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Super Simple DVD Organization Solution

DVDS… I kind of have a love hate relationship with these things…  anyone else? We don’t have cable and don’t do Netflix, YouTube, or any other streaming service in our house. So DVD and Blu-Ray movies are our only option. While we do check movies out from the library on a regular basis, purchasing the movies we watch over and over again is just a given! Thus making proper DVD organization a must.

The Lack Of DVD Storage
Our Before…

Even when organized DVD and Blu-Ray cases just take up so much space

BEFORE: Our movie filled bookshelf that was crying for a little TLC

Between our veggie tale obsession, amazing Disney collection, and other family favorites, our movie selection was taking over my living room book shelf. Quite literally.

I tried baskets and bins, sorting them this way or that, splitting them up between 2 different TV areas… nothing worked, you guys!

After a little brainstorming and a ton of research, I finally decided what I was going to do. At first, my husband had suggested doing a DVD binder, which I was never entirely on board with, but it gave me that little shove I needed to research my options.

The Ultimate DVD Organization Solution
Movie Sleeves…

Interested in the solution I found? Check it out!

Save Space with movie Sleeves - Blu-Ray and DVD Storage solution

Our DVDs went from this … to that! Amazing right?! This is DVD organization at its finest.

These sleeves are amazing, you guys!! While doing a little online browsing for DVD storage solutions, I stumbled across these beauties! At first, I looked at binders, then slim line cases, then they appeared… the answer to my constant battle with DVD clutter!

A few clicks and $25 later, I had 2 1/2 cubbies of movies cut down to less than one! I was instantly impressed. I knew right off the bat that I wanted more, but living on a budget meant I had to take my time with this makeover.


Want to do something similar for your DVD storage? Unfortunately, the exact set up (sleeves with bin included) I purchased is no longer available —  BUT you can find just the MOVIE SLEEVES HERE.

The Organized Living Room
Our After…

Blu-Ray and DVD Storage Sleeves give a cleaner look

AFTER: Finally, a simplistic and organized space!

This is it! The moment I had been waiting for a very, very long time had finally arrived! The last movie bin was dropped on my porch, I assembly lined my kids, and we got to work! My oldest emptied the DVD and Blu-Ray cases, my husband folded the cover pages, I stuffed the new sleeves, and my youngest 2 boxed up the old DVD cases to be recycled & donated.

The results were simply beautiful! I had finally accomplished the minimalist look I was going for and I couldn’t be happier!

Simple DVD Storage Tips

We chose to organize our movies alphabetically, however there are many other creative ways you can customize your own organization methods to meet your personalized needs!

Movie Sleeves fit in a Sleek container for optimal Blu-Ray and DVD Storage

Fun Ways to Organize Your Movies
in Sleeves or a Binder…

  • Alphabetically

Simple solution! Sort your movies or TV shows in alphabetic order. If using a system where all movies can’t be seen, creating or purchasing alphabet dividers can be extremely helpful!

  • Genres

This can be super fun if you have titles from many different genres. Sorting a different genre of movie into each bin can make picking a movie super simple when you’re in the mood for something specific.

  • Themes

Now if my husband hadn’t requested that we go with the alphabetic approach, I would have totally done themes! This can be so much fun, you guys! The beauty of doing themes, means you can literally do anything you want! If we went with this option, some of our top themes would have been princesses, true stories, and talking vegetables.

No joke, you guys! We totally love our veggie tales, ha ha!

  • Types

Splitting your movies by types can be really helpful if you have multiple children at different age ranges and maturity levels! You can have a bin for family movies, toddler shows, and even a parents only. Doing this also allows you to keep certain movies out of reach, while keeping others available at a young child’s level.

  • Rating

It’s rare that you will find a movie in our home rated above PG 13, but there are a handful of true stories with graphic images or concepts we keep tucked away from our 6 year old. If you have plenty of movies in each rating zone, this might be a well suited option for your family!

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