Simple Laundry Tips

Check out my favorite laundry tips for catching up when things pile up and get out of control!

The Never Ending
Battle with Laundry…

Are you stuck in that overwhelming cycle of mile high laundry piles that never seem to end?

YOU are not alone, my friend!

In all honesty, I find myself stuck in that very same battle with the never ending laundry pile a lot.

Then, just when I feel like I’ve made some sort of progress in the laundry room, things being to pile up again. Not even joking.

When I actually do catch up on laundry, my kids seem to think that means it’s officially time to dirty all the blankets, towels, and clothes in the house.

How does that even happen?!

Plus, my entire household seems to think they need fresh clothes on their backs on a daily basis. Is that really a thing?

I mean seriously… what I would do for just a little space between me and the washing machine!

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How to Catch Up On Laundry When…

You are 4,000 loads behind (or a least it feels like you are).

When I get behind on laundry I tend to just stop… everything.

I don’t want to step foot in the laundry room or think about the mess, and I just can’t seem to make myself do it! It literally takes me running out of socks (or underwear, whoops!) before I can finally tell myself to get up and just tackle the situation that is now officially out of hand.

Have you been there too? Or am I like the only overwhelmed mom in the history of ever, that tends to shut down in situations like this?

I stress out way too easily and can feel overwhelmed with the simplest of tasks. So when I find myself in this laundry mess (like I did earlier this week), it takes some major will power to snap out of it.

If I’m being honest… I totally wrote this post to keep myself in check, you guys!

As I walked through this method just a few short days ago I decided it was time to write it down.

This method totally works!

I’ve done it more times than I’d care to admit, but life’s messy and no matter how together I think I have it… the laundry still piles up from time to time.

Laundry Tips
The 3 Step Process
for Laundry Catch Up…

  • Create a Visual Plan

I’m a visual learner.

I literally need things laid out in front of me or written down on a piece of paper in order to function! That’s why my catch up process begins with a visual plan.

Empty out your laundry bins and sort everything out into separate piles onto the floor.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large space (either in the laundry room or right outside) then awesome! If you don’t, simply improvise in whatever way you can!

I’m blessed to have a fairy large bathroom connected to our laundry room, so that always becomes my sorting space in the event of a laundry pile-up!

Sort laundry into separate loads, not just large piles.

If you have 3 loads worth of dark clothes to wash, separate those bad boys into 3 separate piles!

These piles are where your visual plan is born.

Once things are sorted, you will then have a visual of just how far behind you really are.

Whether it’s 7 loads behind or 70, you can now create a simple plan to catch up!

  • Create a Reachable Goal

Once your piles are sorted, take a break – cause things are about to get real!

This is the hardest part you guys. Sit down with coffee in hand and create a list (this is totally where I totally flourish – coffee & list making is my life). This list should contain all your loads written out in order of importance, a check list per-say.

Next, figure out how long it will realistically take you to accomplish this list.

It’s important that you give it your all. However, if you have small kids at home there has to be a little wiggle room in there as well! Sometimes my laundry catch up can be tackled in as little as 2 days, other times it takes as long as 6 or 7!

Last, space it out to avoid overwhelm. If you are 9 loads behind and know you can tackle it in 2 days, but it might be crazy hard… simply give yourself an extra day. Split those 9 loads into 3 a day and get it done with less stress!

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  • Create a Functional Routine

Once the laundry is caught up, keeping it that way will be your next challenge.

While it may sound simple on paper, unfortunately that isn’t always the case. The absolute best way to keep your laundry pile at bay is by creating a functional routine!

First, assess your situation and your needs.

Do you homeschool or work from home? Try tossing a load in every single day at lunch for an easy norm.

Maybe you work away from home 9 hours a day and weekends are your only valid option. The point is simple, find what works for your schedule and adjust as needed!

After your needs have been assessed, create new goals along the way.

I homeschool, so I have daily laundry goals. My laundry rule is 1-2 loads a day… and guess what? If I actually stick to that, things run smoothly! However, when I don’t… I end up back at step one of this process all over again… and YES it does happen.

Thankfully though, when I do have to start over – I always know there will be a doable plan and realistic goals at the end!

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