21 Summer Crafts

Looking for simple summer crafts to entertain your kids this year? Check out my top 21 for ultimate summer crafting with kids!

#1 Delicious Donuts

Did you know that June 5th is national Doughnut Day? Now that is a holiday I can stand behind! Because of this, we decided to kick our summer off with a doughnut craft! I created a super simple template and had my son test it out for me, he thoroughly enjoyed this craft. Simple, yet fun!



  1. Print out doughnut templates.
  2. Cut out & color templates.
  3. Next, have your child apply liquid glue in small strips. Be careful to space them out, only doing around 5-6 at a time.
  4. Pour one color of sand over the strips of glue & shake off the extra.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 a couple more times with additional colors.

I had my son choose 4 colors and his turned out great! Don’t have colored sand? Different shades of glitter make the perfect substitute!

*Product Suggestion: Try Prismacolor colored pencils for a perfect finish to any craft! These pencils are smooth and colorful, you guys! Definitely a must have for summer crafting!

Need even more summer crafting supplies tips and ideas? Check out 10 Essential Summer Items | Crafting for a simple list of must haves!

#2 Hot Air Balloon Art

June 5th is national Hot Air Balloon Day, so I just had to include a hot air balloon craft on this list! After some quick searching, I came across this fun looking craft from STL Motherhood. It looks incredibly easy, you guys! Check it out below.

Hot Air Balloon Craft

Balloon Craft

Hot air balloon art by STL Motherhood

#3 Summer Reading Bookmarks

Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s the perfect time to start planning a summer reading program! If you’re still looking for the perfect reading fit for your child, I highly encourage you to take a peek at this Summer Reading Challenge. This challenge includes a free printable bundle, complete with an age appropriate reading list, book marks, goals & reward ideas.

The bookmark used for this craft is a part of the reading challenge mentioned above. However, if you don’t want to do the entire challenge, you can visit my Teachers Pay Teachers e-store to get a free download of just the bookmarks!

Click Here to Download



  1. Print out bookmark templates.
  2. Cut & decorate.

It really is that simple, you guys!!

*Alternate Option: Skip the card stock and print on regular printer paper. Once cut and decorated, simply laminate the bookmarks for an extended life!

*Product Suggestion: Our go to pens for this type of activity are felt tip pens – I’ve used (and love equally) multiple brands over the years. Check out my three favorites BIC Intensity PensStaedtler Marker PensSharpie Marker Pens  – all these pens write beautifully and last a really long time!

#4 Button Art

Had to include a little button art on my list. There are so many different ideas and fun ways your kids can craft with buttons. However, this one is by far my favorite! Check out this amazing button tree featured on Crafts by Amanda! It’s just incredible, you guys! A great summer craft, for sure.

Embroidery Hoop Rainbow Button Tree

#5 Sunshine Keepsake

Spring is in full swing and Summer will be here before we know it! Such a fun time of year to be a kid!

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably a sucker for painted hand prints and handwritten notes from your kiddos. There’s seriously nothing quite like a little sunshine in your day to help you remember all your spring and summer moments for years to come!

This craft is super easy and incredibly quick, but does include a little paint! So, be prepared for some hand washing and table wiping when it’s all said and done.




  1. Tracing around the cup, make a circle in the middle of your child’s card stock paper. You can encourage older children to do this on their own, but younger children will need help.
  2. Next, have your child color in their circle in with oranges and yellows for the base of their sun.
  3. Paint your child’s index finger & gently press it onto the paper. Make sure to place the palm of their hand over the circle, allowing the painted finger to act as a sun ray coming out from the edge of the circle.
  4. Repeat step 3, 6-8 times to make your sunshine rays.

*Tips: When creating the circle for our sunshine, I simply traced the cup in an orange pen, then did brush strokes of yellow pen over the top. It created a fun Ombre look! My daughter then colored the rest in yellow.

Also, make sure your child has all their fingers out straight when you apply to the paper for an easier application.

Product Suggestion: We love keeping washable paints on hand for simple crafts like this! Our go to option? These budget friendly Crayola Paints

#6 Bug Magnets

These are seriously the cutest, you guys!! Head over to The Country Chic Cottage to check them out!

Bottle Cap Magnets: Easy Bug Craft For Kids

#7 Rock Art

This is super fun and super simple! Might be more well suited for older children, but younger kiddos can definitely create one of these with a little help from mom. The rocks for this craft can be purchased from a store or simply up from the back yard. Either way, it’s super budget friendly!


  1. Have your kids paint their rock a solid color. Doing side, allowing it to try, then doing the other side.
  2. Once fully dried, let your kids loose with their imaginations.
  3. Using sharpies or acrylics, instruct your kids to draw or create whatever they want!

*TIP: Have your kids create inspirational word rocks or monster rocks!

This craft really is perfect for the budding little artist in your home, they can literally turn their rock into whatever they want.

Suggestion: Once your kids have made their masterpieces, I highly suggest brushing on a little Mod Podge. A single coat of mod podge is great, but 2 is best!

Another fun option for creating rock art with kids is using this simple Rock Painting Kit instead!

#8 Paper Butterflies

Nothing says spring and summer quite like a beautiful butterfly! Check out this super cute paper butterflies tutorial from One Crazy mom!

Easy Paper Butterfly Craft for Kids

#9 Dandelion Dot Art

The original idea for this summer craft came from one of my favorite homeschool resources, our arts & crafts book by The Good and the Beautiful. We decided to mix it up a little and used tempera paint sticks instead of traditional paints, but the general idea remains the same. Such an adorable craft for summer, you guys!

*TIP: You can spruce this craft up just a touch by having your child write a dandelion wish for the summer somewhere on the page.



  1. Start by having your child paint the grass at the bottom of the paper using their paint sticks.
  2. Then, instruct them to create a curved green line & a curved brown line right next to each other, coming up out of the grass.
  3. Repeat step 2, 2-3 times. These will be their dandelion stems!
  4. Next, have your children draw a small oval or circle on the top of each dandelion stem, coloring it in.
  5. Finally, dip a Q-tip in the white finger paint and dab. This will create the dandelion dust on their dandelions!

Super simple, Super cute!

Product Suggestions: Tempera paint sticks! These are seriously amazing, you guys!! They have the beautiful finish of paint, with the ease of a glue stick. Plus, they dry in no time at all! Our go to brand of these is Kwik Stix.

However, I’ve also heard rave reviews about these budget friendly washable paint sticks – a great option for littles!

We also love to keep multiple colors of washable paint (any brand will do) on hand for simple projects like this dandelion dust craft.

#10 Stick Snakes

These stick snakes from Natural Beach Living make the perfect summer craft! Not only are they adorable, but they are incredibly simple!! Check them out below!

Snake Crafts Preschoolers Love to Make

#11 Rainbow Wall Art

Ok, it just wouldn’t be summer without doing some sort of rainbow craft! Rainbows are beautiful, kids love them, plus they are a great reminder of God’s wonderful promises! Now, I probably could have gotten a little fancy with this… However, I’m a huge fan of simple and tradition! Paint and rainbows just go together in my world! There are many other rainbow options out there, but this original is by far our favorite!

Be brave! Get out the water colors, paint sticks, and finger paints. Then, simply create!



This craft has to be the most self explanatory on the list.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, don’t forget there’s Purple too, rainbow colors for me and you!

You can totally thank my husband for now having that song forever embedded into your brain. He was proudly singing it while I worked on this post. Haha! Let’s craft…

  1. Give your child their card stock and paint of choice.
  2. Then, simply let them loose to make their beautiful art!

Easy right?!

*TIP: If needed, instruct the littlest members of your crew on how to put colors in specific rainbow order. Feel free to refer to the song above… You’re welcome 🙂

Product Suggestions: Watercolors are definitely our go to for this and Prang Water Colors are the absolute best! Hands down!! They have beautiful rich color that is easy to build onto and create a simple masterpiece. 

#12 Mason Jar Aquariums

No summer would be complete without an aquarium craft! These light up mason jar aquariums from The TipToe Fairy are so incredibly cool, you guys!! Your kids can totally create a little fish habitat for their room. Want to know the best part?? No cleaning out the cage or feeding the little rascals! These are downright perfect in my book! Check them out below!

Make Your Own DIY Light Up Mason Jar Aquariums

#13 Turtle Plate

Every kid needs a good pet turtle, and this is certainly the best kind to have. Like the aquariums above, no feeding or cage cleanup necessary! This craft can be super quick, or you can take it up a notch and do a little prep work. Totally up to you!

make a turtle using this printable template and a paper bowl or plate



If you have the time and the spray paint on hand, you can totally prep for this project by spray painting the bowl for your turtle shell. Otherwise, just gather your material, print the pattern, and get started!

  1. Have your kids paint or color their turtle body parts and bowl.
  2. Then, instruct them (help littles if needed) to cut out their turtle pattern.
  3. Finally, just simply glue all the turtle body parts on the underneath portion of the bowl and glue the googly eyes onto the head.

*Note: My daughter made this particular turtle in a class at our local zoo. It was the inspiration for my printable pattern.

#14 Sparkle Sea Horse

Take a trip to the ocean this summer with this super simple sea horse from from Simple Every Day Mom! This one is so much fun and adorable to boot!! Check it out friends!

Paper Plate Seahorse Craft [Free Template]

#15 Craft Stick Flags

June 14th is flag day! What better way to celebrate than by creating your very own flag? My 11 year old son really enjoyed this craft, you guys! He decided to create (what he calls) a nature flag. It’s fairly simple, and older kids can do the art parts completely on their own. There is a little bit of prep time for mom though, since the hot glue gun is involved!

Instructions: This craft involves a little prep time from mom, so keep that in mind if you plan on making craft stick flags this summer!

Using a hot glue gun, prep the flag by gluing your sticks together.

  1. Simply lay out 7 craft sticks to create your flag look, get them lined up and push them as close together as possible.
  2. Using tape, tape just the very ends down to hold them in place, then go hot glue crazy!
  3. Next, I let my son loose with permanent markers to create his flag masterpiece!

*TIP: I used an 8th stick diagonal across the back for added support (I was very limited on the amount of Popsicle sticks I could use for this craft, as my children had apparently gone craft crazy the previous week). You can certainly do this a different way. In hindsight I think cutting the craft stick in half, then gluing one on each end would have been a better end result. One held up fine for us though.

Product Suggestion: For this craft we used permanent markers.  Sharpie markers and Bic markers are always our go to!

Kwik Stix would also work great option if you have littles that can’t be trust with permanent things.

Looking for craft sticks at a budget friendly price? These Kids Made Modern sticks are a steal, you guys!!

#16 Water Bottle Wind Spirals

This one looks like so much fun, you guys!! When a little crafting outdoors is in order, try this simple craft by Let’s Camp S’more! I can’t wait to try this one with my own kids this summer. So simple!

Wind Spirals Water Bottle Outdoor Craft

#17 Bird Feeders

Ah! It just wouldn’t be summer without a good bird feeder craft, am I right?? We haven’t made one of these in a couple years, but they are so incredibly easy and fun!

Unless you already buy bird seed on a regular basis, you will definitely need to pick some up for this craft.

This is a great option for any age!

Simple fun and creative.


  • Toilet paper roll
  • Peanut butter
  • Butter knife
  • Shallow dish or pan
  • Bird seed
  • Yarn or twine


  1. Prep by pouring the bird seed in a shallow dish or plate.
  2. Next, spread peanut butter all over the toilet paper roll using a butter knife.
  3. Then, simply roll it in the bird seed.
  4. Last, thread your yarn or twin straight through the open part of the toilet paper roll for hanging.

Seriously doesn’t get any easier than that!

#18 Bubble Painting

This is so much fun, you guys!! It wouldn’t quite be summer without some bubbles!! Check out this super fun craft from Glitter on a Dime!

Bubble Painting

Bubble Painting

Bubble Painting from Glitter on a Dime

#19 Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is right around the corner, you guys! This is a super fun & incredibly simple craft that can easily be put together in a single afternoon. Trust me on this. I know, because I’ve actually done it… ha ha!

Want to make your own? Check out my post on Father’s Day Frames to get all the details!

SBWF homeschool Facebook Group Invite

#20 Tie Dyeing With Ice

Um, would it even be summer with out a little tie dye?? Probably not! Check out how Bre Pea tie dyes with ice! This is so cool, you guys!

Ice Tie Dye Technique: How to Tie Dye with Ice

#21 Dream Catchers

What better way to end your summer crafting adventure than with a beautiful dream catcher. These dream catchers from One Crazy Mom are the cutest I’ve found, by far! So much fun! Check them out below.

How to make a Dreamcatcher for Kids

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