What is a Kindergarten Spelling Box Anyway?

Kindergarten Spelling Words ListThe kindergarten spelling box is an essential tool for all homeschool moms with littles.

How do I know? I am one of those moms! The idea behind this box is super simple – make learning fun! It’s incredibly easy for new learners, such as kindergartners or preschoolers, to get overwhelmed when it comes to new tasks like practicing spelling words.

So how do we tackle this issue? With a super fun, multi-option spelling box of course!

Love the idea of making spelling fun, but not ready to put together a spelling box just yet? Check out Hands on Ways to Practice Kindergarten Spelling Words for some ‘outside the box’ options.

A Peek Inside Our Box

When my daughter was finishing up her preschool curriculum last spring, I began planning out her kindergarten year. I started by making a list of curriculum, followed quickly by a list of what aides and manipulatives.

During this process, it hit me. I have to teach spelling. The task definitely seemed a little daunting at first.

Overwhelmed with options and ideas, I came up with the solution of turning spelling into the fun portion of our day.

Guess what happened? It totally worked you guys! My daughter absolutely loves spelling time! Ready to see what we put in our box? Take a peek at the short video below!

Melissa and Doug
How to Make Your Own Box

If you’re ready to get started with your own spelling box, you’ve come to the right place! The list below is a break down of what we have in our box, as well as other fun alternatives you can get for your own box!

Like the tote we used for our spelling box? We do too! Take a peek at the Storage Box we chose.

  • Alphabet Stamps

Stamps are a great way to have fun while practicing SpellingYes! These stamps are a fabulous addition to any kindergarten spelling box. Most kids thoroughly enjoy using stamps and ink pads no matter the reason. Plus, if your kindergartener is anything like mine, it can keep them busy for a long period of time! So why not turn that crafty love into a fun learning moment?

Our stamps of choice are these Alphabet Stamps from Melissa and Doug. I chose these over some others, simply because they had both lowercase and uppercase stamps in a single package.

Don’t want to include stamping in your spelling box? No problem! Why not try including an Alphabet Puzzle in your box instead? Instead of stamping you can simply have your child practice spelling words with the puzzle pieces. Then, complete the puzzle when they are finished practicing. Bam! Two activities in one.

  • Alphabet Bean Bags

Using Bean Bags for Kindergarten Spelling

Alphabet Bean Bags are a great way to practice spelling and HAVE FUN at the same time!

Ok, this one is fun you guys! I originally purchased these bean bags when my (now kindergartner) daughter was in preschool. We basically tossed them around and played some fun learning games for letter recognition.

While yes, they worked well for preschool, we are having even more fun with them this year in our kindergarten spelling box! Similar to preschool, we typically play a simple toss game with these. I say a word, she sounds it out and tosses the letters into a bucket. Super simple, super fun!

Love the bean bags we use for our spelling box? You can find those right here —> Alphabet Bean Bags

Don’t have the room or budget for letter bean bags? Try Flash Cards as a simple alternative! Budget friendly and super easy to incorporate into game play.

  • Dry Erase Board

Practice Spelling Words on a Dry Erase White Board

Handwriting is a must and dry erase markers help make that task seem just a little less tedious.

This is a classic! A huge part of practicing kindergarten spelling words is handwriting. Most young children loathe handwriting, but unfortunately it’s a necessity. We definitely don’t use the same method or tool for spelling practice every single day, however I do like to rely on the dry erase board a couple times a week. I do this simply because it’s good handwriting practice, and my kindergartner loves it.

Have a budding artist on your hand that doesn’t like writing? Try rewarding them with drawing pictures on the dry erase board after spelling practice is over!

Love this idea? The double sided Dry Erase Board we use is the perfect option!

Don’t want to use a dry erase board in your spelling box? No problem! Try a simple spelling journal instead! These budget friendly Composition Notebooks work perfect! Your child can practice spelling words by writing, using stickers, stamping and more!

  • Letter Beads

Letter beads make a great addition to any spelling box! If you have a hands on learner that enjoys threading beads or making jewelry, this is definitely the perfect activity to add into their kindergarten spelling practice routine.

Wooden String Beans for Kindergarting Spelling Time

I must say, this is one of my daughters favorite spelling activities by far. Super simple, plus keeps her engaged for some time! We chose this awesome Melissa and Doug Alphabet Bead Set simply because this is a product that can grow with my child. I originally purchased the beads for name spelling practice in preschool. However, they also work amazing for kindergarten spelling and sight words!

As my daughter grows, the purpose for these bead will grow and change as well! Super awesome, right? I can definitely see her using these for jewelry making and gift giving down the road.

Don’t think your little would do well with beads? Try some fun Alphabet Blocks instead! While they might not fit in your spelling box, they could still make a super fun learning tool for your busy little builder.

  • Magnetic Letters

Magnetic Letters work amazing on a FridgeI had to put something traditional in our box. I mean seriously. Every child needs a good set of magnetic letters, am I right? The great thing about using magnetic letters for practicing spelling words? Little supervision required!

If you’re busy doing spelling word practice over lunch or some other mundane task, this is a great go to option.

Your little can simply work on the fridge, a magnetic door, or a magnetic lap-desk. Super versatile and fun. Looking for the perfect letters for your box? Unfortunately I bought ours so long ago, I don’t even know where they came from!

However, you can find some super great options for your spelling box right here! Wonderfoam Magnetic LettersWooden Alphabet MagnetsMagnetic Chalkboard with Letters

  • Foam Stickers

Craft Foam Letter Stickers are a must have for our Spelling BoxDo you have a kiddo that loves stickers like I do? I think my kindergartner could fill an entire notebook with stickers in a single day if I would let her!

If your kindergarten kid has a love for stickers, this is a super easy way for them to get their sticker fix while learning. Our go to is definitely foam stickers, but regular stickers work just fine too!

Love foam stickers, but want to take the foam beyond the spelling box? Why not incorporate some super fun Foam Alphabet Floor Tiles into your language time? Your little kinder could have a blast using these tiles for spelling word practice!

  • Letter Tiles

Plastic Letter tiles are great hands on way to practiceThis is an easy option for any spelling box. The great thing about letter tiles is that they can essentially be used anywhere. My kindergartner uses these tiles at the table, on the floor, or even in a reusable bag for on the go spelling practice!

One tub comes with more than enough tiles to spell any kindergarten spelling words. Love the tiles? You can find those right here —> Letter Tiles

Not sure you have the budget for adding letter tiles to your spelling box? Try using Scrabble Tiles as an quick and easy alternative!

  • Play-Doh & Stamps

If you have a kindergartner, chances are you already have some play-doh hanging out around your house. If you don’t, no worries! A simple Starter Pack of Play-Doh will do!

Use Play-Doh to Practice Spelling

Who doesn’t love Play-Doh? It’s a great way to make spelling practice seem like more play than work.

I typically only keep 1 color of play-doh in our spelling box at a time. However, you can definitely keep an array of colors in yours if that’s your preference! My daughter is pretty much a pink-aholic, so pink is her number 1 go to!

When it comes to the spelling practice part, your kindergartner simply presses the stamps into the play-doh and voila! Spelling practice simplified.

Simple Stamping tips

  1. Little stamps work best! You can find the perfect size stamps, at the perfect price point right here —> ABC Stamps
  2. These are awesome for homeschooling on the go! Toss your stamps in a reusable bag or Thirty-One Zipper Pouch, grab a play-doh and you’re out the door! (I recently did this when we had a school day at the library, perfect travel spelling activity!)
  3. No INK!! Purchasing new stamps and only using them for this specific spelling activity is definitely the best option! If you use your stamps with ink pads, then follow up with play-doh… Some ink might linger and transfer to the doh. Can we say unwanted mess?

Have a child that loves play-doh, but might struggle with the use of stamping? Try out some fun Alphabet Cookie Cutters instead. Don’t want plastic cutters? Check out this incredible Stainless Steel option.

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