Learn Kindergarten Spelling Words the Fun Way

Have a new kindergartner that is overwhelmed with daily spelling practice? Skip the tears and learn how to make spelling fun!

This year I have a kindergartner of my very own and one of the first tasks we tackled when prepping for our upcoming school year was to create a spelling box! If you want to know more about our personal spelling box, you can find that right here – Kindergarten Spelling Box. If you’re a new homeschool mom looking for ideas on how to prep your home and supplies for multiple children, I highly encourage you to take a peek at 5 Ways to Prep Your Homeschool Year Successfully. For now though, onto kindergarten spelling.

5 Fun Alternatives to Pencil & Paper

Dry Erase Board

Using Dry Erase markers to practice Spelling

Have limited space, but still want to make spelling fun? This is a wonderful solution! What kid doesn’t like a dry erase board? I mean seriously! If you don’t have the space for a spelling box full of goodies, a dry erase board can be a wonderful way for your child to practice those kindergarten spelling words.

Not sure how to find the perfect board for your little? I highly recommend this lap board from Ubrands. Not only is it sturdy and durable, but it’s also double sided which makes it perfect for kindergarten spelling words. One side is lined, while the other side is completely white.

Another bonus? If you have a little artist on your hands, this board can also act as a wonderful incentive! My 5 year old daughter loves to draw and doodle. So every time we use this board, she gets 5-10 minutes of doodle time on the backside. Simple, yet effective!

Magnetic letters

Spelling words on with Magnetic Dry Erase Board and LettersThis is another great one for those with limited space. All you need is a refrigerator or a metal door! You can definitely get a fancy magnetic board if you want, but it’s totally unnecessary! This method is so incredibly simple, you might just be tempted to practice kindergarten spelling words this way every single day!

What’s so great about it? Spelling with letter magnets can easily be done while Mom is multitasking. I know, I know,  we are supposed to give our children our absolute full attention, right? But let’s get serious, all moms have a million and one things on their plate on a daily basis! If you’re a homeschool mom like me, you give most of your day and undivided attention to your children already.

So if you need that moment to give the soup on the stove a good stir, get the laundry in the dryer folded, or maybe just a minute to sip a simple cup of coffee. This is the spelling method for you! You can easily recite words to your kindergartner while working on what you need to. You don’t have to worry about handwriting, backwards letters, or pencil lead frustrations. Simple & easy!

Sidewalk chalk

Sidewalk Chalk to help reinforce spelling

There are so many fun ways to incorporate chalk spelling into your kindergarten spelling words routine!

Have an active kiddo? Haha, me too! Practicing spelling words outdoors with a little sidewalk chalk definitely happens weekly around our house. My daughter is active and completely full of energy at all times, so staying cooped up indoors doing our spelling work at the table isn’t always the best option.

While going simple and just having your child write words all over your driveway is totally fine, you can also mix it up a little! There are so many fun ways to incorporate chalk spelling into your kindergarten spelling words routine! You can assign a specific color to certain letters, have your child work patterns in (first word blue, second word yellow, third word blue, fourth word yellow… etc), or if you have a budding artist they can also draw a picture of the word after spelling it!

Sand Tracing

Practice Spelling words using SandThis is a super fun option for kids that thrive on sensory learning! All you need is some colored art sand and a cookie sheet! Easy peasy right? This has definitely been a fun option for practicing those pesky kindergarten spelling words around our house this year. While it doesn’t help with handwriting, it definitely does help make learning fun!

Afraid to try this method because you’re worried your child may never want to write their kindergarten spelling words out again? Try using sand tracing as part of a learning reward system! You can do sand tracing as a reward every other day, once a week, or whatever works best for your little one. Try it out today!

Letter beads

Use Spelling beads to practice Kindergarten wordsSeriously, what kindergartner doesn’t like playing with beads? There’s quite possibly no better way to practice kindergarten spelling words, than with some super fun letter beads! Our personal favorite? This amazing bead set from Melissa and Doug! While it’s technically supposed to be designed for jewelry making, this really works wonders for the kindergartner!

Melissa and Doug

My daughter simply threads the beads onto the necklace string, sometimes we even do 2 or 3 words on a string! This is a super fun option and another great thing about it? It fits perfectly into our spelling box! Want even more tips on kindergarten spelling words and how to practice them? I highly encourage you to check out The Kindergarten Spelling Box.

*Bonus Idea – Finger Painting

Using Finger Paints is a fun hands on way to learn spelling words

Yes! Definitely couldn’t leave this one off the list! While yes, it can be a little messy… it’s also a ton of fun! What kindergartner doesn’t like finger paint?! I mean seriously! Our finger paints of choice are definitely these budget friendly paints from Crayola. We probably go through a few sets each school year, no joke. If you have an artsy kindergartner that absolutely loves painting, this is ta great option for practicing kindergarten spelling words for sure!

Need more inspiration?

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