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Looking for a fun new book suggestions for your older kids to read over the summer months? Look no further! This fun list of books for kids was compiled by my very own boys ages 12 & 15.Book Series for boys ages 8-10

Top Picks
for Older Kids…

Check out our top big kid picks for building your home library!

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Light Reads
and Chapter Books…

Mythical 9th Division

This book series is great for kids that enjoy science fiction or fantasy reads. The books follow a trio of yetis that go on mission to save the world. Age recommendation for these this series is 8+

You can find the full collection here.

Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls Adventures is the perfect series for nature & adventure loving kiddos that enjoy simple, light reads.  This series follows Bear & his companions on problem solving expeditions. Age recommendation is 7+

You can find the full collection here.

*Top Recommendation: My 12 year old’s absolute favorite from this series is The Sea Challenge.

I Survived

This educational series touches on historical events, while following fictional and non fictional characters that find their inner strength by surviving tragic events in their lifetime. These books cover a range of events from natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and the Destruction of Pompeii, to the iconic September 11th. Age recommendation 8+

*Top Recommendations: My 12 year absolutely loves everything from this series! However, his top three must haves are I Survived the American Revolution, Attack of the Grizzlies, and Battle of D-Day

You can find other top I Survived titles here.


Animorphs is a science fiction series that is sure to spark your child’s imagination. This book series follows a group of high school students who receive an incredible gift, the ability to transform themselves into any animal they touch. With great power comes great responsibility though, as they find themselves engaged in a battle to save the earth from a parasitic alien race. Age recommendation 10+

This series includes over 50 titles, plus additional spin off collections! You can find most Animorph titles here.

Simon Thorn

Like Animorphs, the title character in this series also has the ability to turn into any animal, including those which are extinct.  Simon Thorn uses his abilities to combat evil forces. This series is a favorite of my 15 year old. Age recommendation 10+

You can find the entire collection of Simon Thorn titles here.

Hatchet (Brian’s Saga)

This epic survival series follows Brian, a young boy who manages to survive in the Canadian wilderness despite all odds. The Hatchet, the first book in this collection, sets the tone for the rest of Brain’s adventure. Age recommendation

You can find all 5 titles from the Brian’s Saga Series here.

Map Maker

Map Maker is a trilogy that follows a young boy with perfect recall, because of this ability he is recruited to become a map maker on an exploration ship. This collection is perfect for mature, adventure loving children. Age recommendation 10+

You can find all three titles here —> Book 1Book 2Book 3

Impossible Quest

This book series follows a group of preteens who must travel together to gather relics of mythical creatures such as a unicorns horn & a dragons tooth.  Age recommendation 10+

You can find the entire Impossible Quest series here.

Indian in the Cupboard

Indian in the Cupboard is a classic book series every youngster should read during their school years! I have vivid memories of reading this series as a child and watching my own kids read it, lights up my world! This book series follows a young boy with a magical key that brings an unwanted toy to life through the use of a small cupboard. Age recommendation 8+

This series has 5 books total, you can find the original Indian in the Cupboard trilogy here.

Looking for books 4&5? —> Book 4Book 5

Extreme Adventures

The Extreme Adventures book series follows a 14 year old boy that gets stuck in extreme situations and has limited time to find a way out, without risking the lives of others. Age recommendation 8+

You can find the entire Extreme Adventures collection here.

The Last Thirteen

This series follows thirteen teenage children that live in a world where nightmares come true and they must fulfill a prophecy in order to defeat the evil forces. Age recommendation 11+

You can find the Last Thirteen Series here.

The Gateway Hotel

The Gateway Hotel is about a family from Australia that moves into what is believed to be a haunted hotel. This hotel actually turns out to be the gateway to hundreds of alien inhabited planets. Age recommendation 8+

You can find all things Gateway Hotel here. 


This series is about a dog named Wishbone that uses his imagination to insert himself in real life situations, where he saves the day. Often times, Wishbone believes himself to be iconic and whimsical characters such as Robin Hood or Robinson Crusoe. The Wishbone series is such a fun read for younger readers that enjoy adventure or older readers that enjoy fun, light reads! Age recommendation 7+

You can find all things Wishbone here.

Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals is about 4 children that have been chosen by the great beasts of legend to travel the land looking for talismans that will help them destroy the evil forces that lurk beyond the shadows. Age recommendation 10+

You can find everything Spirit Animals Here.

Chronicles of Narnia

This classic book series is about 4 siblings that wonder into a magical land filled that transforms them into kings and queens of old. Together these siblings must fight evil and protect Narnia.

You can find The Chronicles of Narnia here —> Paper Back CollectionHard Cover Collection

Collector’s Edition
Classics & More…

Classic story books for childrenIllustrated Classics

Nothing beats a classic with beautiful illustrations! If you want to build a solid home library for your younger book loving children, these are the books you need! Age recommendation 7+

Check out all the current Illustrated Stories from Usborne right here.

Collector’s Edition

These are seriously beautiful, you guys! I have a very hard time not buying each and every single one of these titles. The Collectible Editions are by far our new favorite book collection (a collection that keeps growing larger every month too). Age recommendation 8+

Check out all the amazing Collectible Edition titles here. 

Top Christian Titles

The Prince Warrior Book seriesPrince Warriors

Prince Warriors is about every day children that have been chosen to protect a sacred place from evil forces. This series follows the youngsters on a journey to find the protective armor they need to protect Ahoratos. Age recommendation 10+

You can find Prince Warriors here.

Cantral Chronicles

This trilogy is about a 16 year old girl who is on a mission to take down several super computer that are in control of the human population. Age recommendation 12+

You can find all the Cantral Chronicles here —> Book 1Book 2Book 3

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