Morning Activities
for homeschoolers…

Looking for simple ways to start your homeschool day? Try adding some of these unique homeschool morning activities to your daily Homeschool Morning Basket or homeschool morning routine!

#1 Read Aloud Books

Adding read aloud books to your homeschool morning routine is such a simple way to start any homeschool day! Not sure how to pick the right read aloud for your homeschool? Check out these pointers!Try read alouds in your homeschool morning baske

  • Choose non curriculum supplied readers to mix things up!
  • Pick a series to work through over the school year. Then, simply add in other fun themed activities to go along with each book (such as cooking a recipe mentioned in the book, dressing as characters, visiting the place the book takes place, or doing a simple book project or essay.)
  • Try using an easy reader with pictures that will be simple for younger homeschoolers to follow along! This is a great way to practice taking turns, working on those pesky listening skills, and is ideal for the homeschool mom with young readers that tend to have shorter attention spans!
  • Choose separate read aloud books for each child in your family to engage their individual interests, create Quality One on One Time, and work on their independent reading skills! Simply read in each for 10-15 minutes each morning or create a Looping Schedule where you read with a different child each morning!

Simple Read Aloud Series
for homeschooling multiple ages…

  1. Little House Series
  2. Boxcar Children
  3. Magic Tree House

#2 Hymns & Music

I’m such a huge music person and so are my kids, which makes this one of our favorite got to homeschool morning activities (or any time of day activity really). Not sure how to incorporate music or hymns into your homeschool morning routine? Check out our top go to options!Playing instruments can be a great addition to your morning routine

  • Stream Pandora, listen to the radio, or pop in your favorite CD during your homeschool morning basket or breakfast time routine! This is a simple way to get refreshed and start your day with a little pep in your step.
  • Pick some of your favorite hymns to study as a family, encouraging your older students to summarize the meaning of the hymn in their own words. Discuss it with younger children or non writers verbally!
  • Encourage acapella singing or instrument practice during the morning time.

#3 Poetry

Poetry is such a simple way to add extra morning activities to your homeschool routine with ease! Check out some simple ways you can add poetry to your homeschool line up!

  • Include poetry books in your Morning Basket and encourage your children to read in them a little each day! These can be themed poetry books (such as animals, seasons, etc…) or poetry collections from your favorite famous poets!
  • Study a famous poet and encourage your children to be in depth by reading the poems, studying their life, and discovering the meaning behind the poet’s work!
  • Research different types of poetry with your children and have them practice creating their own work!

#4 Topic Discussion

Topic discussion as a homeschool morning activity is one of the best ways to fit in some of those extras, themed projects, or holiday activities you just don’t seem to have time for! You can simply work through a new topic or theme each week, or you can try creating a morning looping schedule to mix it up! Check out some fun topics for your homeschool morning routine.

  • Pick an item in nature, season, animal, or plant to study and discuss over breakfast each morning. This can include worksheets, coloring projects, or hands on activities for younger learners and simple book reading & discussion for older children!
  • Study a specific historical event or war using easy readers, flash cards, and open Q&A sessions.
  • Provide holiday themed activities and discuss the history behind each holiday over holiday themed snacks.

#5 Prayer

Yes! The single most important thing any homeschool mom could add to her list of homeschool morning activities is prayer! Teaching your children to start their homeschool day with prayer can be such a beautiful and rewarding thing. Check out some easy ways to incorporate morning prayer into your homeschool routine.

Make Praying part of your morning activities

  • Take prayer requests daily or weekly and pray over them together, or encourage your children to pray for the requests individually! You can keep track of prayer requests by writing them on a white board or creating a simple prayer notebook.
  • Create a weekly prayer schedule where you pray for something or someone specific each day of the week (such as pray for Mom on Monday, Dad on Tuesday… etc)
  • Practice praying through the scriptures together. You can easily encourage older children to do this on their own, while walking through the scriptures with your younger homeschoolers. Simply start with well known and easily understood bible verses.

#6 Scripture

Adding scripture to your homeschool doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult! These simple ideas can easily be tucked into a morning basket time or simply done over breakfast!

  • Incorporate scripture into your morning routine by having a homeschool verse of the week! This can simply be handwritten on a white board and read on the first day of each homeschool week or it you can get more elaborate by printing your verses and studying daily.
  • Dig deeper by practicing bible verse memorization. Looking for a good place to start? Try memorizing the entire 23rd Psalms with your children this homeschool year! Another great add on? Have your children practice writing the verse they are working on as well! I’m a huge fan of copy work, as handwriting can never be practiced too much!
  • Keep it simple and skip the prep, printing, writing, and memorizing by picking a book of the bible to read over during your homeschool year. Read a few verses each day, or take it up a notch by reading a full chapter!

Another easy way to add prayer & scripture both to your homeschool morning routine? Try these simple Prayers to Share cards! Want to know how to best utilize as a part of your homeschool morning activities line up? Check out my Homeschool Prayer Challenge (coming soon) for all the details! Want to know when my prayer challenge post is live? Follow me on social media or sign up for my newsletter!

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#7 Audio Books

This is a favorite in our home! If my kids could listen to audio books (or read) all day long instead of doing lessons, they totally would! If doing a read a loud isn’t an option or you have a reluctant reader, try introducing audio books to your homeschool morning routine instead! This morning activity can easily fit into any budget or time frame! Win-Win!

  • If budget allows and your children absolutely love the title you have chosen, purchasing your own copy of the audio book can be a wonderful option! This way your children can listen to it whenever they want, even outside of morning time!
  • If budget is tight or you aren’t sure the book is a keeper, try using your local library as a source instead.

Online sources and apps are also great ways to get your children listening to audio books!

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