Simple Summer Tips
for Homeschool Moms…

Are you a stay at home mom that homeschools? If so, you know that homeschooling can be both hectic & beautiful! Staying home with your kids every single day can consume you if you let it, however it can also be the most joyous ride of your life!

Summer is on the horizon and schools around the nation are letting out for the largest school break of the year. If you’re anything like me, summer break arriving means that it’s officially time for some serious homeschool mom hibernation. I just simply don’t do crowds of people, long lines, or excessive heat.

Not Today I'm Hibernating

As a homeschool mom, I hibernate during the summer and reemerge mid fall…

As a homeschool mom, I hibernate during the summer and reemerge mid fall when schools are finally back in full swing. Sounds a little backwards, I know… but guess what? It’s totally amazing!

The Stay at Home Mom
Homeschool Summer…

New to the homeschool mom game and not sure how to spend the summer at home with your kids without feeling like your kids are missing out? Don’t fret. These simple summer tips will help you use the upcoming summer months to your advantage, while allowing your kids to still some much needed sunshine.

Embrace the stay at home homeschool summer! Seriously though, you won’t regret it!

How to Use Your Summer Wisely

Are you ready for this? The following summer tips for stay at home moms will help take your homeschool summer hibernating game up a notch. Not even kidding.

I have a love-hate relationship with summer time, you guys! I love it because it gives me a chance to collect my thoughts, refresh a little, and schedule gets thrown out the window. I hate it because there are people everywhere, sometimes it’s too hot to even step outside, and schedule gets thrown completely out the window!

Notice what I did there? I thrive on a schedule, you guys! I’m simply more productive. However, I also totally crave lazy mornings on the couch with excess amounts of coffee and journaling. Summer. The time of year that arrives too soon, yet leaves too fast. My bitter friend.

Have homeschool kids that are behind on lessons? Before jumping into the summer months blindly, check out How to Catch up on Homeschooling Over the Summer to get off on the right foot!

  • Prepare for the New School Year

TGATB Language CurriculumYes!! One thing I make sure I do every single summer is plan. I’m a huge planner, you guys! One of the biggest perks of staying home over the summer months is that I get to lay everything out and prep for our upcoming school year. I familiarize myself with new curriculum, make out our upcoming schedule, rewrite our schedule, finalize our schedule (ha ha, so true though!), purge the house, organize our homeschool material, and prep like a maniac!!

Want to know more about how I plan our homeschool year? Check out 5 Ways to Prep Your Homeschool Year & How To Plan Your Homeschool Year Over the Summer for a more detailed explanation!

  • Add in Fun Extras

For real though. Let your kids be kids! In our home these fun extras include things like swimming in the backyard (because like I said before, I don’t do crowds), bike rides, family puzzles, simple workbooks & other creative activities.

The best way to add in extra summer fun? By picking activities that are kid lead!

If you give your children a plethora of options that they can work through on their own time, this will leave you with plenty of extra moments to work on school prep, get the laundry caught up, and maybe even sneak an extra cup of coffee in!

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  • Ease Into Your New Routine

This is so important, you guys! What would a homeschool summer be if the kids didn’t do at least a little bit of work, right?? I absolutely hate the idea of kids leaping head first into a school routine mid August when they have taken the past 3 months completely off! It’s a total headache!

I literally can’t stress this topic enough. I probably mention it in most every post I write! Kids will get overwhelmed with any amount of change if you go full force.

Ease into your summer routine, then simply ease right back into your normal school routine! The perk of easing into your school routine mid summer? It totally gives you a head start for the upcoming year! Do it!! You will totally thank me later.

Needs ideas on how to keep the kids learning this summer without the added stress of teaching lessons? Check out Simple Summer Worksheet Packs to learn more!

  • Practicing Self Care

This!! Summer isn’t just for kids. Mom needs this time too! Take your summer and make it yours! There is literally nothing a stay at home mom needs more than a little alone time & self care! I crave summer mornings just like I crave the weekend. Stay up late, don’t set the alarm clock and just do you!

With that said, I would go crazy if I threw schedule out the window every single day. I do need a little structure and a good pair of jeggings to tackle my day right. However, alarm clocks simply do not exist in my summer world and they totally shouldn’t in yours either!

Not sure how to practice self care? I highly encourage you to read 10 Ways to De-stress After a Long Day Simple Self Care for Homeschool Moms to learn how I practice self care on a daily basis.

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