Young Living Essential Oils Uses

Curious about Young Living as a brand and want to learn more about essential oils uses? You’ve come to the right place. Take a look at what sets this company apart from the rest, as well as some top ways to use your essential oils.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the volatile fluids that are found inside aromatic plants. These oils are what give a plant its fragrance and the amazing ability to fight off infections, heal itself, rid itself of toxic substances, and repair damaged tissue.  They have also been used for thousands of years as natural medicine, antiseptics, cleaners, and disinfectants. Not all essential oils are created equally though. So the question is, why use Young Living Essential Oils?

Why Use Young Living Essential Oils?

First off, Young Living owns and operates their own farms, distilleries, labs, and warehouses. They have set their standards extremely high, being the only essential oil company that has a seed to seal guarantee. Also, all Young Livings oils are totally organic. The pest control on their plants is done with Young Living oils and they are weeded by hand. Last, but not least, Young Living has a larger amount of single oils and blends available than any other oil company in the world!

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Labels

All Young Living labels include the Young Living branded name, as well as the oil single or blend name. You will find “100% pure” written on all Young Living Essential Oil labels. This can sometimes be found on other branded essential oils as well, but that doesn’t mean that they meet the same quality standard as Young Living. Unfortunately, the FDA only requires that companies use 5% pure essential oil (the rest of the product being a filler) to label their bottles as 100% pure (which is ridiculous!).

However, Young Living Essential Oils never contain carrier oils or fillers. The products you get from Young Living are exactly what they say they are, 100% pure! You will also notice the phrase “Therapeutic Grade” on each bottle. This simply describes the quality of the oils that Young Living produces. They named them therapeutic based off of the original Greek word “therapeuo” which means “to heal”.

Young Livings “Seed to Seal” Promise

Young Living Essential OilsFrom Seed – Young Living has over 10,000 acres of nutrient rich farmland around the globe where their plants are grown. They evaluate and selects only the best seeds. With a mixture of ancient and modern distillation techniques they have perfected the process. Each plant is kept at its proper temperature and pressure during the entire process. No detail is overlooked.

To Seal – Young Living conducts several tests that go beyond the industry standard. They not only test every batch or their products, but they also have 3rd party labs conduct testing as well. The Seed to Seal process comes to completion in Young Living’s own facility when each essential oil is carefully put into amber glass bottles.

Using Essential Oils

Using Lavender Essential Oil from Young LivingHow we use our essential oils may differ depending on the need we currently have. There are multiple applications, and the uses are endless.

Aromatically – You can use your Young Living oils in a diffuser, such as the Desert Mist Diffuser, which is my absolute favorite. Other ways to enjoy your oils aromatically: smell directly from the bottle or by putting a drop of oil in your hands, rubbing them together, cupping your hands over your nose, and taking a deep breath.

Topically – Young Living Essential Oils can be applied topically to problem areas, such as rashes or bug bites. Certain oils can be used on the neck, temples, or chest for things such as headaches and respiratory distress. They are also useful when applied to the feet or back when your feeling under the weather. The topical uses are endless, I’m always finding new ways to use my essential oils topically. (Note: It’s important to dilute certain oils before applying topically if you have sensitive skin.)

Internally – You can use Young Living Essential Oils while cooking, put a drop or two in a glass of water, tea or coffee, or you can take them in a capsule. *It’s important to remember that not all oils are safe for ingestion, but there are many oils that are. Just pay attention to labeling, or contact your Young Living distributor if you are unsure.

My oily life

Young Living Essential Oils have changed my family’s health dramatically. We use them in everything from baking cookies to protecting ourselves from the flu. Before essential oils my youngest child was sick almost constantly. Now, sicknesses rarely enter our home.  We love our oily life! I highly encourage you to check out a day in the life of an oil junkie, to learn more about how we use these amazing oils in our day to day life.

If you have any questions about Young Living essential oils or are thinking about becoming a distributor, feel free to contact me or take a sneak peek at my website. Looking for a review on a specific oil? Let me know!

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