A Peek Inside Our
Homeschool Life…

If you are currently reading this, it means you somehow stumbled upon the very first post on my homeschool blog – Simply Be Wild & Free! I’m so excited that I get to share this journey with YOU. While this post might just seem like a simple little glimpse into our daily homeschool life, it’s also a huge piece of my heart.

From the Life
We Thought We Wanted…

Once upon a time, (the most commonly used beginning to every good story right?) There lived a small family of 5. This family did all mundane things that most busy families were expected to partake in.

The father worked outside of the home and the kids went to school for 8 hours each day. This family then spent their evenings at the ball fields or going to school events. Then, they some how fit homework, dinner, and bath-time all in before their heads hit their pillows each night.

Now, I want to stop right here for a second…

I know there are millions of families out there living this exact life and I am in no way placing judgement on them. I have friends that still live (and love) this lifestyle and that is great for them. In fact, I’m happy they love it so much! It simply isn’t for us.

You may now continue…

To the Homeschool Life
We Needed…

Suddenly something changed with this family. They craved something more, something better. Once homeschooling entered their lives they couldn’t get enough of the freedom it offered.

Dad started fighting to work from home more often. The kids completed their school work in half the time they ever did at school and mom finally realized her house would never be clean again (ha ha! Definitely the downside of homeschooling, you guys!).

The family spent more quality time together (sometimes a little too much) and less time doing organized sports and events.

Life was simply… more simple.

For Real Though…

As silly as it sounds, this was our reality.

In the beginning, we did all the things we were expected to do and homeschooling simply wasn’t a valid option in my mind. My kids were going to attend a well known private school their entire childhood (the one their father graduated from) and that was it.

I was the person that looked at homeschool moms –  thinking they were super heroes and I could never do what they did. Props to them, but the homeschool life was not for me and honestly my biggest reasoning was completely flawed.

First, I thought I wasn’t smart enough.

Second, I thought it wasn’t the normal way to do things. My kids needed school, friends, and sports. It’s simply how things were supposed to be done.

I was so wrong.

The Day Everything Changed…

This is where it gets really good, you guys!

My oldest struggled through school his entire life. He was about to enter his 5th grade year and things just weren’t looking up. This kid begged me to homeschool him and finally I caved.

It was new territory for me and I was terrified, but guess what? I totally did it.

We started with online schooling (did that a couple years), then transitioned over to doing our own thing and we will never look back.

My One Regret?

Those precious grade school years I will never get back with my older two children. While I am thankful for some of the connections we made when my children were in school, I will always miss the opportunities and little moments I could of had if I were the one teaching them.

My oldest started homeschooling in the 6th grade and my middle son in the 4th – because of those missed moments, I soak up every second I can with my youngest.

I watched her learn her letter sounds. Then cried in amazement at the brightness in her eyes when those sounds turned into words.

The homeschool life was the life I craved and I never even knew it.

Our homeschool life isn’t perfect by any means. Sometimes it’s messy and full of things like interruptions, mishaps, and schedule changes. Sometimes it’s just plain hard.

However, with a little perseverance and the right attitude it can also be pretty darn incredible.

Simply Be Wild & Free

My one hope for this homeschool blog is that it will truly be a reflection of who I am as a homeschool mom and what I deeply desire for my own children. I also look forward to encouraging other new homeschool moms along the way! While, I’m not exactly a newbie at this rodeo… I am and always will be learning alongside all of you!

Learning to Simply Be was my biggest struggle as a new homeschool mom. I had to force myself to let the housework sit so I could soak up those little moments with my kids.

Finally stepping back and realizing my kids are meant to be Wild & Fee was like a welcomed breath of fresh air in my lungs. Allowing them to learn and grow in their own element was an incredible eye opening experience.

If you are curious about the full inspiration behind my blog and want to know more, I encourage you to check out the ABOUT PAGE for all the details!

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Until Next Time, Simply Be, Wild & Free

It’s a Homeschool Life for Us