What Exactly Does the Best Language Curriculum for Preschoolers Consist of?

Looking to homeschool your preschooler, but overwhelmed by the curriculum options? While there are so many out there, they aren’t all created equal. The best language curriculum for preschoolers will build foundational skills, teach proper social behaviors, encourage hands on learning, and motor skills building. Plus, it should put great emphasis on pre-reading and writing skills, letter sounds and phonics. Not sure how to find a curriculum like that? No worries! I already have!

If you’ve been following our homeschool journey, you already know we’ve tried out quite a few different schooling arrangements. We started with private schooling, then switched over to online schooling, and now we have moved on to full homeschooling. If online schooling is something you’ve had an interest in, but aren’t sure if you want to take the plunge, I highly encourage you to check out Online Schooling Pros and Cons to find out what worked for us and what didn’t. For now though, onto this amazing curriculum!

Why We Chose The Good and the Beautiful

When we left the K12 program last winter, I was on the search for something wonderful. I researched, asked other homeschool moms what they were using, then researched some more. The one curriculum I came across and kept going back to was The Good and the Beautiful. I spent a lot of time on The Good and the Beautiful website, looking over sample PDFs of the courses and watching the intro video. There was just something about the idea of “taking the overwhelming and expensive out of homeschool” in that short video that stood out me.

After some comparing of courses and much needed prayer, I came to the conclusion that this was the right curriculum for us. I absolutely loved the idea of bringing beauty, art, poetry, language arts and good values all together in one amazing package. Know what else I was excited about? Only having ONE book for language! Coming from the K12 program, where my son was using 5 different course books for language arts, this seemed incredibly inviting to me! I loved the idea of spending less time on school work and more quality time enjoying the learning process! So I dove in deep and bought The Good and The Beautiful language arts curriculum for all 3 of my children, something I will never regret.

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What Sets it Apart From the Rest

Good and the Beautiful Preschool K Primer and Reader

When our box arrived, we quickly busted it open and started flipping through the beautiful pages of each book. My kids were excited to start and if I’m completely honest, I was super excited too!

We planned on taking our time and slowly breaking them in, however the material is so inviting and beautifully laid out that we just couldn’t help but go all in. While I absolutely love all The Good and the Beautiful curriculum we have purchased so far, today the main focus is the Level K Primer. However, if you do have older children and would like to learn more about some upper level courses I highly encourage you to check out my boys and their reviews of the level 4 and level 6 courses coming soon! Sign up for my newsletter to get them delivered straight to your inbox. For now though, on to the primer!

The List

  • PreK Work Pages Ready for Open and Go Lessons with no Prep requiredNo Prep Needed

    Seriously, this was a huge game changer for me! When we started our homeschool year, I spent several hours each week printing, cutting, and preparing my daughters school work. I mostly used online sources and my own ideas. Let me tell you, this got real old real quick! I slowly began letting things go or putting stuff off because I just didn’t have the time or energy to prep everything each week. The fact that this curriculum is open and go is incredibly amazing.

  • Doesn’t Require Supplements

    This is a full language arts curriculum course, no supplemental material required! The Good and the Beautiful K Primer was the only language course I used and needed for the second half of my daughter’s PreK year, and let me tell you… she learned more from this single book than she did from the entire year and half before when I was doing my own thing! The course has all the core foundation skills built in, it even touches a little bit on math and art.

  • TGTB Beautiful Artwork Discussion Pages

    It’s Beautiful

    While I know this isn’t necessarily a need when it comes to school, however it’s so appreciated in this curriculum! Even the simplest of lessons became something to look forward to when art was involved. As silly as it sounds, my daughter would squeal and smile when she saw a new painting coming up in her book. I never thought that discussing a simple picture with a 5 year old could be such a joy.

  • It Teaches Responsibility at a Young Age

    Who knew that something as simple as a check box could teach your preschooler responsibility? It wasn’t something I expected when we started, but I fell in instant love with the concept once we dug deeper. Throughout the lessons you will find these simple little “completed” check boxes listed next to each activity.

    TGATB Completed Checkboxes to Encourage Responsibility in PreschoolThis quickly became my daughters responsibility during each lesson, as she learned that we wouldn’t be moving on until the boxes were checked. Love, love, love this concept! Nothing gets missed or skipped over. Plus, my daughter has become aware of responsibility and order at a young age.

  • The Perfect Price Point

    If you’ve been homeschooling for long, you know that most curriculum can certainly break the bank! One of my favorite things about The Good and the Beautiful is the fact that I don’t have to spend a ton of money to give my children the quality education they deserve. Many of the language arts levels are free for download, while others just cost a small amount. This option makes it a wonderful choice for those that are just starting out, working with a small budget or simply want to test the curriculum before buying. I personally prefer the pre-bound physical curriculum for our homeschooling needs, and even still they are available at an amazing price!

  • Easy To-Do Checklist when your Preschooler Finishes their workAmazing Core Values

    While this book in particular doesn’t have nearly as much content as some of the older levels, the content that is there still has those wonderful values and morals tied into it. I recall one activity in particular where a family was donating money for hurricane relief victims. Not only was my child learning coin concepts, but she was also learning about giving. Much better than the typical “Sally had 5 candy bars and ate 3, how many does Sally have left” type math scenarios.

  • It’s not Common Core!!!

    Again, this applies more for the older books as common core methods usually start in kindergarten or first grade. However, all of The Good and the Beautiful curriculum is free from common core standards. I cannot even describe how great that has been for our homeschool in general. My children are understanding and retaining information at a much faster (and enjoyable) rate!

  • Less Time = More Learning

    Sounds strange, but it’s so incredibly true. I totally found myself spending less time working on school with my daughter, and she was actually retaining more information while using this curriculum compared to others. How? The approach is just amazing and simple. I can’t even explain it to a level of understanding, it’s definitely one of those things you have to experience to get. This certainly carries on throughout the older levels as well. My boys take in so much information in a single lesson, but it’s never overwhelming or frustrating. Yet somehow they retain that information, use it in future lessons, and continue growing and learning every day in small increments of time! Truly Amazing!

The Results We Got After 5 Months

This is the good stuff you guys! One of the scariest things for me as a (new to preschool) homeschool mom, was the sheer thought of teaching a child to read. I wasn’t taught to have a love for literature, and struggled with reading my entire childhood. So it was an overwhelming thought at first. However, I quickly learned that with this material, teaching a child to read was going to be a lot easier than I ever dreamed it would be!

PreKindergarten Reader for Teaching Your child to readMy daughter worked through this course at her own pace and finished it around the 5 month mark. During this time she learned and memorized how many letters are in the alphabet, how to easily recall the difference between  vowels and consonants, say the sounds of all her letters, as well as read short sentences! Yes, I said it… my 5 year old was reading within a few short months.

There wasn’t a single day we sat down to do language that I had to force my daughter or beg her to do her work. She thoroughly enjoyed using The Good and the Beautiful K Primer, and was incredibly proud when she made it through to the end! We have just recently started her kindergarten year, again using The Good and The Beautiful for language and we are super excited to dive right in.

Want Even More Preschool Help?

While The Good and The Beautiful is wonderful completely on it’s own, there are always other fun add-ins that can complete your homeschool routine! If you’re looking for hands on, motor skills building activities, I highly encourage you to check my Top 10 Curriculum Aides for Homeschooling Your Preschooler. These are fun things we personally used in our home throughout our homeschool year.

If you’re looking for a supplemental reading program to use alongside this curriculum, check out Usborne’s “My First Reading Library”. We used the first few books to bridge the gap between pre-k and kindergarten, and will continue to use them through her kindergarten year.

Other great options for the homeschool mom that thrives on routine could be adding a quiet time or morning basket activity to the preschool schedule. My daughter absolutely loved working through these workbooks for preschoolers during our morning time last year, and I’m sure we will have a similar setup for this upcoming year. Workbooks certainly aren’t necessary as the K Primer is a complete curriculum, however they can be a fun addition to your preschooler’s homeschool day.

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Until Next Time



If you are in need of an amazing no prep pre-K curriculum for your preschooler, The Good and The Beautiful might just be the solution! Teach your 4 or 5 year old to read with this wonderful Pre-Kindergarten workbook and first reader! Help your child learn about art and all the beauty of the world through language arts. Perfect for busy moms that live and open and go homeschool life. #Preschool #prek #kindergarten #read #learning #learningtoread #homeschool #jennyphillips