5 Simple Homeschool Tips
and Kid Hacks

As homeschool moms, we can use all the help we can get! This simple list can help keep you organized, get rid of simple homeschool frustrations, and provide the communication your homeschool might be lacking. Check out our favorite homeschool tips and kid hacks!

  • Binder Clips

Using Binder Clips on Curriculum is an essential kid hack and helps to easily keep your placeSounds incredibly simple and silly, but binder clips are totally amazing! If you have a child that struggles with finding their place in a workbook or reader, binder clips to the rescue! These nifty little things can obliterate all frustration and keep your place with ease. We always keep binder clips on hand for this specific reason. Seriously a game changing homeschool kid hack.

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  • Alcohol Swabs

Yes! Alcohol swabs are magical you guys! If you have a child, you absolutely need to pay attention to this next kid hack. Did someone draw on the wall? Alcohol swab it! Someone skin a knee? Again, alcohol swab! The real hack though? Dry erase boards! Ever had a dry erase board that just won’t come clean, no matter how hard you scrub?? Alcohol swabs take off stuck on dry erase marker like it’s nothing!

If you don’t believe me then check out this video to see for yourself! One of my favorite hacks of all time.


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  • Baskets & Bins

Ok, I know this doesn’t exactly sound like a homeschool life or kid hack. However, in the very least least it is a super useful tip!

When I first started homeschooling, I thought curriculum and learning aides all needed to be kept in their original packaging for easy storage purposes. Nope, totally false! I quickly found that if I purchase bins, baskets, bags, or pouches for these items, I can actually store them in a more efficient an organized manner!

Math Curriculum in Boxes not easily accessible

Plus, the containers that most things are sold in tend to be extremely bulky, so ditching the prepackaged boxes for easy accessible baskets or bins not only look more pleasing to the eye, but they also free up a large amount of unused space! Remove the store packaging and create a more functional space (but remember to keep the old boxes if you plan to resell curriculum and aides at a later date)!

Cubby Organization with Math Curriculum and Aides

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  • Library Bags

Yes! If you have ever taken your homeschooler to the library for an alternative learning experience, you know how big of a task this can be! Doing school outside of the home can become completely overwhelming in an instant, especially if there are multiple children with multiple ages and grade levels involved!

Back your bag with Curriculum to homeschool on the go

If you want to make school trips and lessons outside of the home an easier task to manage, this kid hack is for you! First, everyone gets a bag. Not only does this cut down on the responsibility and stress level placed on mom, it also helps keep everything in order! If each kid has a backpack, they can easily carry their own school books and library books.

Plus, this leaves mom with the ability to keep track of teacher guides and learning manipulatives in her bag. Second, always bring an extra (empty) bag to carry home additional library books you may pick up on your trip. If there is one thing I learned from our first attempt at doing school at the library for an entire day, it’s that I didn’t bring enough bags!

Embroidered Retro Metro Bag

Want to learn more about how we homeschool at the library? Check back soon for my upcoming article on Homeschooling at the Library!

Looking for that perfect library bag, but not sure where to start? You can find out more about ours right here —> Personalized Homeschool Library Bag

  • Walkie Talkies

If you haven’t ever considered walkie talkie usage for your homeschool, I highly encourage you to check out the full story on how we use them for homeschooling and why! You can easily find it all right here —> Walkie Talkies for Homeschooling.

Child holding a walkie talkie two way radio

To say walkie talkies changed our homeschool forever would be an understatement! They changed our lives. Sounds a little off the wall I know, but seriously. We literally use them for everything! Field trips, bike rides, outside play, youth group activities, or just the simple mundane day at home. Our walkie talkies travel everywhere with us, and we are always able to be in constant communication with one another.

Have a homeschool child that has no need for their own phone, but want to keep in contact with them for those moments you aren’t around? Walkie talkies are definitely where it’s at. My oldest son is able to explore our local zoo while I sit outside the class where my younger 2 take a weekly science class.

My boys attend weekly youth events and I can easily radio them when I get to the parking lot to pick them up. Walkie talkies give this homeschool mom a sense of security and constant communication with my children during those occasional moments my eyes aren’t on them.
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