The Homeschool Summer…

While homeschooling year round may be a super valid option for some homeschool families, it may not be suited for everyone. If you’re anything like me, you need a little summer vacation to clear your head, purge the house, and get things in order for the upcoming school year!

Does skipping the formal schedule, sticking around the house, and digging your heels into some much needed productivity sound more like your summer homeschool style? Check out How to Catch up on Homeschooling Over the Summer & Summer Tips for the Homeschool Mom for more tips on how I use our summer months off from homeschooling!

When and Why You Should Use
Summer Worksheet Packs…

This, you guys! Workbooks, summer worksheets, and other fun learning activities are what makes summer learning the absolute best!! We homeschool with a simple 3 day homeschool week, Aug-May. Then, when summer rolls around my kids spend an excess amount of time swimming, reading, playing, working on simple school work, then swimming some more. It’s totally amazing!

Why homeschool moms should utilize simple worksheet activities, workbooks and other fun practice sheets: 

This is simple, you guys! Skipping the formal schedule and letting your kids be kids through play and simple book work, frees mom up to do (or catch up on) whatever she needs to!! If you haven’t already, I highly advice you to check out Summer Tips for the Homeschool Mom to learn more about how I utilize them in our home!

When homeschool moms should utilize simple worksheet activities, workbooks and other fun practice sheets: 

Are you ready for this?? Whenever.

Seriously though! I have no set schedule of when we do our book work over the summer months. I simply pull out a sheet or two whenever my young daughter complains of boredom, asks to do her tablet, or is already sitting down doing an activity that she can easily tack some worksheets onto! Crazy right?

With that said, I do set weekly goals and keep a summer pacing guide for our book work and individual worksheet pages. This simply helps give me a visual of what my children are learning throughout the week, and where we will be come Mid August when our full time homeschool schedule rolls around.

Another reason I do this? Because we tend so start easing into new curriculum over the summer months as well! I’m also just a huge planner, you guys. Pacing guides, to do lists, and other productive visuals help fuel this momma’s productivity!

3 Ways to Make Your Own Worksheet Pack

  • #1 Search Pinterest & Teachers Pay Teachers for Freebies!

Summer Worksheet pack

This is so simple, you guys!! When I first started homeschooling my daughter, I literally only used worksheets from Teachers Pay Teachers. While many things were free, I did end up paying for a handful of awesome phonics worksheets… but guess what? They were totally worth it!

Plus, when you purchase something from TPT, you are helping to support another mother, teacher, or homeschool family like yours!

Want some TPT freebies (and not so freebies) to get you started? Check out my top items for creating your own summer worksheet packs at home!

*Feel free to bookmark my store as I have other worksheet projects in the works!

Kindergarten Handwriting Sheets (freebie)

Kindergarten Writing Prompts (not so freebie)

  • #2 Purchase Simple Workbooks

Probably the simplest idea yet! While this tends to cost a little extra, all the work is literally done for you! Purchasing workbooks for your children to work on over the summer is easy peasy. No searching or printing required!!

Summer workbooks for kidsWhile I do utilize workbooks over the summer, I still take the time and tear out sheets to create our weekly/daily worksheet packs. This breaks things down and makes them less overwhelming for my younger students. However, if you wish you skip the prep and just hand your kid a workbook… totally doable, you guys! In fact, my older boys prefer it!

Looking for Workbooks?

CLICK HERE to jump straight to my workbook recommendations or simply click on an age group below!

Preschool & PreK – Kindergarten 1st Grade2nd Grade3rd Grade4th Grade5th GradeMiddle School

Like the idea of using workbooks, but feel like they are too much for your kid to finish over the summer? Spread it out even further, by allowing your child to finish them up during your homeschool Morning Basket routine or Looping Schedule!

  • #3 Use up Old (or start new) Curriculum

If spending time searching for the perfect worksheet activities or spending money on new workbooks doesn’t sound doable for your summer plan or budget, try using what you already have on hand! As homeschool moms, we all tend to have some extras lying around. Rather it’s unfinished curriculum or new things we have already purchased for the upcoming school year, there is bound to be something we can utilize!!

Put on your thinking cap and dig through your current resources. Not only is this resourceful in the sense that you are using up things you already have one hand, but it’s also extremely budget friendly!!

Simple Tips for Using Curriculum
in Your Worksheet Packs…

  1. Use activities and worksheets that may have been skipped over or unused from past years. Have something left over from 2-3 years ago? Totally use it! There is nothing wrong with a little extra review!
  2. Pull worksheets, activities, and full lessons from the first 3 weeks of new/upcoming curriculum! The first few weeks are always review anyway. Plus, you will simply be starting your school year off a little early. Huge win!
  3. Have younger children use up older siblings left overs! Quite possibly my favorite option.
  4. Erase old work (if done in pencil) and have your children review, by redoing! Or, if you purchase PDF versions of curriculum, simply reprint the concepts you feel your child may have struggled with most during the year. Extra practice in weaker areas is always, always a good idea!

Great Workbooks for your Worksheet Packs

*Note: if a workbook is marked with an * this means we have used this workbook in our home and highly recommend it! If it isn’t marked with an * it simply means that it is either on our wish list to try in the future, or it’s something that belongs in the same family of workbooks that we have tried. Just be advised that we have not personally tried them out yet!

Preschool & PreK 

School Zone Workbooks

Big Preschool

Big Preschool Activity

Big Alphabet

*Preschool Stickers

*Number Stickers

*Alphabet Stickers

Get Ready Stickers

*Scissors Skills Practice

ABC Dot to Dots

123 Dot to Dots

Evan Moor Workbooks

Colors and Shapes

*Beginning Sequences

*Think and Do

At Home Tutor Math PreK

At Home Tutor Reading PreK

Thinking Kids Workbooks

Pre K Skills

Front of the Class PreK


School Day Skills PreK

Colors and Shapes

PreKindergarten Essentials

Everything for Early Learning PK

Mastering Basic Skills PreKindergarten

Tracing Numbers

Tracing Letters

Smart Alec Workbooks

*Reading Readiness PK

*Math Readiness PK

Math Word Problems PK

Scholastic Workbooks

Write-N-Seek Alphabet


School Zone Workbooks

Big Kindergarten

Big Dot to Dots

*Kindergarten Scholar

Evan Moor Workbooks

Beginning Sounds

Scholastic Workbooks

Write-N-Seek Phonics

*JUMBO Book of Sight Words

Smart Practice Kindergarten

Smart Alec Workbooks

*Reading Readiness K

Math Readiness K

*Math Word Problems K

Thinking Kids Workbooks

*Mazes & Dot-to-Dots

Kindergarten Skills

Front of the Class K

Summer Bridge PreK-K

Summer Link PreK-K

Everything for Early Learning Kindergarten

Kindergarten Essentials

School Day Skills K

Mastering Basic Skills Kindergarten

Sight Words

Evan Moor Workbooks

Read and Color

Short Vowels

Never Bored Kid Book PreK-K

Never Bored Kid Book (2) PreK-K

At Home Tutor Math K

At Home Tutor Reading K

Brain Quest Workbooks

Grade K

First Grade 

Scholastic Workbooks

*Write-N-Seek Sight Words

Write-N-Seek Word Families

*JUMBO Book of Sight Words

JUMBO Book of Math Problems

Smart Practice 1st

Thinking Kids Workbooks


*Mazes & Dot-to-Dots

Puzzles & Games

Word Searches

First Grade Skills

Front of the Class 1

Summer Bridge K-1

Summer Link Grade 1

Everything for Early Learning First Grade

First Grade Essentials

Mastering Basic Skills First Grade

School Day Skills 1

Evan Moor Workbooks

Long Vowels

Manuscript Writing

Reading Sight Words

Never Bored Kid Book K-1

Never Bored Kid Book (2) K-1

At Home Tutor Math 1 

At Home Tutor Reading 1

School Zone Workbooks

Big First Grade

Big Codes & Puzzles

Big Spelling

Big Hidden Pictures

Smart Alec Workbooks

Reading Comprehension 1

Math Word Problems 1

Math Computation 1

Brain Quest Workbooks

Grade 1

Second Grade

Scholastic Workbooks

*JUMBO Book of Sight Words

JUMBO Book of Math Problems

Smart Practice 2nd

Thinking Kids Workbooks


Word Searches, Mazes, & More

Number Games

Second Grade Skills

Front of the Class 2

Summer Bridge 1-2

Summer Link Grade 2

Second Grade Essentials

Mastering Basic Skills 2nd Grade

School Day Skills 2

Evan Moor Workbooks

Cursive Writing

Sequencing Simple Stories

Word Families

Never Bored Kid Book 1-2

Never Bored Kid Book (2) 1-2

At Home Tutor Math 2

At Home Tutor Reading 2

School Zone Workbooks

Big Second Grade

Big Codes & Puzzles

Big Spelling

Big Mazes

Smart Alec Workbooks

Reading Comprehension 2

Writing 2

Math Computation 2

Brain Quest Workbooks

Brain Quest 2

Third Grade

Scholastic Workbooks

Smart Practice 3rd

School Zone Workbooks

Big Third Grade

Big Spelling

Smart Alec Workbooks

Reading Comprehension 3

Writing 3

Math Word Problems 3

Math Computation 3

Thinking Kids Workbooks

Summer Bridge 2-3

Summer Link Grade 3

Cursive Letters

Mastering Basic Skills 3

Maps & Geography 3-6

Evan Moor Workbooks

Never Bored Kid Book 2-3

Never Bored Kid Book (2) 2-3

Fourth Grade

Scholastic Workbooks

Smart Practice 4th

Smart Alec Workbooks

Reading Comprehension 4

Writing 4

Math Word Problems 4

Math Computation 4

Thinking Kids Workbooks

Summer Bridge 3-4

*Summer Link Grade 4

Cursive Letters

Maps & Geography 3-6

Evan Moor Workbooks

Never Bored Kid Book 3-4

Never Bored Kid Book (2) 3-4

Brain Quest Workbook

Grade 4

Fifth Grade

Scholastic Workbooks

Smart Practice 5th

Smart Alec Workbooks

Reading Comprehension 5

Writing 5

Math Word Problems 5

Math Computation 5

Thinking Kids Workbooks

Summer Bridge 4-5

Summer Link Grade 5

Cursive Letters

Brain Quest Workbooks

*Grade 5

Middle School Workbooks

Summer Link Grade 6

*Summer Bridge 5-6

*Summer Bridge 6-7

*Summer Bridge 7-8

Other Fun Summer Resources

Still looking for summer activities to keep your kids busy? Check out some of our favorites!

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What to keep the kids learning while you aren\'t homeschooling over the summer? Check out these simple tips for creating kid learning packs! These easy summer worksheet packets will help keep your kids brains in learning mode, without any overwhelm. Let the kids be kids and enjoy their summer months while working on simple summer projects. These can easily be put together with activities from workbooks for kids, plus the addition of free printables for kids! #printables