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I absolutely love using Thirty-One products as part of my homeschool organization plan. So many bins! Plus, the pattern selection and personalization options make it even more fun!

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4 Ways to Organize Your Homeschool
Using Thirty-One Products…

Pens, pencils, scissors, glue sticks… it all adds up and it all gets very, very messy!

Clutter absolutely drives me insane.

One of the biggest issues I had to tackle as a homeschool mom was pencils! The darn things seemed like they were everywhere and I was constantly picking them up. Then, my children would claim they couldn’t find any when they needed them next. Go figure!

I started the year out with a single cup of pencils at each child’s desk and that was 100% my biggest problem. My children don’t always do work at their desks. Sometimes it’s the floor, the couch, outside, or the kitchen table. As they move from one location to another, the pencils would get left behind and they would instantly go retrieve a new one.

Thus leaving their cup completely empty, and my house covered in pencils – Something had to give.

The Solution? Multiple supply stations!

First we have our stationary supply caddy, then we have a travel option that includes both pencils & art supplies!

#1 Supply Caddy

Thirty-One Personalized Close to Home Caddy for organization of homeschool "tools"

Using a personalized Thirty-One Close to Home Caddy, we have easy access to simple homeschool supplies – such as pencils, pens, permanent markers & scissors.

This caddy sits near my children’s desks in our homeschool area.

Easy Peasy.

A Simple way to keep your supply caddy fully functioning:

Kids absolutely love little tasks such as sharpening pencils or tossing out old glue sticks.

I typically just pick a child that isn’t already settled in with their work and put them on pencil sharping duty or marker testing for the moment. These tasks are simple and can help keep all your homeschool areas tidy. Plus, you’re keeping broken and worn out supplies at bay!

While I don’t use a chart or anything of that nature for this sort of thing, you totally can!

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#2 Art Caddy

Personalization on Art Supplies Organization CaddyYES! This is my daughter’s favorite!

These art caddy bins are perfect for keeping your child’s art supplies at hands reach!

For our art caddy, we decided on the Thirty-One Littles Carry All Caddy.  These caddies work perfect as a traveling art supply station. Filling them colored pencils, crayons, makers, glue sticks, and more!

The handle makes them a great option for carrying around from place to place when your kids do their work in different spaces – like my kids do.Littles Carry All Caddy for Art Supplies Storage

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My boys use theirs as both a supply station and an art caddy. They keep a wonderful mixture of pencils, pens, markers, glue, and scissors in there for easy access.

Definitely a must have organizational tool for the homeschooled kiddo on the go!

#2 School Pouches

Flash cards making a mess of your homeschool area?

I think it’s pretty safe to say that we have all been there a time or two. From curriculum based flash cards to other random sets we seem to have collected over the years, flash card storage can be a real pain!

I used to rubber band them (once the fancy cardboard boxes had been put out to pasture) and simply tossed them all in a bin to live forever.

It wasn’t really a system, and it never really functioned.

That was my go to option until last year…

We had made a huge overhaul in our homeschool curriculum mid year and our new material came with bonus flash cards that were to be used on a daily basis.

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I absolutely knew I needed a new system for flash cards, so I took a deep breathe and began the brainstorming process.

Flash Cards with Zipper Pouch for StorageI’ve used both the Thirty-One Zipper pouch & Thirty-One Mini Zipper Pouch for flash cards (and other homeschool relate organizational needs).

These things are seriously golden when it comes to flash card organization!

We use the regular sized zipper pouches for our language arts & geography flash cards that are curriculum based.

Each child has 3 sets in their pouch – a learning, not learned, and a mastered (this is the method our curriculum suggests using – we use The Good and the Beautiful).

For other smaller or random sets of flash cards, we absolutely love the Mini Zipper Pouch! No rubber banding neccisary!

These pouches truly are grab and go. Plus, they look great, store easily, and function well! Toss the cards in – organization complete!

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#4 Field Trip Backpack

Thirty-One Sling-Back BagLast, but certainly not least – the ‘not quite a backpack’, backpack!

This bag is wonderful, you guys!

If I’m being completely open and honest with you all, it’s my absolute favorite Thirty-One product of all time! I carry this bag nearly everywhere we go as a homeschool family and now my boys are following suit – carrying their very own!

We love the Thirty-One Sling Back Bag for homeschool field trips! It’s not as bulky as regular back packs and it holds just enough!

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Do Homeschool kids Even Need Backpacks?

I’m kinda on the fence.

I mean, my children don’t need a backpack every day – that’s for sure!

However, they do need a backpack from time to time. We do have large ones, which are wonderful for long trips, but they don’t really function for a small trip to the zoo for our bi-weekly science classes.

That’s where this great bag comes in handy!

My older children carry this bag anytime we head out the door! It’s plenty large enough to carry a water bottle, a couple chapter books, their planner (if need be), and possibly a snack or 2.

Love, love, love this bag! It’s a helpful organizing tool for traveling homeschoolers!

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