Healthy Mocha Latte Recipe

Love specialty bistro style coffees? Hate toxic ingredients and artificial additives? Why not try creating your own healthy mocha latte recipe at home?!

This latte recipe is a simple rendition of my Original Power Coffee recipe – This stuff is SO good!

Drinking butter coffee is a great option for those going keto, or just someone that wants to incorporate more healthy fats into their daily diet. I highly encourage you to try both recipes for some added variety to your morning coffee routine.

The Mocha Latte Recipe
You can easily make at home…


Simple Ingredients for a Healthy Mocha Latte Recipe

  • 8oz of freshly brewed coffee
  • 1 tbsp collagen protein powder
  • Small pinch (or handful) of chocolate chips (dark chocolate sweetened with Stevia is what I used)
  • A splash of unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 tsp ghee
  • 1 tbsp MCT oil


First, add collagen to your cup & pour 8oz of coffee directly over the powder. Mix until Powder is fully dissolved & set aside.

**NOTE: I typically press my coffee the old fashion way. However, I did make this recipe using a one cup brewing machine (Keurig) to show how easily you can make a single mocha latte at home.

Next, Add all other ingredients to a small pot.

Not sure where to get a frother? You can find the one I use right here –> Bodum Milk Frother

Warm over medium heat, whisking until all the chocolate is melted.

Slowly pour mixture into the pre-made collagen coffee, while frothing (this is what gives the coffee that perfect latte like texture. Skipping this step may affect the finale result).

Lastly, sip and enjoy!

This mocha latte recipe is a perfect mixture of coffee & chocolate, with no added sweeteners.

Just keep in mind, I’m not huge into sweet coffee recipes so this is a bitter sweet chocolate latte!

Prefer sweeter lattes? No worries! Try adding some of the extras below to make it your own!

Mixing it up and Making It Your Own…
Other Simple Add Ins:

  • Sprinkle of fermented turmeric or cardamom to add some spice
  • A TSP of maple syrup or organic coffee syrup to sweeten it up (erythritol or monk fruit work great too)
  • Splash of vanilla extract to the warmed ingredients for added flavor
  • Homemade whipped cream for that specialty coffee feel

Substitutions or Swap outs:

  • Mocha flavored MCT oil in place of regular MCT oil
  • White chocolate chips in place of dark chocolate chips
  • Mocha cold brew, toasted coconut, or french vanilla creamer in place of regular almond milk

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