Homeschool Morning
Activity Pouch…

I’m a little obsessed with all things homeschool organization and when it came to creating this simple morning activity pouch for my homeschool kiddos, Thirty-One was my go to!

Thankfully there was an outlet sale going on when I had this idea in mind and I was able to snag these three canvas pouches for a great deal!

Some quick personalization in favorite colors made this simple homeschool project even better!

What We Keep in Our
Morning Activity Pouch…

Not sure what to put in your pouch? Check out our list below!

I tend to keep our morning activity pouches super light and super simple!

  • Educational Reader

This! My kids are HUGE readers and if I let them, they would read all day long – for fun that is. I always try to sneak some simple (very light) educational readers into their morning activity pouch! Some of our favorites include titles from the Who Was series and True Adventure Stories.

  • Flash Cards

Keeping flash cards in your homeschool morning activities pouch is a super easy way to encourage your kids to brush up on old skills or practice new ones! My kids keep their curriculum based flash cards in theirs and it simply helps them stay on track. Plus, we don’t have to fit them into our day at a later time.

  • Curriculum Extras

If you are homeschooling a smaller child that has mini readers, charts, or other curriculum based extras, this pouch is a great way to store them all in one place with little to no effort. When my daughter was smaller, she had her readers in her pouch alongside her educational reader and flash cards. It worked out great.

Not sure where to store your morning activity pouch? Try utilizing a homeschool morning basket like we do!

I’m totally not a morning person, which is why I absolutely love our homeschool morning basket and morning activity pouches! Each morning my kids can simply grab their pouches and get to work on their flashcards and personal readings while I focus on getting a little coffee in my veins.

This works so incredibly well for us!

Mom’s Morning
Activity Pouches…

Ha ha – okay, neither of these are really an activity pouch.

I do however use Thirty-One zipper pouches for things other than homeschooling!

My 2 favorite uses?

  • Tablet Holder

YES! These fun pouches are the perfect size for holding a tablet and accessories. I can simply grab my pouch, toss it in any bag, and head out the door. No more scrambling around looking for my charger or other iPad accessories, because they are all hanging out together in my zipper pouch.

This keeps me super organized, which I absolutely love!

  • Coupon Storage

Talk about lifesaver! I carry one of these pouches in my car for storing current store and restaurant coupons. Such an easy solution to the stacks of coupons I had sitting in a pile on my desk.

When I’m feeling super organized (and have the time), I separate my coupon types with binder clips. Not a super fancy method, but it totally works! Even those huge Bed Bath & Beyond coupons fit in this pouch! No joke!

More Fun Uses
for the Thirty-One Zipper Pouch…

  • Keeping extra diapers & wipes in the car
  • Receipts or coupons
  • Important manuals
  • Storing a tablet & accessories
  • School pouch for flash cards or a pencil & notepad
  • Kids travel “busy bag”
  • DIY first aid kit
  • Travel art kit with colored pencils & notepad
  • Birthday or holiday card keeper
  • Travel Lego bag or for storing individual small Lego sets
  • Makeup bag
  • Emergency tool kit
  • Phone or tablet cord & charger keeper

The possibilities are seriously endless! Plus, the huge selection of personalization options help transform them into whatever you want them to be!

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Homeschool Morning Activity Pouch