Homeschool Tips for
Teaching Language Arts…

From practicing sight words and spelling lists to working on sentence dictation, teaching language arts can seem overwhelming at times! Keeping things light and simple is the key to a successful homeschool. Check out my favorite sentence dictation homeschool tips for homeschooling first grade (and beyond).

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Simple Sentence Dictation Ideas
for Homeschooling First Grade…

Teaching language arts can be fun and exciting when using a simple approach. To keep sentence dictation from becoming an overwhelming (or boring) task for younger students kids, try a few of these simple methods!

Check out our 5 favorite ways to practice sentence dictation at home.

  • Notebook

If keeping things super simple is your style, try making sentence dictation practice light and fun by giving your child a special notebook for sentence dictation only. Allowing your child to decorate it with stickers and drawings is a great way to encourage creative during your homeschool language arts time!

If your child has a hard time writing an entire sentence by themselves, try writing a portion of the sentence for them and leaving blank spots for them to fill in as you dictate the sentence. Make sure to leave the first and last words blank often, so children can practice capitalization and proper punctuation.

  • Sticky notes

Take your sentence dictation game up a notch by allowing your little one to practice their language arts skills on sticky notes! Encourage your child to write individual words on each sticky note, then decorate the walls with their completed sentence! Simple, but hands on!

  • Special Tools

Have a child that struggles and gets frustrated easily with pen to paper sentence dictation? Try introducing special learning tools just for this purpose! Our number one go to is a boogie board, however dry erase boards also work well for this purpose.

  • Drawing Activities

Teaching a mini Picasso? Try adding some fun creative outlets to your sentence dictation practice! Teaching language arts doesn’t have to be bland! Allow your child to get creative and draw pictures that go along with their sentence.

Not sure how to incorporate this type of sentence dictation into your homeschooling language arts routine?

Try utilizing my Free Handwriting Pages that have both writing space and drawing space!

  • Manipulative Items

If you find that your child is still struggling with sentence dictation, try thinking inside the box with this homeschool tip.

Teaching language arts with fun hands on activities can take the pressure off an overwhelmed student. Turning the focus from perfect form to simple hands on learning is a sure way to make sentence dictation fun! Try creating a simple box of manipulatives for your child to use during their language arts learning time.

In our home we simply use our Spelling Box items!

If using manipulatives are out of the question (or budget), try thinking outside the box by practicing sentence dictation on the driveway with sidewalk chalk!

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