Homeschool Storage Made Simple…

When it came time to revamp our homeschool morning basket, I was on a mission to find a simple homeschool storage solution that not only saved us time, but also space.

I’m a little obsessed with all things homeschool organization, so this was super fun task for me.

Simple zipper pouches to the rescue!

The Ultimate Homeschool Storage Solution – Zipper Pouches

I tend to keep our morning basket pretty simple, so naturally this pouch is the same way. 

Want to know what I store in our morning pouch? You can find all that info below!

  • Educational Reader

This! My kids are HUGE readers and if I let them, they would read all day long – for fun that is. I always try to sneak some simple (very light) educational readers into their morning activity pouch! Some of our favorites include titles from the Who Was series and True Adventure Stories.

  • Flash Cards

Keeping flash cards in your homeschool morning activities pouch is a super easy way to encourage your kids to brush up on old skills or practice new ones! My kids keep their curriculum based flash cards in theirs and it simply helps them stay on track. Plus, we don’t have to fit them into our day at a later time.

  • Curriculum Extras

If you are homeschooling a smaller child that has mini readers, charts, or other curriculum based extras, this pouch is a great way to store them all in one place with little to no effort. When my daughter was smaller, she had her readers in her pouch alongside her educational reader and flash cards. It worked out great.

Not sure where to store your morning activity pouch? Try utilizing a homeschool morning basket like we do!

I’m totally not a morning person, which is why I absolutely love our homeschool morning basket and morning activity pouches! Each morning my kids can simply grab their pouches and get to work on their flashcards and personal readings while I focus on getting a little coffee in my veins.

This works so incredibly well for us!

Using Pouches for Homeschool Storage

Other Fun Ways to Use Pouches in Your Homeschool

I’m totally obsessed with pouches and use them for countless things in our home – such as traveling coupon organization & first aid kits. 

You can find all my favorite homeschool uses below!

Homeschool Storage Ideas


  • Storing a tablets & their accessories

  • On the go school pouch for flash cards or a pencil & notepad
  • Travel art kit with colored pencils & notepad
  • Looping activity bag or for storing  small building toys, mini lego lego sets, or blocks
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