gift for any latte loving friend. If you or your loved one enjoys a little cream or milk in their coffee, this baby will froth it up to a deliciously smooth concoction. Yum!

Cute coffee mugs

A true coffee lover can never have too many mugs! If you feel like the coffee lover in your life has everything they could ever want when it comes to coffee, the simplicity of a cute mug might be just the ticket! Target has such a wonderful selection of adorable mugs with sassy sayings. Check out my top 5 picks –

Contigo travel mug

Every coffee lover needs a great travel mug, and this Contigo mug is definitely one of the best! I brew my morning coffee straight into this 16 oz beauty every single morning and it’s still warm late into the afternoon! With that said, I typically like to sip on my coffee slowly throughout the morning hours, so it doesn’t typically last till afternoon. However, I am a super busy homeschool mom, so there are the occasions when I’m finishing up my cup at 4 or 5pm! For that reason alone, I absolutely love this cup! Seriously though, no lukewarm coffee with this baby!

Coffee Apparel

Yes! I’m not a huge t-shirt person in general, but every now and then I find a super sassy top that I just have to have! Cute coffee sayings are usually the one exception to my t-shirt wearing rule. Love, love, love me some fun coffee apparel. I’ve recently had my eye on this fun coffee top – check it out!

The Coffee Dictionary

What?! Who even knew there was such a thing?? The Coffee Dictionary has to be one of the best possible gifts for a coffee lover. I’m a huge coffee fan (pretty sure we have already established that, haha). However, this is totally new, even to me! If your stuck not knowing what to purchase for the coffee loving fool in your life, seriously consider this amazing little book. So much fun!

Coffee Flavored Treats

The way to any great coffee lover’s heart is definitely through their stomach. If not with a delicious cup of piping hot coffee, chocolate or coffee flavored treats also do the trick! I’m not a huge candy person in general, however I do enjoy a smooth piece of chocolate with an afternoon cup of coffee from time to time. While simple chocolate can be incredibly delicious, Coffee Candy Chews from Café Britt are my absolute favorite! Oh my word. I could eat a bag of these amazing things in a week if I let myself. So darn good!

Drink Up!

From treats to beans and books to mugs, there are so many amazing gift options for the coffee lover in your life! Do some browsing, maybe a little shopping, and give them a gift that encourages them to drink up!

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