Socialized Homeschoolers
and the need for a pen pal…

The world has this crazy notion that homeschoolers are totally un-socialized and don’t know how to strike up a simple conversation. Silly right? I’m a socially awkward person by nature and yet my homeschooled children could literally talk to anyone and everyone!

While my children do make friends with most everyone, good solid friends their own age can sometimes be hard to come by. Enter: pen pals! Earlier this year, I was able to connect my daughter with some new pen pal friends her age. This amazing connection came through a Facebook group of other homeschool moms. What a blessing!

Kids ALWAYS enjoy opening mail

Pen Pal Friends
for younger homeschoolers…

While the idea of new friends for my daughter sounded great, I felt a new challenge was on the horizon. My daughter is young. Five years old to be exact… and this particular 5 year old has a lot she wants to share with her new friends! However, she also has a very tiny attention span and some minor frustrations with writing. How in the world was I going to help her tackle this new adventure?

My sweet, independent, social butterfly was the biggest inspiration for this printable pen pal pack. Littles like her simply aren’t made to sit still all day! Having Pen pals should be an enjoyable and exciting experience, not a frustrating one.

This simple pack is jammed full of easy to complete activities for both your child and their pen pal! With seasonal fun, survey pages, I start and you complete activities, your little one is sure to enjoy the full experience of growing a friendship through the mailbox.

Easy Printable Sheets for Kindergarteners to fill out for their Pen Pal

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Pen Pal Pack

What’s Included

  • About me page (4 pgs)
  • New school year pages (2 pgs)
  • Seasonal activity pages (16 pgs)
  • Holiday & Birthday activity pages (39 pgs)
  • Lined writing pages (6 pgs)
  • I start you finish activity pages (5 pgs)
70+ Pages Printable Bundle!

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Box of Secrets from Michael's - Great for storing Pen Pal letters for Safe Keeping

Looking for a simple way to store all the fun letters and keepsakes that come from your child’s pen pal? Check out these incredible decorative boxes from Michaels, we opted for The Box of Secrets one.

Looking for a simple way to store all the fun letters and keepsakes that come from your child’s pen pal? Check out these incredible decorative boxes from Michaels, we opted for The Box of Secrets one.

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Homeschool socialization at its finest! This amazing pen pal set is jam packed full of printable activities, writing pages and holiday celebration ideas! Encourage your homeschooler or young kindergartner to practice the basis of writing while building long lasting friendships! Get your printable download now! About me printable, kids printables. #homeschool #kindergarten #firstgrade #penpal #writing #school #friends #activities #kids